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 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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“You’re not going to lie around and pout all day. Now, get up.”
“I’m not pouting.” She frowns.
I shake my head, walk over to her, rip the Kindle out of her hand, and toss it onto a chair across the room.
“Hey! I was reading that,” she complains, crossing her arms over her chest and glaring at me.
“I don’t know what happened to my submissive little Angel, but I’m telling you now—what you’re going to be doing is getting undressed, getting on your knees, opening that pretty mouth of yours, and sucking my cock until I tell you to stop. Then, if you’re good, I will eat your little pussy until you come,” I growl, pulling her out of bed. “When I’ve had my fill of your taste, you’re going to climb up on my cock and ride me until we both come.”
“Nolan,” she hisses as I rip her shirt off over her head.
“No.” I turn her around, bend her over the bed, and spank her ass with three hard swats before bending over her and growling in her ear, “Enough.” Then I move my hips so my cock is sitting in the crook of her ass. Using one hand to free up her pants, I pull them down around her thighs and then slide my hand between her legs, feeling her arousal coat my fingers. “You’re so wet, Angel,” I tell her, sucking my fingers into my mouth. Then I unbuckle my pants, freeing myself before sliding just the tip inside her. “Do you want me to fuck you?” I groan, sliding in a little deeper.
“Yes,” she breathes, trying to press back against me.
“Then do what I tell you.”
I press into her balls-deep then pull out slowly, feeling my length slide along her inner walls. Once I slide out completely, I fight the urge to slide back in and quickly help remove the rest of her clothing. Then I pull one of the pillows from the bed before setting it at my feet and helping her to her knees in front of me. As soon as her knees touch the pillow, her eyes meet mine and her mouth opens.
“Lick it,” I command.
She starts at the head then works her way down my shaft to the base until my cock is halfway down her throat. Her hands travel up my thighs, and one wraps around the base. She begins twisting it, bobbing her head. I start to feel the tingle in the bottom of my spine.
“Easy, Angel,” I groan, not ready to come.
She releases me on a pop, and I help her stand then position her as I had her earlier, leaning over the side of the bed with the fat lips of her pussy peeking at me from between her legs. I fall to my knees behind her, wrap my hands around her thighs, and bury my face between her legs, probing her entrance with my tongue then sucking her clit into my mouth.
Her body starts bucking against my face and her loud moans begin to fill the room. I move my hands and spread her pussy open farther, paying close attention to her clit, fluttering my tongue against it until she begins to flood my mouth with her sweet juices while her nails dig into my arms and her toes raise her up off the floor.
I slow down and ease her out of her orgasm before helping her stand up and turn to face me. When I look up at her, her eyes are clouded with desire. I take a breath then place a kiss above her pubic bone. Then on her lower stomach, where the life we created together is growing. I stand and get on the bed, helping her up and over me with her thighs straddling my hips. As soon as she is in position, the look in her eyes changes and she sinks down on me until the tip of my cock touches her cervix.
She leans forward, her hands holding on to my shoulder as her hips rise and fall. I pull her face down to mine, biting her bottom lip then the top, leaning back to look at her as her eyes close to half-mast and her hips start to move quicker. My hands travel down her hair and back to her ass, holding one cheek in each palm, lifting and dropping her onto me as her pussy begins to milk my come from my cock, the fluttering drawing my orgasm to the surface.
Her scream and my roar travel through the air at the same time that her body slumps forward and my head bends back into the pillow. It takes a few moments to catch my breath and for my heart beat to go back to normal, but when it does, I use my fingers under her chin to lift her face up towards mine.
“Love you, Angel,” I say, and her face goes soft. “From this day forward, we’re just going to enjoy life. I know what happened is horrible, but we have too much to live for.”
“You’re right,” she says as her face goes even softer.
I pull her back down onto me, tucking her head under my chin, where she fits perfectly. No matter what happened in my past or what I have gone through, having this with her now makes all those struggles worth it.
“I can’t see my feet.” Chloe laughs as I open the glass shower door. “There is no way I can shave my legs.” She shakes her head, sitting down on the marble bench that is built into the shower wall.
“You look beautiful,” I insist as I run my fingers through her hair, gently tilting her head back.
“You love me, so you have to say I look beautiful.” She sighs, opening her eyes and looking up at me.
“I do love you, but you are beautiful as well. I love seeing you pregnant with my children.”
“I know,” she mutters, rolling her eyes. “I learned that after the first three kids.”
“You have begged for them each time,” I tell her, smirking.
“I told you before. If we’re in the moment, it doesn’t count.”
She laughs as I mimic her screaming for me to give her my seed.
“Mommy!” our daughter yells, breaking the moment.
I sigh and close my eyes. I wanted nothing more than to finally get a piece of Chloe. I thought we had finally snuck away, but as usual, our kids have perfect timing.
“Your mom comes into town tonight, so you better plan on not sleeping for the next twenty-four hours.”
“No.” I shake my head and pull her closer, lowering my mouth over one of her nipples. “I need you.” I lick around her nipple before biting down. “I need to be inside you.”
“You had me this morning.”
“That was only me getting rid of my morning wood. That doesn’t count. You owe me,” I tell her and smile when she begins to laugh.
“You’re obsessed.”
She is not wrong. I have been obsessed with her from the moment I met her, and nothing has changed. Even after five years, three kids, and another one on the way, we’re still inseparable, and I want her more now than ever.
What can I say? I have a beautiful wife.