Forever Too Far
Page 9

 Abbi Glines

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The turkey had been great and I had to admit I was impressed that Dean could cook like that. Blaire had seemed genuinely happy as she talked with her dad and mine during dinner. She’d even laughed when Bethy had asked my dad to sign her napkin.
Dean came and sat down beside me on the sofa and let out a contented sigh. He had enjoyed himself too. This was the first Thanksgiving I’d actually eaten in my house with family and friends. The first time I’d had turkey, pumpkin pie and corn casserole. Normally my Thanksgivings were spent in Vail. I would eat with friends and get drunk in bars. Nothing memorable. Today had been different. It was a taste of my future with Blaire.
“You got yourself a sweet one,” Dean said.
“Yeah, I know.”
“She’s in there washing dishes with her dad. Figured I’d leave them alone. Give them time together. Shit thing he did to her but I’m glad they’re finding a way to make amends. Abe was a good man once. When I’d heard he was back with your momma I wondered what the hell had happened to him.”
I’d betrayed Blaire too. I’d hurt her. But she’d forgiven me. She seemed to be able to do that. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do the same. “I don’t deserve her. I’m probably the luckiest sonuvabitch on the planet.”
Dean let out a hard laugh. “Glad she makes you feel that way ‘cause boy, your life hasn’t been an easy one,” he paused then shook his head. “I wish I’d done better by you. Kiro’s girl, Harlow, has been around lately. Part of the problem with Nan is Harlow. She ain’t real happy about Kiro having a daughter he took care of. Kiro might not have been around for Harlow but he made sure she was well taken care of. Her grandmother raised her right. She’s a good girl. It’s hard to believe she’s Kiro’s. Poor girl’s grandmother died a few months ago. She’s not happy living in LA but she’s a little lost right now.”
I’d only met Kiro’s daughter twice. We were kids and Kiro had brought Harlow home for a visit. I was there too and all I could remember was big innocent eyes and the way she only whispered when she talked. Then a couple years ago I’d met up with her again while I was visiting Dean. She’d been all grown up but very proper and still very innocent. We had gotten along easily enough that weekend. She stayed at the house most of the time. So had Kiro. It had been the only time I’d ever gone out partying with the band while Kiro had stayed behind. Dean had said he was real protective of Harlow.
I couldn’t imagine Nan was handling the existence of Harlow well. Just another thing I had to deal with. “As soon as Blaire is ready we’ll leave and I’ll handle Nan. She just needs someone who cares about her to talk to her. She’s hurt and insecure. She has been her entire life.”
“I have pie and coffee. Anyone want some?” Blaire asked walking into the room wearing her apron again. Seeing the small baby bump outlined behind it made the caveman instinct to carry her off and protect her pound in my veins.
I stood up and walked over to her. “They can get their own coffee and pie. I want to talk to you about something. You’ve fed and entertained everyone long enough,” I told her, slipping an arm around her waist.
“Okay, but I don’t mind,” she replied. I knew she didn’t mind. I did. Seeing her all smiling and happy made me want to please her more.
“Just a few minutes,” I assured her and led her back to the hallway and up the stairs.
“Rush, what’s wrong?” she asked.
I kept my hand on the small of her back and walked us back to the office I’d promised to take her in earlier. No one used this room anymore. I was about to put it to use.
“You were offering dessert in there. I want mine,” I told her, locking the door behind me before backing her against the large leather chair. “Sit down,” I growled and Blaire quickly sank down onto the leather.
I knelt down in front of her and slipped that short little dress up her thighs like I’d been fantasizing about all day. She willingly opened her legs for me. The pink silk panties she was wearing had a noticeable wet spot on the crotch. I inhaled and breathed her in. She always smelled so good.
“Rush,” she whispered, leaning back in the chair. “We shouldn’t be gone long. We have company.”
I wish they’d all fucking leave. “I won’t take long. I promise. I just need to take care of a little matter,” I replied and ran my finger over the wet spot on her panties. “My girl needs some special attention.”
Blaire whimpered. I loved that sound. I reached up and slid her panties down her legs. When I got to the backless peep toe heels she was wearing I took off each shoe then pulled her panties off completely, dropping them on the floor beside her shoes.
I could smell her arousal now. I put my hands on each of her knees and pressed them further open so I could look at her pink folds. The little swollen clit was right there, begging me to touch it. I glanced up at Blaire. “Lay back,” I instructed and she did as was told. Her body trembled and I knew she wanted it just as badly as I wanted to give it to her. “Put that leg up on the arm of the chair and this one of the floor,” I said, watching as she made herself completely spread open for me.
I positioned myself between her open legs and ran the tip of my nose up the inside of her thigh taking in her scent. Enjoying it and the feel of her leg shaking under my caress. When I got to her needy little spot, I ran my finger over it and she cried out then covered her mouth with her hand to smother the sound.
“You ready for me to make this all better?” I asked, pressing my thumb against her clit.
“Oh, God, please, please, Rush, I need you,” she begged, lifting her hips so that she was closer to my face.
“You smell fucking amazing,” I replied, inhaling deeply.
“Please,” she cried out desperately.
I didn’t want my girl to have to beg so hard. I flicked my tongue out and ran it from just outside her pink, puckered, untouched hole to the dripping wet, swollen one so ready for me. I jammed my tongue into her heated entrance several times as she bucked and muffled her sounds with her own hands. Blaire’s taste was unique. It always had been but something was even more desirable about it now that she was pregnant. It was richer and sweeter. I could spend hours tasting her and having her come all over my tongue. It never got old. It was more of an addiction.
“No dessert tastes this fucking perfect,” I groaned against her clit before I pulled it into my mouth and sucked on it. I flicked the piercing in my tongue over it several times and the quivering and moaning coming from Blaire told me she was close. So very close. “Shhh, I’m making it feel good. Easy. I’ll lick my girl’s pussy until she can’t stand it anymore. Come in my mouth. I wanna taste it.” I knew talking dirty to her would set her off and it did. Blaire let out a strangled cry and her hips lifted as she jerked against my tongue. That addictive taste I couldn’t get enough of flooded my mouth and I sucked it up, lapping her until she was moving back and making distressed sounds of pleasured pain.
“Rush no, oh God, no. I can’t,” she moaned, moving away as I continued to hold her still and taste every corner of her before sliding my tongue back into her entrance. “Rush, I’m not going to be able to muffle this. I’m about to scream, I can feel another. Oh... oh... Rush,” she jerked and rocked her hips as I held onto her. Her reaction was making me a little crazy. Knowing she was about to go off again so soon was more exciting than I’d imagined. My cock was already in pain from the swollen, unfulfilled head pressing against the zipper of my jeans. If she went off again I was pretty damn sure I was going to mess up my fucking pants.
In one move I stood up and jerked my jeans down. Then I grabbed her hips and slammed into her. “Fuck,” I cried out as her tight walls clenched around me. Blaire went off again and this time she wasn’t covering her mouth. She was lost in her bliss. Her head was thrown back and her body was bucking wildly under mine as she said my name over and over.
The sight of her sent me over the edge. I grabbed the back of the chair as I spilled inside her. Each thick burst of my release caused another strangled cry of pleasure from Blaire. She’d raised her legs up to wrap them around my waist at some point but now that she was sated and spent, she let them fall back down on the chair. A pleased smile was on her lips and her eyes were heavy.
“Is it bad that I don’t even care if someone heard us? That was too amazing to worry about anything else,” she asked.
I lowered myself until I could kiss her lips. “They shouldn’t be in my damn house if they don’t want to hear us,” I replied.
Blaire giggled. “God, Rush. You make me crazy.”
I couldn’t keep the grin off my face. “Good.”