Kiss Me Like This
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 Bella Andre

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Her ni**les were pebbling against his palms through the silk, and thank God she’d just told him she wanted him to do this, because he didn’t know if he was strong enough otherwise to stop himself from brushing his thumbs over both gorgeous peaks.
A low moan emerged from her throat. “Again.”
It was just what he’d said to her at the Frisbee Golf course when she’d surprised him with a kiss, and he loved that she was the one saying it to him now as he cupped her br**sts in his hands. She held on to him as he stroked her ni**les so that they grew even harder against the pads of his thumbs.
“More. I want more.”
He knew what she wanted, knew what she was asking for, but still he hesitated. It would be so easy, too easy, to just take and take and take from her. But it wouldn’t be worth it if he only ended up losing her once the rush of pleasure had passed.
But then, as if in slow motion, he watched her drop her hands from his and reach around to her back. He heard the soft click as the latch of her bra came undone, almost undoing him at the same time.
She’d not only just given him permission to strip her bra completely away, but had also made it perfectly clear that she wanted him to touch her skin to skin, without anything between them for once. Not even the thin layer of silk.
And yet...he still didn’t lift his hands from her silk-covered br**sts. Didn’t give in to the urge to see her naked chest completely revealed. Because for as much as he needed it, for as desperate as he was to make her his, he needed this to be about more than just two horny college students copping a feel in a deserted locker room.
“Why?” He knew he wasn’t being clear, wasn’t making sense. “Why me?”
“Because I trust you.” Something flashed in her eyes, something that he thought looked like a lifetime of wondering about the motives of everyone around her. “You’re the only one I’ve ever trusted.”
He shifted his hands so that her bra fell in a soft heap of fabric between them, but he still didn’t drop his gaze from her eyes. “I’m going to keep earning your trust, Serena, every single day.”
Her mouth was sweet and hungry beneath his and when she twined her arms around his neck, the full, soft, sexy-as-hell press of her bare br**sts against his chest short-circuited what remained of his nearly lapsed control. He couldn’t stop himself from putting his hands on her shoulders and drawing her back from him.
His mouth watered as he saw that her br**sts were as perfect as the rest of her. Gently, he moved his hands from her shoulders to cup the full, soft undersides. Her ni**les were rose-colored peaks that tipped up slightly, almost as if they were begging for him to lower his mouth to taste them.
His erection throbbed almost painfully as she leaned in toward him, pressing her br**sts more firmly into his hands. “I love it when you touch me. I love feeling your hands on me. My hair. My face.” She paused to lick her lips as she took in the view of his big tanned hands over her. “My br**sts.”
He had to kiss her again, had to make sure she knew just how happy, how good, she made him feel. He could have waited longer for her to let him be with her like this if she’d needed him to, but he was damned glad she hadn’t.
“I want to kiss you,” he said softly. “Here.” He kissed her again on her mouth. “And here.” He slowly slid each of her ni**les between his thumb and forefinger. Her gasp of pleasure rolled up from her rib cage and then through her lips. “But only if you want me to.”
“I’ve never wanted anything more.”
Sean’s groan reverberated throughout the room, bouncing off the metal lockers. He’d barely gotten to first base and she was already just about killing him. His breathing uneven, he lowered his mouth to her br**sts. Her ni**les grew even harder the closer he came, and when he cupped her soft flesh in his hands so that he could slick his tongue across both peaks, she made a little whimpering sound that drove him nearly to the edge.
He had her fully on his tongue a moment later, first one breast and then the other. Laving. Sucking. She shifted her hips to press even harder against his and wound her legs tightly around him so that they were full-on grinding against each other. Everything was a blur as he laid her back on the bench, one hand behind her spine to cushion it, the other still playing with her br**sts, wet now from his tongue.
If he’d been able to think straight, maybe he could have stopped himself from sliding his hand down her stomach, past her belly button, and beneath the fabric of her sweatpants. But there was nothing left for Sean in that moment but how good she tasted and smelled, the sweet little sounds she made as she took everything he was giving and wordlessly begged for more.
Lord, was she wet. So damned wet and soft and hot, that as she gave a little cry and arched into his hand, he instinctively slid his fingers into her.
He felt the change in her just that quickly. Open and willing one second. Closed and tense the next.
“Serena?” He immediately drew his hand away, laid it flat on her stomach. He swore as he moved to shift them back up into a sitting position. “I’m sorry. I should have asked first.” He knew it didn’t count, but he still had to tell her. “I meant to ask.”
She stopped his apologies with a hand over his. “I liked it. Everything we were doing. Everything you did.” She shook her head, obviously a little embarrassed by what she was about to say. “I think that was why I just freaked out. Because I liked it too much.”
Relief swamped him, just as lust had moments earlier. Still, he knew— “I moved too fast.” Worse, he’d done it right after he’d promised that he’d always be careful with her.
“You didn’t.”
He brought his mouth nearly to hers. “I did.” After one more soft kiss that he wished could undo his mistake, he picked up her bra and T-shirt and handed them to her. “I should take you back to your dorm.”
She looked disappointed, but didn’t disagree with him. Which was how he knew that he was right about stopping things where they had. After making his own adjustments—and using every single mind-control technique he could think of to will his erection away before they headed back outside—he got up and held out a hand to her.
She took it, but didn’t move for a few moments, just looked at him with an expression he couldn’t read. “I’ve never felt like this before. I don’t think my heart has ever beat this fast.” She moved his hand to her chest so that he could feel her rapid heartbeat. “I never thought I was a very sensual person...”