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 Kristen Ashley

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He dipped his face close, his eyes never leaving me.
“Time to go home, baby.”
Fuck yeah, it was.
I smiled.
* * * * *
I was on my knees at the side of the bed between Creed’s spread thighs and I was working his beautiful cock.
Fucking hell, I liked his cock. Big, thick, long, hard and silky. Beautiful, every inch. All of them.
I pulled up, lips tight around the rim of the tip and, while rolling it with the tip of my tongue, I sucked deep and hard.
“Jesus,” I heard him groan then, before I knew it, I had hands in my pits and I was flying through the air.
I landed on my front in the bed and I didn’t have the chance to get used to my change in circumstances before my h*ps jerked violently. I heard the rip and my panties were gone.
I rolled and looked up at Creed who was looming over me.
“I wasn’t done,” I informed him.
“You’re done,” he growled.
“I totally wasn’t –”
I stopped talking because my head shot back seeing as his fingers glided through the wet between my legs and he started finger f**king me.
“Fuck,” I breathed.
He got closer, I felt his heat and hard body at my side and his fingers worked me faster, driving deeper.
I moved my hand between my legs to curl around his so I could feel.
I felt Creed’s lips skim my chest before they disappeared and then his mouth was at my ear.
“Tank off, baby,” he whispered, his fingers not ceasing for a nanosecond in their delicious activity.
I yanked off my tank.
“Bra,” he grunted.
I arched my back, twisted my arms behind me, released the clip and tore off my bra, tossing it aside.
The instant I was done, his mouth closed over a nipple.
My back left the bed, I ground my h*ps down on his hand and shoved my breast deeper into his mouth.
My free hand slid into his hair and I moaned, “Oh God, yes. My God, yes.”
I rode his hand, my h*ps bucking and jerking against his fingers.
His thumb tweaked my cl*t and I gasped loudly as sensations tore through me.
His mouth released my nipple.
My chin dipped down and my eyes locked on his.
“Don’t stop,” I begged.
He shoved his fingers up deep and tight. “Want my dick there,” he growled.
I was good with that.
“Condom,” I breathed.
He dipped his head and ran his tongue from the base of my throat, down my chest, between my br**sts, over my belly and he didn’t move his fingers until his tongue slid through my wet heat.
My neck and back arched and a long, silent moan escaped my throat.
He moved away, it took me a minute to recover as I heard sounds of foil ripping then my eyes opened when he stated low, “Call it.”
I looked at him. “Call what?”
His hand shot out, hooking me at the back of the neck, pulling me up off the bed, his other arm curled around my back and he tucked me close against his body.
“Until I know what you can take, and what you can’t, you call it.”
Warm rays of sun hit me.
“What?” I whispered.
“You want me to f**k you, you wanna ride me, you want it on your knees. Against the wall. On the floor. Bent over the back of your couch.” He paused, his face got closer, his voice more impatient as he demanded, “Baby… call it.”
My invisible sun warmed me deep to my soul.
“On your back, Creed,” I whispered.
He dropped us to our sides, rolled and lifted me even as I positioned my legs. I grabbed his c**k and he lowered me down as I guided it inside.
Fuck yeah.
I started moving, my eyes on him, his pinned to me.
“Hands to the headboard,” I demanded, watched his eyes flash and I ground down and kept grinding.
He lifted his hands to the headboard and I watched his fingers curl around.
My eyes went back to his face and I saw his jaw was hard.
He didn’t like that. That wasn’t his gig.
But he did it.
For me.
Fucking hell.
The heat of the rays of my sun burned deep.
I bent to him and kept moving on his c**k as I explored the skin of his neck, shoulders and collarbone with my mouth.
I ended at my scabbed-over mark on his neck and licked it.
His h*ps started bucking up to meet my downward glides.
“Yeah, baby,” I whispered in his ear.
Suddenly, both our bodies jerked up the bed and my head flew up to see he’d pulled us both up, his arms were now cocked, the muscles flexed and straining in his biceps, the veins in his forearms had popped out.
I looked to his face as our h*ps met over and over, rough, hard, fast, deep, beautiful.
“You wanna touch me,” I said softly.
“Want your tits in my hands, your tongue in my mouth.”
“Take it,” I breathed.
His hands immediately moved but only one curved around my breast. The other one dove into my hair and crushed my mouth down on his. His tongue spiked out and I took it. It curled around my tongue then he sucked deep, my tongue was in his mouth and I gave it.
His thumb slid across my nipple hard and I took that too, moaning down his throat, our h*ps moving faster. His finger met his thumb and rolled. The kiss, already wild, went out-of-control and I had to lift a hand and curl my fingers around my headboard. The power of his h*ps increased so much, if I didn’t, he’d throw me off.
It was coming, f**k, holy shit, it was coming.
I tore my mouth from his and my head flew back.
“Ride ‘em, cowgirl,” he murmured and it was the first time in my life I came while smiling.
* * * * *
My head dropped forward as it left me, my hands were curled around the top of my headboard and I still felt Creed’s mouth between my legs. His head to the pillows, I was sitting on his face, his tongue lapping at me, sweet, gentle, even tender.
Fuck me.
I shifted my hips, he got the message, his fingers, already curved around my hips, pulled me down the length of his body and I collapsed on him.
“Right, you got a Costco around here?” he asked and, sated, relaxed, in a total happy zone, this question threw me.
So I muttered into his neck, “What?”
“You weren’t f**kin’ around. You can go all night. This means I need to find condoms in bulk.”
My body started shaking on his with my laughter and I lifted my head to look down at him. “I’m not sure Costco sells condoms in bulk.”
“Worth a fly-by to check and see,” he muttered and I kept laughing but collapsed back into him.