A Tragic Wreck
Page 59

 T.K. Leigh

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“Come here.” Alexander’s face softened as he walked toward her and pulled her into his arms. She immediately started to sob uncontrollably. She had no idea why she was crying. Maybe because she was so cold. Maybe because she was so scared. Maybe because she realized that she was starting to depend on Alexander. She had lived most of her life depending on no one but herself. If she was being followed a few months ago, she would have dealt with it on her own. Now, her first instinct was to call him.
She nuzzled into him as he sat holding her, gently stroking her hair and soothing her. Something about being in his arms had an amazing calming effect on her. She took a few peaceful breaths and pulled her head out of his chest, looking up into his eyes. He leaned down and wiped the tears from her face. He kissed her nose softly. “Feel better now that’s out of your system?”
Olivia nodded. She did feel better. She hadn’t had a big cry like that in a while. It felt good to get it out.
“Good. Now let’s get you warmed up,” he said, winking at her.
“What did you have in mind, Mr. Burnham?” Olivia asked sweetly, feigning innocence.
“You’ll see,” he replied, picking her up and carrying her upstairs. He opened the door to the master bedroom and strode into the bathroom, placing Olivia on the ground and starting the water in the tub.
“We need to get you out of these wet clothes,” he said in a deep voice. Suddenly, the atmosphere between them changed from one of fear to one of desire.
“Yes,” Olivia said, her eyes intense. Alexander started to unbutton her winter coat, slipping her arms out and throwing the coat, scarf, hat, and gloves on the ground.
“Sit down,” he commanded, pointing to the cushioned stool underneath the dual vanity.
She immediately obeyed, loving how demanding Alexander was being. He slowly unzipped each of her knee-length boots, his eyes remaining intently focused on her. Her heart raced at the fierce look in his eyes as he gingerly slid each boot down her leg and off her foot.
“Stand back up, Olivia,” he ordered, Olivia obeying him rather quickly. “Turn around.”
She followed his command. Turning around, she stared into the large wall-sized mirror above the vanity. She gazed into Alexander’s eyes in the glass as he slowly lifted her sweater over her head. Her white lace bra was practically transparent from being so wet.
Olivia felt Alexander’s arousal grow as he stood behind her, caressing her stomach, planting deep kisses on the back of her neck. The warmth of his breath on her skin sent chills down her spine. She felt moisture pool between her legs, her body throbbing with anticipation.
Alexander reached around and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them down her legs and helping her step out of them. He unhooked her bra, lowering it down her arms until it fell to the floor. After slipping her panties off, he stood back, admiring the beautiful woman in the mirror.
Olivia watched as he held onto her panties, bringing them up to his nose. She gasped.
“I love the way you smell, Olivia,” he said, his voice cutting through the stark bathroom. “I can never get enough of your scent.” He pulled her naked body against his and she felt his arousal against her back. “When you’re not with me, I can’t fucking focus. All I can think about is you and that delicious pussy of yours.” His hands roamed her body and she closed her eyes, relishing in the feeling of his large hands covering every inch of her body. “Do you think about me when I’m gone, Olivia?” he asked, bringing her back to the present.
“Yes,” she replied. It was the truth. Alexander occupied her thoughts all day and all night. Not one minute went by that he didn’t cross her mind.
“Do you touch yourself when I’m gone?” he asked, his hand sliding down her stomach, hovering over her clit, barely touching her. She squirmed, the closeness of his hand to the part of her body that she wanted him to touch unbearable.
“Alex… Please…” she begged. She needed to feel him.
“Tell me you think of me when you touch yourself,” he whispered against her neck. “I know you do. I think of you when I touch myself.”
“Yes. I do, Alexander. You’re always on my mind. When you’re gone, I think of you inside me when I touch myself. Now, please. Touch me.”
Alexander growled, spinning Olivia around to face him, crushing his mouth to hers. She ran her hands up and down his back before grabbing the waist of his pants, pulling him closer to her. She made quick work of unfastening his belt and unbuttoning his jeans, her mouth never leaving his.
She felt Alexander’s mouth curve into a smile. “Something I can help you with, Miss Adler?”
“Damn it, Alex. I’m dying here. You were gone all fucking week. I want you right now,” she said, pulling him back to her, grinding her hips against him.
“Oh no, Olivia. Not yet. Turn back around.”
She did as she was told and faced the mirror again, watching as Alexander stripped out of the rest of his clothes.
“Bend over and hold onto the edge of the vanity,” he ordered.
She leaned over, hoping he would get on with it already. Alexander bent down and planted rough kisses all along her shoulder blades, biting her neck. Olivia gasped in surprise before arching her neck, giving Alexander better access.
“Harder,” she whispered. Olivia felt Alexander’s erection harden even more as he moaned and nipped on her neck with more ferocity. He grabbed her hair and, wrapping it around his hand, pulled her head back. She let out a small cry as he positioned himself at her apex, pushing gently over her folds, teasing her.
“Do you like that, Olivia?”
“Yes,” she whispered, feeling like she was going to explode the second he entered her.
“Yes, what?” he growled.
“Yes, Mr. Burnham.”
Alexander plunged into her from behind, filling her quickly. He pulled out and Olivia panted at the loss of contact.
“I need you,” she breathed as he teased her highly sensitized clit.
“Say it again,” he exhaled, rubbing himself up and down against her.
“I need you, Alexander.”
He moaned as he slammed into her again, causing them both to scream out in pleasure. He pulled out one more time, slamming back into her before reaching his hand around, toying with her swollen nub. Olivia closed her eyes, relishing the pleasure.
“Open your eyes. I want you to watch me fucking you,” he growled. Olivia opened her eyes and watched Alexander maintain a relentless rhythm. “Do you like watching me take you, Olivia?” he asked, his breathing ragged as he continued thrusting into her, each motion filling her even more than the time before. “Say it, Olivia. Say it turns you on.”