Maid for the Billionaire
Page 26

 Ruth Cardello

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Mrs. Duhamel grimaced, “He has a long history with Stephan. I agree that Nicole is going to get hurt if nothing is done.”
Someone is going to get hurt either way, Abby feared.
She stepped in front of Dominic and Jake and planted her feet. Part of what Dominic loved about her was her ability to stand up to him and this was one of those times when Abby knew she had to speak her mind. “No one is going to do anything before we talk to Nicole.”
Dominic’s jaw was still set at a stubborn angle. “You don’t know how dangerous this man is, Abby.”
“Is she in physical danger?” Abby asked.
“Probably not,” Jake conceded.
“Then we are going to have to find a way to work this out without driving a permanent wedge between you and Nicole. What is more important here, an old grudge or healing your relationship with your sister?” Abby put a soothing hand on Dominic’s tense arm and felt his muscles instantly relax beneath her touch.
Dominic’s anger melted away. “I hate when she’s right,” he said.
“Me, too,” Lil piped in from behind.
“Nothing is going to happen to Nicole, Dominic. We won’t let it.” A suspiciously quick look passed between Dominic and Jake, reminding Abby of a feral cat she’d once tried to tame. It had purred when pet, even accepted being groomed, but beneath its domesticated veneer, it had maintained a degree of wildness. Abby would have to work fast to find out what was going on with Nicole or there was no doubt that the two men before her would handle things their way. She waved a finger in their direction. “Promise me. Promise me that you won’t do anything until we figure what all of this is about.”
Dominic made a noncommittal grunt. Jake looked away.
Mrs. Duhamel stage whispered to Dominic’s mother, “Isn’t she a great addition to the family? I knew she was good for him the first time I spoke to her.”
Her words seemed to have a strong affect on Dominic. He looked around the room as if seeing each person for the first time. His eyes lingered with approval on the close bond between Thomas and his mother, warmly moved on to Mrs. Duhamel who was gently swaying with a now sleeping baby in her arms, and crinkled with amusement at how quickly Jake had returned to Lil’s side. Finally, he smiled down at Abby, tucked her into his side and said, “Family. I like the way that sounds.”
“Me, too,” Abby said. She’d felt his thoughts as clearly as if he’d spoken them aloud. Regardless of their varied pasts, they were indeed a family, bound by love if not genetics.
Somehow they would figure out a way through this; the way families do -together.