Lawful Lover
Page 16

 Tina Folsom

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Sabrina didn’t know what time Daniel had finally come home the previous night, but she’d waited up for him until past midnight before she’d given up and slipped out of the sexy teddy she’d bought and into one of her regular nightgowns. Daniel had called only briefly to tell her that he’d give her a rain check for dinner, but had been unable to tell her when he would be home.
She opened her eyes, the smell of bacon drifting to her from the kitchen. She yawned and stretched, then sat up and looked around. Daniel was cooking breakfast—bacon and eggs.
She quickly freshened up in the bathroom, threw on a robe and walked, curious, into the kitchen.
“Morning, beautiful,” Daniel said with a vibrant smile. “Hungry?”
“Starving,” she confessed. She’d only snacked on a few things from the fridge the night before, since she had counted on going out for dinner with him and not been prepared to cook anything.
Daniel pulled her into his arms. “About last night… ”
She turned her face to look past him, not wanting to show him that she was disappointed that he hadn’t kept his promise. But Daniel shelved her chin and forced her to look at him.
“I’m very sorry. I know we meant to go out. But I’m afraid that sometimes I have to deal with emergencies, and yesterday was an emergency. The deal would have fallen apart if I hadn’t acted quickly. You understand that, don’t you?”
His eyes begged for forgiveness.
“Of course, I do.” She sighed. “It’s just… ”
“It’s just what?”
“I’d rather you don’t make promises at all than break them.”
He nodded, his expression serious now. “You’re right. Forgive me?”
She hesitated, but she knew she had to say this. “And don’t ever think you can buy me off with cash. I don’t want your money.”
He pulled back a little. “Buy you off?”
“Yes, yesterday. You gave me money to go shopping.”
“Oh that.” He tilted his head to the side. “I didn’t mean to buy you off.”
“It felt like it.”
“Sorry.” He placed a soft kiss on her lips. “Can I make it up to you with bacon and eggs?”
She rolled her eyes. “And now you’re doing the same with food!” She chuckled. “You’re hopeless!”
He laughed softly. “Yes, hopelessly in love with you.” He pulled her flush against him. “So, how about breakfast? Or would you rather skip it?” He tossed a suggestive look in the direction of the bedroom.
“Breakfast. I didn’t eat much for dinner. I’m starved.”
“Breakfast it is. Take a seat. I’ll serve you.”
Daniel prepared two plates with bacon and eggs and carried them to the dining room table, then poured two glasses of orange juice and set them next to the plates. Sabrina sat down, and Daniel took the chair opposite her.
“This smells delicious. I thought you said you can’t cook.”
His eyes twinkled. “Making bacon and eggs isn’t considered cooking. Besides, there are a lot of things you don’t know about me yet.” He bit into the bacon and chewed slowly. Then he took a long breath. “I’m afraid I’m a workaholic. It’s hard for me to change my old ways. I’m sure it’s just as much of an adjustment as living in a new city is for you. Don’t think I don’t appreciate what you’re doing for me.”
At his words, Sabrina’s heart melted. He did understand her. He did know that this wasn’t easy for her. Just like it couldn’t be easy for him suddenly having somebody living with him. They both had to make adjustments. Every new couple did. It was normal. Just like the occasional friction that came up between them was normal.
She put her hand on his. “I love it here. I do.” She let her eyes wander around the room. “This is a great place. And I’m excited about living with you.”
He leaned over the table, kissing her softly, before severing his lips from hers. “I’ve never asked a woman to move in with me before. I never felt that it was right, or that I was ready for it. But with you… things are different.” He sighed. “But I’m afraid old habits die hard. I’m used to spending more time at the office than at home. There was never anybody waiting for me at home. It was just a place to put my head and sleep. But now… ”
Their eyes locked.
“Now you’re here, and I’ll make an effort to be a better boyfriend. I promise.”