Full Moon Rising
Chapter Thirteen

 Keri Arthur

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Quinn's grip on my arms tightened. "What?"
"It might be nothing." At least, I hoped it was nothing. Surely fate would not be so unkind as to betray me twice
"Tell me."
I took a deep breath and released it slowly. "I'd always thought the name was familiar, and I've just remembered why. The second of my two mates had a file on his desk that bore the name Genoveve Confectionary."
"Did you get the chance to look at it?"
"Why would I bother? It was over a year ago that I saw it, and we were in a mating rush at the time. You're lucky I even remembered it."
He released my arms and stepped back. "What is his name?"
"Misha Rollins."
"The same Misha who was on the phone to you when we pulled up at the cemetery?"
I stared at him for a second, taking in the implications of his words, a cold sensation forming in the pit of my stomach
"There are more than a dozen Camp Roads in Melbourne, and even if he was behind the attack, there is no way they could have pinpointed us so quickly."
Yet I remembered Talon's words. Remembered the tracking device in my arm. And he'd said we. Did that mean he and Misha were partners in this madness? But if that were so, why would they set their creatures on us, then shoot them?
It didn't make any sense. None of this was making any sense
"He had your phone number, and you left your phone on."
"But they didn't need satellite tracking - I've apparently got a tracker in my arm."
"Then we had better get it out."
"Misha's not behind the attack." I had to believe that. Had to. Otherwise, I might never trust my instincts again
Quinn's expression was cold. "Why don't we go question him, then?"
"Why don't we wait for Jack and see what he has to say?"
Though his expression didn't alter, his anger whipped around me. "Fine."
He spun on his heel and walked out. I watched him go, though right then all I wanted to do was grab him and make love to him. It wasn't the moon heat. Rather a desire to hold on tight to something that was good. Something that was slipping through my fingers
With a sigh, I flicked on the water in the shower and stepped under it when it was hot enough. After washing the blood and sweat from my skin, I studied my various wounds. My stomach was tender to the touch, and the rainbow display of colors was broken by three pale pink scars. My arms bore several more healing slashes, as did my shoulders and thigh. Though I couldn't remember changing shape during the night, I must have, because there was no other way such cuts would have healed so fast
Once I'd dried myself, I went out to check for clothes and discovered my bag sitting at the end of the bed. Liander must have brought it down from the farm. I shoved on my skirt and a shirt, mighty thankful for the extra undies I'd thrown into my bag when I'd packed for the club days ago. Once dressed, I wandered down a wide hallway, through a shadow-filled living room, and found myself in a kitchen bigger than my entire apartment. Through the windows, lights sparkled, testimony to the fact that many houses lay on the slope below us. In the distance, glistening whitecaps pounded toward a shore I couldn't see
Liander sat at an ornate glass table reading a newspaper, but he glanced up as I walked in. His left eye was black, and bruises littered his pale arms
His gaze raked me, lingering on the healing wound on my thigh. It wasn't a sexual look, just a concerned one. "Feeling better?"
"Much. How about you?"
He shrugged. "I think my ego is bruised more than my body. There were only four of them, yet they got the better of me."
"Only four? Gee, you're slipping."
My voice was dry, and a smile tugged his lips. "Once I could have taken double that number."
"It's a long time since you were in the military."
"It shouldn't matter. I do keep in shape, after all."
"But not fighting fit - you've had no reason to, after all."
I walked over to the fridge to grab something to eat, but there wasn't much more than old-looking fruit. Obviously, despite what Talon had said, he really hadn't intended to stay there long. I picked out one of the better-looking peaches and slammed the door shut. "Where's Quinn?"
Liander nodded toward the French doors to my right. "Out on the patio, calling someone to get some information on Misha." He hesitated, his expression tightening. "He's using us all, you know."
"Yeah. All he's interested in is finding out what happened to his friend."
"His friend being the DNA provider for these clones?"
I nodded and bit into the peach. "I gather Rhoan filled you in on what's been happening?"
Liander's gaze met mine. "There are no secrets between us, Riley."
I remembered what he'd said to Quinn when I was in the bloodlust, and realized then he knew what we were - knew, because Rhoan had told him. It was extraordinarily pleasing to know that my brother had found someone who loved him just as he was
Though I doubted Rhoan himself was fully appreciative of the fact
Liander folded the newspaper and leaned back in his chair. "Rhoan also told me about Quinn's history with werewolves. Be careful with him."
I swiped a hand at the peach juice running down my chin. "First my brother, now my brother's lover." Exasperation edged my voice. "Will you both give me credit for having a little common sense?"
He smiled, but the concern in his silver eyes remained. "You're generally one of the most sensible people I know, but emotions rarely have anything to do with common sense."
"I haven't known Quinn long enough to get emotional. Right now, he's just another lover." A lover I could get attached to, if he ever gave me the time. But he wouldn't, so why was everyone worrying? "Were the men who came to rescue Talon human?"
He shook his head, his smile telling me he wasn't fooled by the change of topics. "Wolves."
"And their smell?"
He shrugged. "Like wolves. Men."
Not clones or lab-created creatures then. Which I supposed was a good thing - at least it suggested Talon's madness was just the common, everyday type, not the "I-will-dominate-the-world" variety
"And Jack's been informed of events?"
"Yes." He glanced at his watch. "They should almost be here."
I raised an eyebrow. "That wise? I mean, these people keep on finding us, so it might be better if we remained in a couple of different groups." Though, if I had a tracker in my arm, maybe I was the reason they kept finding us. Talon might have inserted it, but there was no telling if anyone else had discovered the signal
"Probably, but I'm not calling the shots. Jack is."
And Jack would do what Jack wanted. Maybe he wanted to bring them to us. It would certainly be one shortcut to finding out who was behind all this
I finished the peach and tossed the pit in the nearby rubbish bin. From outside the house came the sound of an approaching car. Liander rose, then moved with deceptive casualness to the window and looked out
"Jack and Rhoan," he said after a moment
He went to the front door, and I looked around as Quinn came in off the patio. "Your sources able to tell you anything about Misha?"
"Not yet," he said. "They'll get back to me in an hour or so."
I crossed my arms. "Are you going to share what they find with Jack?"
"Yes," he said
No, he meant
I smiled grimly. "And do you intend to kill whoever has held Henri captive all these years?"
"Killing is not my style."
"Tell that to the clone in the toilet."
"He was a clone. That's different."
I wanted to ask how, but my brother chose that moment to walk in. His glance took in the two of us, and his gaze narrowed slightly
"You okay?" he asked, pulling me into a fierce and protective hug
"I'm fine," I replied. "Just make sure you leave enough for me to kick if you find Talon before I do."
"I'll try to remember," he said, then pulled back a little. "Did he tell you anything?"
"Not anything new. Just the same old obsession."
"The bastard definitely needs to be taught a lesson or two." He shifted to one side and wrapped an arm around my shoulder
Jack tapped the table, bringing our attention back to him. "Our search at the second former army base revealed nothing more than cosmetic manufacturing. And our computer search for Genoveve Confectionary has yielded little for the moment. It would seem the owners are hidden behind yet another paper trail."
"We may have hit a shortcut," I said, before Quinn had the chance. "A year ago Misha had a file bearing the name Genoveve Confectionary on his desk. I think it's worth asking straight out what his involvement with them is."
Jack contemplated me for a second, green eyes narrowed but glinting with familiar amusement. He was still playing his games, still trying to reel me in, but in this case, I had no intention of sidestepping such attempts. Whoever was behind these creatures had to be stopped, and if I could play some small part in that, then I would. If only to ensure these bastards stopped coming after me
"You know, that could be a very good idea," he said casually. "Especially if you arrange to meet him somewhere other than his office."
"Play bunny bait, you mean, while you search his office."
He gave me a toothy grin. "Darlin', I'm glad you're on my side."
"The only side I'm on is Rhoan's and mine."
"For now."
"For ever."
He shook his head. He wasn't going to give up his little dream, no matter what I said. And I guess he was right to persevere. After all, depending on what the drug did to my system, I might be forced to step into the guardian system whether I wanted to or not
"That could be dangerous for Riley," Quinn said. "Especially if Misha is behind either the clones or the crossbreeds."
"She's not guardian," Rhoan added. "You can't ask her to do something like that because she hasn't had the training."
"All she has to do is what comes naturally to a wolf when the moon rides high."
"They've shot at her and tried to snatch her," Rhoan said. "I don't think it's wise to send her out alone."
"I won't be." Jack glanced at me. "Do you have a problem doing this?"
"No." Hell, truth be told, when darkness hit tonight and the fever burned through my blood, I wouldn't really give a damn who I danced with as long as I danced. "But there is another problem."
His gaze sharpened. "What?"
"Talon put a tracer in my arm."
"We have some trackers in the car. We'll tune them to the tracer's frequency. If something does happen, at least we can find you."
Talon could, too, but that was a good thing. My fists wanted a serious word or two with his face
"I hope you're not going to try to make Quinn and me sit this one out," Liander said, voice steely
"No. Your field of expertise with the military was electronics, which could come in handy when we're breaking in to the office. Quinn will be playing bodyguard to Riley, just in case Talon attempts another snatch."
Quinn didn't say anything, but it was more than obvious he wasn't happy about being left out of the business end of things. And I had to wonder if he'd actually be there when I came back out of the club
Jack tossed me his phone. "Let's swing into action, people."
It was close to nine by the time we reached the Blue Moon. The night sky was filled with stars, the moon a silver luminance that sang through my veins, and every nerve ending felt as if it were being stretched taut
Quinn stopped the car in the shadow-filled lane across the street, contemplating the blue-lit building for several seconds before looking at me. "Looks like they've got a good crowd."
His expression hadn't changed any in the last few hours, and his eyes were still obsidian stone. If we'd had some sort of relationship, I might have been tempted to think he was annoyed - even jealous - about my dancing with Misha. But given his take on werewolves and the fact he didn't want anything more from me other than a good time, that was ridiculous
"I've got a permanent table booking the last two days before the full moon, so I'll get in okay." I swept my gaze from the small line of wolves waiting to get in to the man standing in front of the door. Jimmy. A little bit of tension slid away. At least there was someone else close by who I could trust if Quinn disappeared and I got into trouble
Quinn twisted around and grabbed the tracker from the backseat. A soft, clear beeping filled the silence. "Have you any idea of the range of this thing?"
"No, but it would have to be two or three kilometers, at least. Talon used the tracer to find us at the Directorate, and neither his office nor his house is close by."
Quinn nodded. "Be careful in there. If you need help, just drop your shields and yell psychically."
I raised an eyebrow. "Is it safe for you to drop your shields? I mean, you're stopped right outside an overflowing wolf nightclub - won't the combination of auras be overwhelming?"
"Why not?"
He hesitated. "Because I won't be dropping my shields. I'll hear you through them."
"We've shared blood. Psychically, I'm now more attuned to you."
"Meaning you can read my thoughts anytime?"
"No, because your shields are too strong. But drop them, and call, and I'll be there."
If I called now, would he come? Not to me, but with me? In me? Somehow, I doubted it. And besides, if Misha was behind any of this, I needed to be at fever pitch. Needed my aura to hit him hard and fast, so that he had no time to think, just react. And during our mating, I'd get my answers - either verbally, or by reading his mind
"I have no idea how long this will take."
He shrugged. "I'm not going anywhere."
So he said. I put my hand on the door handle, then hesitated. "Quinn - "
"There's nothing between us," he said softly. "Nothing other than great sex, anyway."
He wasn't wrong - as yet, there was nothing more than great sex. But we'd only known each other a few days, and the indications were, even then, that there could be something else there. Whether it was a deeper relationship or simply friendship and good sex was something only time would tell. And no matter what warnings Rhoan and Liander might give, I was more than willing to chance fate and explore options. "Great sex is somewhere to start."
His gentle smile made my heart do a familiar flip-flop. "I am not the sharing type, Riley, and I do not want to be dragged into the whole werewolf culture. It's just not me."
I raised my eyebrows. "Even at the cost of losing great sex?"
"Even at." His gaze left mine. "You'd better get going. He's probably already inside."
"Probably." I studied his profile a moment longer, then leaned across the car to place a kiss on his cheek
Only he shifted, and my kiss found his mouth instead. It was a long, glorious possession that left me gasping for breath and wanting him more than I'd ever wanted anyone in my life
"Go," was all he said, the lilt of Ireland so rich in his voice his word was almost lost
I went. Right then, I had no other choice
Jimmy gave me a cheery hello and opened the door, ushering me in past a chorus of complaints and groans from those still waiting. A second guard waited near the inner door - Jimmy's brother, Stan. He was slighter smaller, slightly thinner, but other than that, almost an exact replica of Jimmy. Only he had all his own teeth
"Hey, Riley," he rumbled. "Misha was asking for you as he came in, about ten minutes ago."
My smile felt tight. "Thanks, Stan."
He nodded. "We're packed tonight. Just as well you booked a table."
"Yeah." I grabbed a locker key as usual, then headed inside
The hologram stars burned across the ceiling, their light not yet dimmed by the glow of the blue moon, which was only just beginning to rise in the distant corner
The dance floor was a sea of naked, gyrating flesh, and most of the tables were occupied. The air was as hot as the music and rich with the scent of lust and sex. I breathed deep, allowing the atmosphere to soak through every pore, right into my bones
If I wanted to be involved with Quinn on a deeper level than I was, I'd probably have to give up this sort of dance. But it was what I was. The freedom and excitement of these moon dances was part of my nature, and I'd be damned if I'd drop them just because it offended his human sensibilities. I wasn't human, and he shouldn't judge me by those standards. And asking me to give up the moon dance would be like asking him to stop drinking blood. It wasn't fair, and it wasn't right
I made my way down the stairs and into the change room. Misha might be watching, so everything had to follow the pattern I'd set over the past year, right down to taking a shower and stowing my clothes
When I walked back out I was as naked as everyone else. I scanned the tables until I found mine, but he wasn't there. Which meant he was either somewhere on the dance floor or in one of the back privacy booths or rooms with someone else
I moved onto the dance floor. The rich aroma of sweat and wantonness swam around me, and my breath caught, then quickened. The press of flesh made my skin burn and my already erratic heart race that much harder
Hands caught me, whirling me around before pulling me into a body that was strong and lean and brown. Teeth flashed brightly as he wrapped his arms around my waist and led me into a dance that was both sensual and playful
The moon and the atmosphere and my own raging hormones had me ready to take or be taken. Had it been another time, another day, I might have done both, right there, right then
The stranger brushed a kiss across my lips, a caress that was teasing yet filled with the promise of heat. "I want you," he said softly. "Are you free to take this dance a little further?"
His voice was as playful as his dance, and I liked the fact he asked first rather than trying to take, as many on the dance floor would have. The crush of his body against mine felt so good, so tempting. I took a deep breath and tried to remember that I was there for a reason
"Unfortunately, no, not at the moment," I murmured, pressing just a little bit closer. He wasn't much taller than I, so the heat of him caressed all the right places
His green eyes gleamed with amusement and desire. "I'm Kellen."
"You a regular here?"
"Yes. You?"
"First time. But I believe I've found reason enough to come back again."
I grinned, liking the mischievous yet determined glint in his eyes. The way his body fitted mine so neatly. "I shall keep an eye out for you."
He raised my hand and kissed my fingers. "Do that," he said, and whirled me back into the madness
I found Misha a few seconds later. He was just off the center of the wildly gyrating crowd, dancing with several silver wolves. His gaze was molten when it met mine, his hunger a live thing that stole my breath and ate at my skin. That surprised me. Misha had never been one to wait for pleasure, and the three he danced with looked more than eager
He caught my hand, pulling me close as he spun us away from the silvers. The flash of their anger burned after us, but was quickly lost in the sea of hunger washing past
He didn't say anything, just pulled me into the thick of the dance, right into the very heart where the press of bodies was at its strongest and the smell of sex so powerful it was almost liquid. I could barely breathe, desire was so fierce, yet I was not so far gone that I couldn't sense the anger in him
He wrapped a hand around my neck and pulled me close. His kiss was fierce and hard and long
"You should have asked, Riley," he said eventually. "I would have answered your questions."
I wrapped my arms around his neck, still playing the game though I knew the game was over. "I came here to ask you questions."
"Maybe. And maybe you were meant as a distraction."
I couldn't move, couldn't retreat. Truth be known, didn't want to do either. He was too close, felt too good. "What makes you think that?"
"The fact that three minutes before you walked in I was notified that someone had broken into my Collins Street office." His smile was tight. "They can look all they like. They won't find anything."
"And you're so sure that you'll let them look?"
"Oh yes."
Heat pressed through me, against me. Heat that was Misha as well as the other wolves crushed against us. Every breath was an intake of hunger, and in the blue wash of the lights sweat glistened like diamonds against my skin. I could barely even think, the fever was so bad, and yet I knew I had to keep my wits about me. I could not afford to forget that Misha might well be the enemy
"How did you know?" My breath was little more than a pant of air
"I have always preferred to rely on more than the latest in technological wizardry."
He didn't explain it and I didn't have enough air left to ask. His hands tightened against my waist, his fingers hot and bruising as he lifted me onto him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and began to move
"The bait will earn her answers tonight, believe me," he growled
I didn't answer. Couldn't answer. My blood burned, my heart hammered like a steam train, and all I wanted was to ride this lean and angry man until the slow waves of pleasure lapping my skin became a molten force that would not be denied
And that's exactly what I did
We climaxed as one, the strength of it tearing a strangled sound from my throat as his body slammed me into the backs of others, his movements fast and furious
The shudders eased. He was still hard inside, but that wasn't surprising, simply because the power of the moon was at full force. The moon heat granted all wolves the potency to celebrate again and again during the weeklong phase, but tonight and tomorrow were peaks, with recovery time down to zero. Perhaps it was nature's way of making up for the change she forced us through at the full moon. The night of the full moon was the one night we had no control over which form we took. That night, we ran solely as wolves
He began to move inside me again. His expression was tight, intent, and I knew he intended to exact payment in full before he said anything more
The fact that he was there, fucking me, when he was well aware that his offices were being broken into and examined assured me there would be nothing incriminating found. Whether that evidence was somewhere else or whether there was simply nothing to be found was anyone's guess
We stayed in that sweating, gyrating mass for an hour before moving out. We continued at the table, in the shower, against the wall, on the stairs. Each time was hard and furious, and most of the time he took without giving. The wolf in me was having a damn fine time, but the woman was getting a little pissed
He finally led me back to the table, and I heaved a silent sigh of relief. I was bruised and aching and only partially satisfied, and knew it was intentional. He was making me pay for what he saw as a betrayal
I slid onto one of the benches and grabbed a beer off a passing waiter. I didn't drink it immediately, instead pressing the icy bottle against my fevered forehead
Misha sat down on the opposite side. "Ask your questions."
His silver eyes gave nothing away
"Tell me why you had a file bearing the name Genoveve Confectionary on your desk a year ago."
"It was a company I was considering buying." He raised a pale eyebrow. "You have a very good memory."
"Exceptional, considering the circumstances."
The smile that played across his lips was at odds with the ice of his gaze
"And did you?" I prompted, when he didn't say anything
"Who did?"
"The same company who owns Moneisha?"
I flipped the cap off the beer and took a long drink before asking, "So who is the owner of Konane?"
He smiled. "Try another question."
His expression said he'd tell me. Eventually. I wondered how many hours' "payment" he would exact before he did. "So what has chocolate and research got in common?"
"Maybe the owner was simply diversifying his portfolio."
Something in the way he said that itched at my instincts. "You don't believe that."
"Why not?"
He leaned back in his seat and studied me for a second, his expression both arrogant and amused. "Because the owner of Konane and I share similar interests, and have, in the past, been business partners."
I forced a smile. "You never told me you were interested in chocolate."
There was something cold and hard about his expression. I had the strangest feeling that this man, the man who had taken me so ruthlessly that night, was the real Misha. That the Misha I'd been allowed to see the previous twelve months was merely a means to an end. What that end was I had no idea, but had a bad feeling I'd better find out
I lowered my shields and reached out with my mind. I wasn't surprised to hit a wall around his thoughts - but it wasn't electronic. His shield was as natural as mine and just as strong
I took another drink of beer and tried to ignore the urge to leave. I had a job to do, and besides, the moon still burned through my blood
"It wasn't the chocolate that caught our interest," he said softly, "but the fact that Genoveve was supposedly built over the top of a military installation."
Would the plans in Alan Brown's office match the installation Genoveve was supposedly sitting on? Probably. "I've read about the World War II tunnels and arms caches they've uncovered in and around Melbourne, but never have I heard a whisper about anything bigger."
"No one knew about those tunnels until they were excavated. All the plans were supposedly destroyed after the war and most of the tunnels concreted up."
If the plans had been destroyed, how had Alan Brown gotten hold of them? And why hadn't he destroyed them? I finished my beer and pushed the bottle away. "So why would you think there's any truth to the rumor about what's under Genoveve?"
"Because I talked to the man who found an entrance. As did the man who owned Konane."
"So why does an old military installation hold such fascination to you and the owner of Konane?"
"Because the search for perfection sometimes takes roads the government does not approve of, and in such cases, it is best if the search is conducted in secret."
Oh God... Was he saying what I thought he was saying?
He smiled. "I am not involved in Genoveve or the research being done on nonhuman cloning."
"I only have your word on that, and right now, I'm not inclined to trust it."
"I swear on the life of my mother, I have told no lies here tonight."
No lies, but had he told the absolute truth? I had a feeling the answer was no. "So, you have absolutely nothing to do with cloning?"
Amusement momentarily danced in his eyes. "I am not involved, in any way, with the current cloning endeavors. If you want an honest opinion, I cannot see the sense in it. Until we fully understand all the intricacies of creation, cloning will always be an avenue of imperfect research."
"You cannot understand something if you do not research it."
"True. But right now, it is research that is simply throwing good money after bad. How many years has man being trying to clone himself? Where has it led? He can now create imperfect or sickly images of himself every fifty or so attempts."
"The body-part farming came out of the cloning research, and that in itself is very profitable."
He shrugged. "Only marginally. The government has a tight fist on marketing and research."
But the black market was booming, and the government was having little luck stopping it. "So what research were you planning to conduct under Genoveve, and why didn't you end up buying it?"
He smiled. "My companies, like many others, are seeking to unravel the secrets of a vampire's long life. There is a fortune to be made with such knowledge."
That was an understatement, given the human fixation with youth. "So, when you said Moneisha had been successful in pinpointing the cluster of genes that make a vampire a vampire, you were actually talking about your own research?"
"In part. I was trying to discover how much you suspected."
He studied me for a moment, then said, "Because I was told to."
I raised my eyebrows. I really couldn't see Misha bowing to the rule of another, but then, what did I really know about him? "Who by?"
He merely smiled. I changed direction again
"Have you succeeded in pinpointing the vampire genes?"
"In part."
I studied him for a moment. "Research like that doesn't need to be conducted in a secret installation."
"It does when your test subjects are unwilling participants."
"You're snatching vamps off the street?"
"No. I intended to, simply because the government's recent regulations have made it tough to get enough skin and blood to conduct research. But I never bought Genoveve, simply because I was outbid. All my companies conform to regulations."
Currently conform, he meant. But I had a suspicion they wouldn't in the future. "You know Jack will check."
He shrugged. "He will find nothing out of order."
"And is the vampire research all that your companies do?"
He smiled. "No."
"Then what?"
"My companies partner several others in drug research."
What was the betting he had a finger in the pie that had made ARC1-23? "Does that mean you knew all about Talon trying to impregnate me?"
Again amusement glittered in his eyes. "Yes."
Anger whipped through me, and my fingers clenched. "And you approve?"
"Then why the hell didn't you warn me?"
"Because again, I was warned not to."
I snorted softly. "And you never go against orders? Bullshit, Misha."
"There are lots of things happening you don't understand. Lots of restrictions on me that I cannot countermand, no matter how I might wish to."
That raised my eyebrows. "Care to explain that sweeping statement?"
"Not yet."
I blew out a breath and thought about the bits and pieces he'd told me over the last few days. "You told me to imagine the supersoldier you could build if you could have all of a vamp's abilities and none of the restrictions. Is that what you're doing? Trying to build a supersoldier by crossing human and vampire genes?"
"Perhaps." He smiled idly
"Then what about hybrid nonhumans?"
"What about them?"
"Are you involved in creating them?"
"I've already said no."
There wasn't a flicker in his face or his eyes, and yet I sensed that he'd just told his first outright lie. "Then you know nothing about an attack that occurred shortly after I'd been speaking to you on the phone."
He raised an eyebrow. "I want to fuck you, not kill you."
I leaned back, partially wanting to trust him but mostly not. "That didn't answer my question."
"Yes, it did." He hesitated. "I actually tried to warn you, but you hung up."
"So you knew about the attack in the graveyard?"
"How did they know where I was going to be?"
He glanced down at the arm that held the tracker, giving me the answer in an instant. I swore softly. "Then how did you know about the attack?"
He gave me that smile again and didn't answer
I tapped my fingers against the table. "So are you going to tell me who owns Konane?"
His gaze swept down my body, and the fever that had lain in wait ignited. His silver eyes met mine, echoing the hunger that burned through me. I didn't want to want him, but at that moment, I had no choice. And I needed the answer he'd yet to give
"I want another two hours out there," he said, nodding toward the heaving crowd on the dance floor
His smile was sweet, and yet there was something cold about it. Something very calculating. And in that moment, I saw the similarity between him and Talon. "It doesn't matter why."
I guess in the end it didn't. He got his two hours. Then I got the name