A Tragic Wreck
Page 77

 T.K. Leigh

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“I’ll be fine, Alexander,” she said, her irritation showing. “It’s news now, but I’m sure it will all settle down after a few days. They’ll move on to bigger and better things.”
“Maybe you’re right, but we’ll up your protection detail anyway. If I am not with you, you are not to go anywhere without both Carter and Marshall. I’ll add a few more agents, as well. Do you understand?”
Olivia glared at him. Why did he think that she couldn’t take care of herself? “I’m not a child, Alexander,” she spat out. “I have been doing just fine. You don’t need to worry about me. What’s the worst that could happen? That someone takes a picture of me?” Her heart dropped into her stomach. Of course! Everything immediately became clear. She stood up and marched over to her purse, collecting her things, ready to bolt. It was all she knew.
“Olivia, be rational. What are you doing?” Alexander said, trying to calm her down.
She spun around, her eyes blazing with fury. “You’re seeing someone else, aren’t you? That’s why you’re so worried about these photos getting out.” It all made sense. “Is that where you were earlier this week? There probably was no training exercise was there? Is that why Adele was at the bar last night, too? You’re still fucking her! Are you still fucking Chelsea, too?” She should have known he couldn’t just change his ways overnight. For years, he was known to have slept with woman after woman, never settling down until he met her.
“No, angel, no!” He rushed to her.
Tears threatened to escape from Olivia’s eyes. How could she be so stupid? Of course he would have women fawning all over him. Why would he possibly want her? She wondered how long he had been sleeping with other people.
“I’m so stupid. I should have known. I’m sorry for wasting your time, Alexander.” She grabbed her purse and her laptop bag, walking into the foyer toward the elevator. She pushed the call button repeatedly, willing the car to arrive faster.
“Olivia, please,” Alexander said, running to catch up to her. “You’re overreacting. Chelsea doesn’t compare to you.”
Her jaw dropped, unable to form any response, furious with him. This is why I never get close, Olivia thought. The pain is too much.
“That didn’t come out right. I didn’t mean it like that,” he said, reaching out and touching her arm.
“Don’t touch me.” Olivia felt sick to her stomach. She let her guard down and allowed herself to open her heart to someone, only to have that person rip it painfully from her chest.
Or maybe she was frightened of her feelings and was using this as an excuse to leave him. Again.
The elevator car arrived and Olivia entered, deciding to not think about that anymore.
“Olivia, please. Don’t go.” He placed his hands on the door, preventing it from closing, trapping her there.
“Why? Just call one of your other girls. I’m sure they’ll gladly come over, and you can tell them over and over again how their pussy is yours. How many other pussies are yours, Alex?”
He ran his hands through his hair, exasperated that the morning had taken such a turn.
“I LOVE YOU!” Alexander cried out. “All right? There’s nobody else. There’s never been anyone else, Olivia. I’ve been waiting for you my entire fucking life.”
Olivia pushed the stop button on the elevator. “What did you say?” she asked quietly, taking a step toward Alexander, her eyes narrowed. She could feel the heat coming off his naked chest.
“I said, I love you, Sarah Olivia Adler,” he replied quietly, brushing the hair off her face. “And I know you love me. You’re just scared. That’s why you’re doing this. Because you’re scared of your true feelings. I beg you. Just let me love you. Please.”
He caressed her cheek and she shuddered. She couldn’t love him. It was too soon. It was too scary. “Don’t say that. You don’t love me.” She placed her hands on his chest and gazed into his eyes. “And I don’t love you.” She pushed him out of the elevator car before releasing the stop button, leaving him standing in the foyer.
“OLIVIA!” he shouted, banging on the elevator doors.
ALEXANDER REPEATEDLY PRESSED THE call button, willing another elevator to come quickly. After a few brief moments that felt like an eternity and still no elevator, he punched a code into the door leading to the stairwell and ran down twenty-five flights as fast as he could.
At that moment, Olivia emerged onto the street, tears streaming down her face. How could she have been so stupid? She fell for his charm and alarmingly good looks. Why did he get so upset when the gossip magazines had picked up a story about their relationship? He didn’t appear to be upset when he posed for all those photos with Chelsea. There could only be one answer.
Olivia didn’t know what she should do so she ran down the busy Boston streets, thankful that she had put on her sneakers when she got up that morning. She was rather chilly with just a t-shirt and jeans on, but she relished in the brisk March air, welcoming the coldness to dull the pain. Bolting down Atlantic Avenue, she quickly hailed a cab and gave the driver Kiera’s address. She couldn’t face going home. Not yet, anyway. As the cab pulled away, she almost thought she heard someone faintly yelling her name.
“OLIVIA!” Alexander screamed again as he reached the street. He frantically searched for her, unable to locate her among the masses of people heading to watch the parade that morning. “What have I done?” he asked to no one in particular. He sobbed openly on the street, burying his face in his hands. He knew confessing his love would scare her, but she was about to walk out on him. Again. He thought that maybe, if she knew what she meant to him, she would come to her senses and see how irrational she was being.
After several moments passed and Olivia did not return, he went back to his penthouse and immediately entered his study. He sat down at his desk, picking up the photo of the two of them on the day of their play wedding. He resolved right then and there that Olivia was a girl worth fighting for, and that was exactly what he planned on doing. He picked up the phone.
“Carter,” he growled into it. “Find her.”
“Olivia? What’s wrong?” Kiera asked, answering her door. She looked at Olivia standing on her doorstep, shivering, tears flowing down her face.