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 Kim Karr

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Just so you know, I don’t change grades for just anyone or anything.
I didn’t think he’d have a problem with my little game. Ben has always been about sex, and since I can’t seem to shake him, or get him out of my system, I’ll give him what he wants one more time and then I’m sure he’ll never call me again. And even if he does I’ll be able to say no— I have to.
I hop in the shower, scrub, shampoo, condition, shave, and moisturize. Once my body is smooth and silky, I pull my long locks into two low pigtails, find a white button blouse, a plaid skirt, a pair of low flats, and I’m ready. I skip the underwear—top and bottom.
I arrive on campus a little early and make my way to the study units. The first thing I notice when I enter the room is the glow of the moon and how it lights up the sky. My eyes adjust quickly to the darkness while I cross the small space to the window overlooking the city, leaning my head against the glass, trying to find the stars. But there are none to be seen tonight. I close my eyes and conjure up my own—they look a lot like the ones in the sky the first night I spent with Ben so long ago. It was a night that changed everything but also a time when things felt much simpler to me.
“Beautiful view,” he whispers from behind me.
I jump at his voice, surprised he’s already arrived.
“Turn on the lights,” he demands in a raspy, husky tone that makes my body clench with need.
I pause for a moment, drawing in a deep breath before moving back toward the door and flicking on the light. I also quickly lock the door. In the bright room my eyes dart to him hungrily. How could I think this time would be the last time? Whenever I see him I only want him more. He gives me that grin that makes my heart stop and I know immediately I won’t be saying good-bye at the end of the night.
I take him in a little at a time—he’s perched with his broad shoulders leaning against the wall, hair rumpled but looking perfect nonetheless. His arms are crossed over his already unbuttoned shirt, displaying his lean, chiseled abdominal muscles. His jeans hang low, undone but not unzipped. Scrumptious, delicious, and mouthwatering. The tingling between my thighs signifies how ready I am for him.
“Did you not like receiving a failing grade on your paper?” he asks, keeping his voice low and steady.
My eyes lift back to his blue ones—as calm and tranquil as the Pacific Ocean on a clear day. I swallow hard a few times before shaking my head no. Where are my damn words? Oh yeah—stuck in my throat along with the lump from his imposing presence.
His mouth lifts up in a sexy grin and my toes curl from the look alone. This is dangerous territory. The more time I spend with him, the more time I want to spend with him. I can’t seem to stop myself, but I know that soon enough I’ll have to say good-bye.
He scans my body and his tongue flicks out in a way that not only sends a shiver down my spine but causes an almost unbearable ache between my legs. “I can’t seem to get enough of you.”
I want to tell him he’s out of character, but I can’t. I want to say something back, but there are no words. Instead I just stare at him, already knowing I’ll mourn his absence once we’ve parted again. But I want him to remember me—that’s what this meeting is about.
He saunters over toward me. My ni**les peak into tight, hard buds and I’m sure he can see them through the fabric of my blouse.
“What grade do you want your paper changed to?” he demands, standing right in front of me but not touching me.
I squirm at his tone, unable to believe how much it turns me on. “An . . . an . . . A.”
He fondles the collar of my shirt. “An A? You’re willing to work for this A?”
I nod and stare into his eyes, already wild with desire.
He grins and unbuttons my shirt. “I’m going to kiss you slowly . . . starting with your neck . . . moving down your chest, then your tits . . . where I’ll lick your ni**les. Do you think you can handle that?”
“Yes, sir. I can handle that,” I answer in a mousy schoolgirl tone I’m surprised I found.
“Good, that should raise your F to a D.” His mouth twists into a smile that I can’t resist returning. He brushes my lips with his but quickly buries his head in my neck. I breathe in his clean soapy scent again and I feel his smile grow wider. His tongue drags across my skin, torturously slow, until he flicks his tongue around my nipple and finally laves it into his mouth. The fabric of my blouse hangs to the side and bares both br**sts.
I can’t help moaning as he hungrily takes possession of my lips. Wet, hot, scorching, his mouth plunders mine and his tongue strikes against mine greedily. He’s aggressive. Taking everything I have to give.
I kiss along his neck and drag my teeth across his shoulder. His fingertips trail up my leg and under my skirt. “Fuck,” he mutters. “You’re not wearing any panties again.”
He’s out of character again, but that’s okay. I kind of like that he can’t keep his mind focused on the role. I’ve never done anything like this and although it’s hot as hell, concentrating on being his student is getting lost in the passion. It’s being sucked up by the throbbing between my legs that I want satisfied by him.
When his fingers dip inside me, my moan is drowned out by his louder groan. “You’re a good student. Are you only doing this for a better grade or because you’re really bad underneath it all?”
“No, I’m a good student who hates a bad grade,” I say softly. I’m finding it easier to talk seductively in role-playing mode than as Bell Wilde.