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 Kristen Ashley

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“Emme, shut it and f**kin’ listen to me,” he ordered.
“No f**king way,” she hissed. “Let go of my hand.”
“Listen to me.”
“Let go!” she yelled, twisting her wrist to get away.
But he took a step back at the same time yanking her with him. Then he took a step forward so she collided with his frame. Her other hand came up to break her fall so when he let her wrist go and clamped both arms around her, she was stuck, her arms caught between them.
She struggled.
His arms got tighter.
She stopped struggling and her head jerked back. “Let me go.”
“I can’t talk about my work.”
“Yeah,” she tossed back. “Bet that’s even more so when it’s a mark you’re playing for your work asking about said work.”
“Emme, you weren’t a mark. Honest to God, I was as surprised as you when I met you on the street, and I didn’t know you were involved in the investigation they were contracting me for until ten minutes after we made plans for dinner.”
“Now I bet you were glad you made that date,” she shot back with extreme sarcasm.
“Yeah, I was, babe, because,” his arms grew tighter and his face dipped closer, “I missed you too.”
“Well, you know, seeing as you lived not far away for a while and you have awesome powers, I figure if you did miss me so damned much, you could have done something about it. That was a door you had to open, Jacob, and we both know it. But you didn’t. Not until I was dating a felon you were investigating. So forgive me if I find the coincidence too much to take. But I f**king,” she got up on her toes, narrowed those f**king beautiful eyes, her fire dancing in them, and she finished, “do.”
She wouldn’t shut up and listen?
He’d shut her up and communicate a different way.
So he did.
He slid one hand up to cup the back of her head, tilted it and crushed his mouth to hers.
She struggled, opening her mouth to protest and he slid his tongue inside.
Fuck, she smelled of strawberries and tasted like them too. Fresh, cool and sweet.
At the touch of his tongue, Emme went completely still.
Deck pressed his advantage and deepened the kiss, drinking from her mouth, taking all he could get.
Christ. Unbelievable.
It became more unbelievable.
Because two seconds in, she… went… wild.
Fingers fisting in his shirt, pulling him to her even when he had nowhere to go, she rolled further up on her toes, tilted her head more, tangled her tongue with his and pressed everything she had deep, her whimper filling his mouth.
Not unbelievable.
Without releasing her mouth, Deck shifted back an inch to give her her arms and she instantly tugged them out but only to curl her fingers in his jacket and yank it down his arms.
He let her go and shrugged it off. Mouths still connected, after his jacket dropped to the floor, he walked her backward.
Her hands went back to his shirt at the sides, wrenching it up, pulling it out of his jeans then they dove in, skin against skin, her touch warm, light, slightly tentative, definitely searching, discovering.
He steadied her with an arm around her waist, bowing his back to keep her mouth, and walked her down the three steps to his great room before he angled her to the couch.
She pulled one hand out of his shirt and slid it up his chest, it curled around the side of his neck then slid up in his hair and she held his mouth to hers.
He twisted them and fell back over the arm of the couch, taking her with him.
She landed on his body and he rolled instantly, trapping her underneath him, all the while he kept at her mouth.
She didn’t deny him, one hand roaming, losing the shyness, becoming confident, another little mew slid down his throat and her nails dragged down the skin over his spine.
He tore his mouth from hers to mutter, “Fuck, baby.”
Eyes closed, she lifted her head and pressed her lips against his, this time her tongue slid into his mouth.
He growled and pressed her deeper into the couch. His hands moving to her sweater, he yanked up.
Her arms flew up and she arched her back. He pulled it off and bent to her. Lips to her jaw, he touched his tongue to it, trailing down the salty skin, smelling her hair, tasting her neck, down to her chest, down, his path defined.
“You know what I want, Emme,” he said against her skin, and she did. He knew it when her fingers curled into the cup of her bra and pulled down.
Her breast was as gorgeous as the rest of her.
He closed his mouth over her nipple and drew in hard.
Her back arched, her soft h*ps grinding into his hard ones and she moaned a sexy-as-fuck moan he felt in his dick.
He drew her nipple in harder.
“Jacob,” she breathed, fingers sliding into his hair.
“Other one,” he ordered, then circled the tight bud with his tongue and he felt her resulting shiver.
Without delay, her other hand lifted to pull down the other cup of her bra and he switched sides.
She bucked underneath him.
Fuck, so goddamned hot, he needed to know what that was doing to her and he needed to know immediately.
So he set about finding out.
Rolling so she was on top, he knifed up, undid her bra and pulled it away, tossing it aside. He lay back, taking her with him. Rolling again, he got her under him, put his hands under her arms and jerked her all the way up the couch so her head was on the armrest, the sexy little gasp this caused he also felt in his dick.
Then he slid down, yanked down the zippers on her boots, tugged them off, then socks, jeans, panties, all cast aside.
“Spread,” he growled.
On another sexy mew, Emme spread.
Deck bent forward and fed.
Christ. Hot. Drenched. Pure beauty. Absolute.
Hands in his hair, one leg over the back of the couch, she shifted the other over his shoulder, digging her heel in his back as she rolled herself up, offering her pu**y, seeking his mouth, demanding he take everything she had.
He took it until her movements and noises got desperate.
Then he rolled off the couch.
Her head moved his way, those exotic f**king eyes of hers closed but she opened them to blink in surprise and he reached down and took hold of her arm. She cried out, the noise part turned-on gasp as she came up fast. He caught her bare, round ass in a hand, his other hand drove into her hair and tipped her mouth to his.
He felt his gut tighten when, even with the taste of her in his mouth, she let him take it as she wound her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips.
Kissing her, he walked her through the house to his bed.