Lawful Lover
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 Tina Folsom

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She ran her hand down his chest and stomach and grazed his crotch. She felt his cock jerk at her touch. Daniel groaned. She had to restrain herself from sliding her hand over him once more or she was going to end up giving their fellow passengers a show they would never forget.
“You’re killing me,” he whispered, giving her a look that made his desire for her crystal clear.
“You started it,” she reminded him.
“Yeah, and I plan to finish it, too.” Daniel stood and held out his hand to her. “Come.”
“What? Why? Where are we going?” she asked under her breath, darting frantic looks around her.
They were on a plane thousands of feet in the air. Where could he possibly take her? Sabrina stood and reluctantly followed him along the aisle, trying to look inconspicuous, when realization hit her.
“You can’t be serious,” she whispered.
“Oh, I’m very serious.” Daniel looked around furtively to make sure they weren’t being watched.
Then he ushered Sabrina into the tiny restroom at the front of the first class cabin, squeezed in behind her, and locked the door behind them. He pinned her against the door.
“You undo me, Sabrina.” He dragged his mouth across her jaw and down her neck. “I have no control when it comes to you.”
Sabrina moaned and reached for his shirt, fumbling with it until it was open. God, he had a muscular chest, not too beefy, but just ripped enough to make any woman weak in the knees. She appreciatively ran her hands across his chest and down his stomach until she reached the top of his pants. Tilting her head to give him better access, she undid his pants and freed his cock. He was fully erect. Sabrina wrapped her fingers around his hard-on and gave it a firm stroke, up, then down, then back up again, her palm working over the velvety-smooth head.
Daniel put both of his hands flat on the door above her head and looked down, watching as she caressed him. He sucked in a breath.
“That feels good,” he said, claiming her lips again. He left her mouth and kissed a path down her throat, stopping only once he reached the neckline of her sundress.
She arched her back, awash in sensations. “Yes,” she hissed.
Daniel continued down her body, dropping to sit on the toilet behind him. He looked up at her through thick lashes with a sexy half smile on his face as he pulled her closer, lifted her left leg and draped it over his shoulder.
Sabrina sucked in a breath and held it as Daniel lifted her dress.
“How about we get rid of these panties?”
The last time he’d made that suggestion, she hadn’t gotten them back. He had quite the collection by now.
Sabrina chuckled softly. “Am I going to get this pair back?”
“Probably not.”
He pulled them down and off her legs then shoved them into his pocket. Daniel lowered his head to her sex. His fingers parted her wet folds, before he licked over her clit then drove one finger into her. Bright flashes of white light appeared before her eyes as her hands and nails fought to grasp for support. She clutched the sink with one hand and pressed against the wall with the other.
“Oh God, oh God, oh God!” she chanted, trying to hold back the scream that was building in her.
“Shhhhh.” His breath whispered over her sensitive sex, sending an uncontrollable shiver through her body.
She loved it when Daniel licked her. He always knew exactly what she needed and how she needed it. She’d never been with a man as attuned to her body as Daniel.
Her hips moved in a steady rhythm, urging him to finger-fuck her and lick her harder, faster, deeper. She couldn’t get enough.
“You taste so good,” he said, his words vibrating against her folds.
It was too much. Though she wanted to hold on, to suspend the pleasure, she couldn’t. Her orgasm broke hard and fast. Her legs shook from the intensity.
“Yeah, that’s it, baby. Come for me, Sabrina.”
She shoved her hands into his hair and bit on her lip to stop herself from screaming his name as she rode out the waves of her orgasm.
Daniel gently put her foot back on the floor, while she fought to catch her breath. He stood, pulled her leg to his thigh, and plunged his cock into her with one thrust before she’d even had a moment to register what he was planning. Sabrina grabbed his shoulders and dug her nails into his flesh. The wall moaned against her back.
“Wrap your legs around me,” he said, and she complied. Then he turned them around and sat her on the edge of the minuscule sink.
Daniel found her lips again and kissed her in the same rhythm as his cock plunged in and out of her.