Heat of Passion
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 Elle Kennedy

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The biggest turn-on about her was that he could see her ni**les poking against her halter. Yup, she wasn’t wearing a bra.
He noticed his teammates checking her out as well, saw their appreciation, and an odd pang of possessiveness gripped his insides.
“Well?” she prompted, her voice barely audible over the music.
Well, what? Right, the dance. Carson quickly moved his gaze away from those small, tantalizing br**sts and took a step forward before any of his friends—mainly Ryan—snatched up this hot little pixie.
“Sweetheart, I would love to dance with you,” he drawled, shooting her his trademark ladies’ man grin.
Women always told him that grin of his was hot enough to melt a glacier, and sure enough, he saw the brunette’s cheeks redden a little. It could’ve been the shadows making her look flushed, but he preferred to think the grin had done it.
A pair of catlike green eyes focused on Carson. Shit, she had nice eyes. They tilted up just slightly at the corners, giving her a very exotic air. “Let’s do it then.”
Oh, he wanted to do it all right. Although he’d never admit it to Ryan I-Need-To-Get-Laid Evans, it had been way too long since Carson had slept with anyone. Five weeks, to be exact, and he was getting real tired of flying solo. That three-week mission in Colombia played a part in his current celibate status, but after that he had no excuse other than he simply hadn’t encountered a woman who set him on fire. Six months ago, he might’ve settled for the first available warm body, but ever since his best friend had fallen for Shelby, Carson found it was getting harder to justify screwing random chicks. Garrett and Shelby were so disgustingly in love, they made him feel sleazy about his casual lifestyle. Not that he was looking for love or anything, but lately he was pickier about who he fell into bed with.
He might, however, make an exception for the woman who’d just asked him to dance.
She walked ahead of him, and Carson took the opportunity to admire the way her short black skirt hugged her firm little bottom. He usually went for curvy and leggy, but something about this woman’s fragile figure made his blood heat up.
He tore his eyes away from that delectable ass and followed her down the open spiral staircase leading to the main floor. When she reached the bottom step, she cocked her head as if to check if he was still there, and when their gazes connected, he saw a sensual smile tug on her pouty mouth. Damn, those lips belonged in an X-rated video. Preferably one that featured him and the lips in question wrapped around his dick.
Amusement danced in her green eyes. “You’re staring at my mouth.”
“You’ve got a nice mouth,” he answered glibly.
“So do you.” She studied him. “In fact, you’ve got a nice everything. Are you an actor?”
“Male model,” he lied, only because he didn’t feel like telling her he was a SEAL. Women had a tendency to go a little nutty when they found out what he did, got all wide-eyed as fantasies of being swept off their feet by a real-life hero filled their pretty heads. And Carson had no desire to sweep anyone off her feet tonight, unless it involved sweeping this appealing brunette to the nearest bed.
She smiled again, but the look on her face said she didn’t quite believe him. “Interesting. Do you pose in the nude?”
“All the time.” He curled his fingers over her arm and led her toward the packed dance floor. The music was a lot louder down here, so he dipped his head to her ear and added, “I could give you a private show if you’d like.”
She laughed, the sound quickly swallowed by the reggae song that pounded out of the speakers. Leaning up on her tiptoes, she brushed her lips over his ear as she said, “First you can dance with me, then I’ll decide if I want to see you naked.”
Carson grinned and pulled her into the throng of people. She immediately pressed her body to his and started to move. Those curvy br**sts teased his chest, sending sparks of heat to his c**k every time her small, erect ni**les pushed against him. The top of her head barely reached his chin, and her soft wavy hair tickled his neck. She smelled like flowers and honey, the aroma filling his nostrils, subtle and yet far more potent than the scent of sweat, perfume and aftershave mingling in the hot air of the club.
He rested his hands on her tucked-in waist, slipping them under the hem of her halter-top so he could feel her bare skin. As he moved his body to the rhythm, he slid his fingers over her warm flesh, enjoying the silky feel of it. She sighed, her breath tickling his collarbone and searing right through his black T-shirt.
“How am I doing so far?” he asked.
She tilted her head up to look at him, an enticing smile playing on her lips. “So far, so good.” She punctuated the words by rubbing her lower body against his pelvis.
His c**k rose to attention, thickening to a long ridge that strained against the zipper of his jeans. Never missing a beat, he spun her around then pressed his erection against her ass, running his hands up and down her bare arms. He lowered his head to her ear again. “What’s your name, sweetheart?”
A beat of silence. “Jessica.”
“I’m Carson.” Then, unable to help it, he slid his tongue over the shell of her ear before sucking on the delicate lobe. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Jessica.”
She pushed her butt out and rubbed it over his erection before spinning back around and wrapping her arms around his neck. Their gazes locked, and the hint of sex sizzled in the air between them. Actually, scratch that. He would definitely be having sex with this green-eyed seductress tonight, no hint about it.