Kiss Me Like This
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 Bella Andre

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The heat of his body against hers, heat that rose with every roll of their hips, with every lash of his tongue over the hollow at the center of her throat and then the hungry tips of her br**sts.
The taste of his skin beneath her own tongue where she kissed him just at the racing pulse point in his neck.
Every beautiful moment wound her tighter and tighter, especially since she knew what was waiting on the other side—a climax that was bound to be even more explosive than all the others Sean had given her simply because he would be a part of her this time when she came apart into a thousand pieces in his arms.
“I’ve got you,” he said against her lips. “I’ve got you.”
That was all it took—three simple words of reassurance that when she leaped he would be there to catch her—for everything that had wound so tightly within her to start unraveling from the center outward, one beautiful burst of pleasure after another that seemed to go on forever and ever.
And when Sean finally buried his face in her neck and groaned her name as he followed her over the edge, even though she’d only just said that nothing was perfect, she now knew that she’d been wrong.
Making love with Sean was perfect.
* * *
Sean was pretty sure his heart was going to pound all the way out of his chest as he gathered Serena into his arms and rolled over with her so that she was lying on top of him, rather than being crushed beneath him. After quickly removing the condom and tossing it into the garbage can, he brushed her damp hair back from her face so that she would be more comfortable. She was breathing as hard as he was and her full br**sts were pressing in the best possible way against his chest.
She lifted her face from his shoulder, and he was amazed all over again not only by her beauty, but by all of her. He could never have predicted that she would come into his life, would never have expected to meet anyone like her on campus. She was warm, smart, loving. And his.
All his.
Only his.
He’d wanted to be careful with her for her first time, had tried to hold back and make sure that he was taking care of her needs. But when she’d begged for more, he was afraid that he’d forgotten everything but how much he wanted her, how much he needed her.
Silently, he vowed to take it even slower the next time, no matter what. Sean would never forgive himself if he selfishly moved too fast, or if he hurt her in any way.
Of course, the way she was smiling at him, at once innocent and yet powerfully sensual as she licked her lips and said—“Again”—already made it nearly impossible to stick to the vows he had just made.
Of everything he might have thought she’d say to him in that moment, there was no way he could have prepared himself for again. Even when there was nothing he wanted more than to take her again. And again. And again. Especially when he knew with perfect certainty that he’d never be able to get enough of her.
But damn it, he’d just vowed to be gentle. To slow down so that he didn’t overwhelm her. “I want to make love to you again. Right this second. So damned badly.” He shifted his groin against her hip so that she wouldn’t be able to doubt him. “But I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t hurt you, Serena.”
“I know you can’t.” She was still smiling at him, a sweet and sexy smile that made him grow even harder with every beat of his heart. The heart she owned completely. “You never could, not even that first night we met. You wouldn’t have made me do anything I wasn’t comfortable with.” She shifted so that his erection was nestled against her lower belly. “But I’ve waited so long for you. I’ve waited forever.” She wasn’t just trying to persuade him with words, she was using her body, too, rocking into him with unquenched need. “I don’t want to wait anymore.” Her teeth nipped at his earlobe. “Not another second.”
Over these past few weeks, he’d lulled himself into thinking that the two of them could work, that it would last. Tonight, her desperation to be with him again was echoed by his own. Because no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t deny that she might be leaving soon...and that there might be nothing he could do to keep her from being ripped away from him. If she left to film the movie, their “normal” Friday night dates would quickly be overshadowed by the huge pressures that came with her being one of the world’s most in-demand stars.
“No more waiting.” He tugged her up over his hips so that she was straddling him. Looking up at the most beautiful woman in all creation, he could barely find his voice. “Anything you want. I’ll give you anything, Serena.”
“I like the sound of that.” There was a sexy little smile on her lips as she slowly ran her hands over his chest. “And I like being able to do this, too.” His muscles rippled beneath her fingertips as she explored his body with wonder in her eyes. “That first night when you held me, I couldn’t believe how hard, how hot, you felt.” She leaned over him, the tips of her br**sts brushing him as she whispered, “Or how much I liked it.”
He tangled his hands in her hair and brought her all the way in for a kiss. “I can never get enough,” he said against her mouth between increasingly desperate tastes of her. “The more I have of you, the more I want.”
“I want you, too.” She rolled her hips over his erection and her br**sts into his chest. “Now.” She reached for the condoms he kept in the drawer beside his bed and pulled one out. “Can I put this on you?”
“Go for it.” Each word was more strangled than the one before simply from the thought of having her hands on him. But it was the serious look on her face as she studied the instructions on the back of the wrapper that was the hottest thing of all, watching his beautiful, brilliant girl put as much focus and dedication into making love with him as she did with everything else.
Finally—finally!—she ripped open the package and, with her bottom lip held between her teeth, reached for him. “If I’m doing it wrong,” she said as she began to roll it down over him so slowly that if he hadn’t known better, he might have thought she was intentionally trying to tease him, “just tell me.”
“You’re doing it just right.” His words were so hoarse it sounded as if he’d destroyed his voice by yelling for hours. And it took every last ounce of self-control not to lose it before she finished the job. As soon as she had, he took her hands in his and pulled her back up over him. “I need you now, beautiful. Now.” But she was already there, moving so perfectly over his shaft, her slick heat enveloping him.