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 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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“Nothing. Go back to sleep, love,” I say quietly, kissing her forehead.
She sighs and closes her eyes, laying her head back down. Once I hear her breath even out, I slide out from under her and make sure she’s covered before pulling on a pair of pajama pants, grabbing my cell phone, and heading for the main living room.
“What did you need, Maxine?” I ask as soon as my assistant answers the phone.
“Sorry, sir. I thought you would want to know your conference call with Japan got canceled. I tried phoning you, but it went straight to voicemail.”
“Maxine, I don’t care if the world outside my bedroom door is imploding upon itself. When that door is closed, you do not ever open it,” I growl into the phone.
“I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was there,” she says, but even in her tone, I can hear bitterness.
I take a deep breath and let it out slowly. “Maxine, I expect the keys you have for my loft to be returned tomorrow. You will no longer be allowed into the building. I understand you have a job to do, but you will no longer have the access you had before.”
“Sir!” she gasps, and I shake my head, looking out at the city below me.
“This isn’t the first time you’ve overstepped your bounds, but this will be the last,” I tell her firmly.
“I apologized,” she whispers.
“And that is the only reason you still have a job,” I state before hanging up the phone.
I press my forehead to the glass and look out at the street below. Then I feel a small hand on my back slide around to my chest as Chloe’s cheek presses into my skin.
“Are you okay?” she whispers as I cover her small hand with mine before turning around and looking down at her.
She’s wearing the white dress shirt I had on earlier in the evening—only one button is in place, holding it together. Her hair is down around her shoulders, and her face is clean of any makeup. Just looking at her makes my breath catch in my throat.
“Better now,” I grunt out as my fingers slide into the open top of the shirt and down around her nipple.
A small whimper leaves her mouth as her eyes slide closed.
“My beautiful angel,” I whisper, dropping my mouth to hers, forcing my tongue between her lips.
When her small hand falls against my chest, I drop my hands to the back of her legs and pick her up, lifting her and wrapping her thighs around my waist. I turn and press her back to the window, my hips firmly between her legs, giving me leverage to use my hands to remove my shirt from her.
She cries out from the cold of the glass, and goose bumps breakout over her skin. Her nails tear against the skin of my shoulders as I lift her higher, pulling her breast into my mouth. I feel pre-cum pearl at the head of my cock, and the slick heat of her arousal between her legs rubs against my lower stomach. I want to lift her up and wrap her legs around my face while burying my tongue deep inside her. The fact that she was innocent before me only makes fucking her and eating her that much more intoxicating. Knowing that the only come to have ever filled her pussy is mine is extraordinary.
“I can feel your juices all over my stomach. Do you want me to eat you, Beautiful? Or do you want my cock deep inside your soaking-wet pussy?” I ask her as her fingers dig into my hair.
My brain is racing. One part of me wants to consume her, and the other part of me wants to lower my pants and slide inside her. The side of me that’s been trying to breed her wins out, so I use one hand to push down the front of my pants. Then I wrap my hand around my girth while pulling her forward and down, filling her until the head of my cock bumps against her cervix.
I watch her eyes roll back and her head fall against the window behind her. I slowly slide out then back in with deep, smooth, long strokes, enjoying every inch of her pussy rippling around me. She was made for me, her pussy built to be taken by me alone.
“Look at you…so fucking beautiful. Even with a view behind you that people pay millions for, you still outshine it.” My eyes lower to our connection and I watch myself disappear inside her. “Men would kill to see what I see right now,” I tell her on a grunt, pressing deeper inside her. “But you’re mine. You belong to me and only me, and I will kill anyone who even tries to get too close to you, anyone who even imagines seeing you like I see you,” I growl, the thought of another man even thinking of her making me want to kill.
She is my obsession.
Her hips begin to rotate and my head falls back. I know that, if I let her continue her movements, I will shoot off inside her before I’m ready. So I still her hips and pull her from the glass, walking to the couch that faces the fireplace and laying her along the back. After sliding out of her and kissing her before nibbling down her body, I pause over her pussy, where I let out a long breath. Lying like this, she’s stuck; she can’t move or she will fall over the back or onto the couch.
“Stay still so you don’t fall,” I tell her and kiss her above her pubic bone before licking up her center, circling her clit, and then pulling it into my mouth between my lips. Her back arches and the couch wobbles as I fill her with two fingers. “Careful,” I hiss against her, fucking her slowly with my fingers as I suck on her pussy, letting her juices flow into my mouth.
Once I feel her little pussy start to convulse around my fingers, I lift my face, running my tongue around her belly button before sucking on each of her nipples. Then I kiss up her neck to her mouth, where she sucks on my tongue and lips, taking her taste off my mouth.
I hold her hips firmly as I enter her again; my cock is so hard that I feel my pulse beating through it. Her body slides with each thrust and her head slips over the side of the couch, her back bent, her hands on the cushion of the couch near her head. While her tits are bouncing with each thrust, her legs wrap around me as she is made completely helpless in this position.
I fuck into her, sliding my thumb over her clit in quick circles. She screams out as her pussy strangles my cock. The feeling of her walls clamping down on me has me standing on my tiptoes and pounding harder until my balls draw up and I come deep inside her. Then I take a deep breath, put my hands under her arms, and lift her slight weight up while she’s still impaled on me. Her body slumps into mine as I carry her around to the front of the couch and sit with her on my lap.
My chest is moving rapidly along with hers. I can feel her heart beating hard against my own as I look down at her, and I move her hair off her face, seeing that her eyes are still closed. Leaning my head back, I say a prayer of thanks that she was given to me.