A Tragic Wreck
Page 73

 T.K. Leigh

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Olivia thought about it. “No. That’s fine. I could use some fresh air. Plus, I’ve got a hot guy to keep me warm.” She winked as she walked in the direction of the front doors leading out onto Boylston Street.
Once outside, she took a deep breath, inhaling the chilly Boston air. Alexander looked around nervously. He relaxed once he realized that the only people on the street were fellow party-goers, as well as other tourists and bar hoppers out for a good time on a Saturday night in Boston.
He looked down at Olivia and couldn’t hold back anymore. “Here. Come with me.” He reached for her hand and pulled her around the corner of the hotel into a side alley.
Pinning her back against the building with his hips, he devoured her mouth, letting his hands explore her body. It was a body that he had become so well acquainted with those past several months, a body that he was scared to lose.
His hands rested on her ass. Olivia wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he lifted her up.
“Do you feel what you do to me?” Alexander asked breathlessly, pulling his mouth from hers for a brief moment before diving back in. Olivia moaned. She didn’t care that they were out in public. She wanted him right there. Alexander planted needy kisses down her neck, her shoulders, her chest. He pulled back once more and stared into Olivia’s eyes, slowing his breathing down and dropping her legs.
“Do you have any idea how important you are to me?” Alexander asked sweetly, staring into those beautiful brown eyes.
Olivia shook her head, glancing down at her feet.
“Hey. Look at me.”
She snapped her eyes back to his, their eyes meeting.
“You. Are. So. Important. To. Me.” He emphasized each word. “Olivia, I…” He hesitated telling her what he really wanted to say to her, fearful that she would run, even after all the assurances she had given over the past several weeks that she was done running.
“What?” she asked, her heart racing.
A smile crept across his face. “I had a wonderful time with you tonight.” They would get there, Alexander thought.
“As did I,” Olivia replied, planting one more kiss on his lips.
“Well, the night is still young, Miss Adler.” He glanced at his watch noting that it was only eleven. “Where to now?”
“Well, Kiera said she was going to MacFadden’s with Bridget and Melanie. Apparently, the DJ cancelled so Mo’s band is filling in. Want to go?”
“Sure. Should we go home and change first?”
“Um, that’s probably not a good idea. Once we’re home, I think we’ll find other ways to occupy our time rather than go to a bar. Don’t you agree, Mr. Burnham?”
“Ah. Of course. You’re right about that.” Alexander grinned. “To MacFadden’s then.” He grabbed Olivia’s hand and led her out of the alley just as Martin pulled up in their limo.
OLIVIA MANEUVERED THROUGH THE crowd of people on the second floor of MacFadden’s, spotting Kiera down front and center, staring up at Mo, Melanie and Bridget dancing behind her. The guys were performing a new song that evening. It was a great tune for Mo’s incredible vocal ability. He had such an amazing voice and Olivia couldn’t believe that he still played in bars. She thought he would have had a record deal by now.
When Mo finished the song, he looked down, saw Kiera there, jumped off the stage and gave her a kiss. And not just a friendly kiss, either. Olivia couldn’t believe her eyes. Up until that point, they had kept their “relationship” quiet, not really wanting to label it.
“So, Mo and Kiera?!” Alexander looked at Olivia, questioning.
“It’s been going on for a bit, but I guess they just kind of made it official!” Olivia shouted.
“Drink?!” Alexander asked with a raised voice, trying to be heard over the noise.
“Yeah! Sapphire tonic, please!”
Alexander went over to the bar to get their drink order just as the band took a break before their next set.
Kiera saw Olivia and ran over to her, brimming with enthusiasm. “You made it! Oh, my god!” she shouted, taking in Olivia’s appearance. “You look amazing! Holy shit! If I was a lesbian, I’d take you out back and do you right now.” Kiera laughed as Melanie and Bridget walked up behind her, waving at Olivia.
“But, apparently, you’re not, are you, Care Bear?” Olivia commented, smiling.
“So you saw that, huh?” Kiera asked, referring to the kiss.
Olivia gave her a hug. “I’m so happy for you. He’s a good guy, and you’re great. You deserve each other.”
“Is Tyler with you?” Melanie asked before taking a sip from her drink.
Olivia raised her eyebrows. “What’s going on with you two?”
Bridget laughed. “Oh, she’s in it.”
“What do you mean?”
“He’s all she’s been talking about since she met him last month, but the two of them are too shy and stupid to do anything about it.”
“Come on, Bridge!” Melanie protested. “He’s just so fucking hot!”
“He’s probably saying the same thing about you, ya’ know?” Olivia said. “If you dig him, make your move. Want me to give him your number?”
“HELL NO!” Melanie shouted. “That would make me look desperate.”
Olivia rolled her eyes. “Whatever. You let me know when you do.” She turned to look for Alexander, finally spotting him at the bar talking to Mo. Her heart warmed when she saw how well they got along.
A half-hour later, the band went back on stage and started their second set. A lot of people in the crowd noticed that Olivia was in the audience and kept coming up to her asking if she was performing that night. She hadn’t thought about it.
Alexander excused himself briefly when it got close to midnight. “Sorry, love. Nature calls.”
“Okay. I’ll be fine with the girls here,” she said as they stood off to the side by the bar, giggling about setting Melanie up with Tyler. “Oh, and the bathroom downstairs will probably have shorter lines. If you need any help in there, let me know.”
His heart skipped a beat when she winked at him as he turned to leave, giving some serious thought to grabbing her, dragging her to the bathroom, and burying himself deep inside of her.
The boys finished their next song to resounding cheers. Then, out of nowhere, a bunch of guys began chanting, “We want Libby! We want Libby!”