Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3
Page 31

 Whitney G.

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What the hell is this?
I pored over the documents for hours, my mind racing a mile a minute. Still, I couldn’t completely process everything—my mind was still thinking about Kevin and Ava.
How she’d lied to me.
How he’d lied to me, too.
And now, this.
The door opened at five in the morning, and Ava set a hot cup of coffee in front of me.
“We need to talk,” she said.
I said nothing. Just closed all the folders and looked at her.
“I just got served by the SEC…” She paced the floor. “Served, like legit papers…They came to the firm and—”
“I thought you were at the coffee shop.”
“I was.” She swallowed. “I stopped by the firm after getting your coffee so I could pick up a few things.”
“Was anyone there with you?”
“Of course not.” She scoffed. “Look at what time it is. Anyway…”
I couldn’t hear anything else she was saying. I could see her lips moving, make out some of the sounds that were coming out of her mouth, but the lies she’d just told me were blocking out everything.
“Why are you cheating on me?” I blurted out, suddenly annoyed by the tears falling down her face.
She sucked in a breath and looked me up and down. “Liam, the SEC has just unreasonably served me papers. Are you seriously accusing me of infidelity right now?”
“I’m not accusing you. An accusation would imply that there’s a chance you could be innocent. Why. Are. You. Cheating. On. Me?
She toyed with the gemstones on her necklace. Then she started to hum the refrain of a classic Sinatra song, “New York, New York.”
“Don’t make me ask you again, Ava,” I said. “I know you’ve f**ked Kevin.”
Her eyes finally met mine. “Fine…Yes, I f**ked him. Now, what?” Tears formed in her eyes. “I didn’t mean for it to happen. I never thought I would cross the line with him of all people…”
“You told me Emma was a surprise…” I said. “That you didn’t want to have kids until we were in our mid-thirties.”
Her face paled. “You were at the office tonight weren’t you?”
“I was…”
“So,” I said, mentally putting together the puzzle pieces. “Either you’re lying to him about me not being able to give you a baby—because last time I checked, right before Emma was miraculously conceived, you were still making me wear condoms and we weren’t even trying to have a f**king baby. Or, you’re lying to me, and you just wanted to f**k my best friend for an ulterior motive you’re saving for later. Which is it?”

“I still love you, Liam, It’s just—”
“Which is it?”
She said nothing, she just stood there with more tears falling down her eyes.
I held up one of the folders I’d been reading through. “I was looking through these tonight…At first, I thought they were standard mail-outs that you’d signed for me while I was gone or too busy, standard office supply orders, things like that…”
“Where’d you find those?”
“But it turns out,” I said, ignoring her question, “That these are all f**king favors from judges and clerks that I don’t recall asking for. Ever.”
“Is there anyone in this city that you haven’t f**ked to get something in return?”
She looked as if she actually had to think about it.
“I send you flowers every day—every. f**king. day.” I stepped forward. “I tell you that I love you and that you complete me, every day and this is what I get in return?”
“I understand how you feel, Liam, but—”
“No, you don’t f**king understand.” I clenched my fists. “I’ve never even entertained the thought of being friends with another woman. I make sure everyone knows I’m completely unavailable, that no one else stands a damn chance.”
“I cheated for your benefit, Liam. I did it for you.”
What the f**k?
I’d heard a lot of bullshit in my life, but that line officially took the cake.
“How do you think you won the Luttrell case?” She wiped away her tears and narrowed her eyes at me. “You think you did it with your award winning rhetoric and charm?”
“Do you have a mental disorder that you failed to tell me about?”
“I f**ked the judge three days before the verdict. You were going to lose. And if you lost that case, there’s no way some of our current clients would’ve picked our firm to handle their account.”
“Our firm?”
“You think you built it alone?” She laughed. “Liam Henderson, warm-hearted, loyal, and too nice for his own f**king good? Please. I had to intercept every contract you sent out and redraft half of the terms. If I’d left it up to you, your firm would be nothing more than a pipe dream. You should be thanking me because you have no idea how much work I’ve done to put you where you are.”
“You’ve never argued a single case.”
“No, but I’ve f**ked a lot of powerful people to make sure you never lost one.”
“I’ve never lost because I’m a damn good lawyer.”
“And I’m a damn good lay.” She shrugged. “Of course, my own husband has been so busy this year that he probably wouldn’t even know.”
“You’re blaming me for throwing your pu**y around?”
“I’m shocked you even know what the word pu**y means.” She hissed. “We lay in bed together every night and you never want to f**k me.”
“You always say that you’re tired. Or is that a lie, too?”
“I was only tired of f**king you.” She brushed past me and shut the door to Emma’s room. “What do you want to do now, huh? Divorce me?”
“Is that a serious question?”
“It is.” She smirked and a knock came to the door.
We both stood rooted to the floor, and the knock came again.
“I’ll get it.” I warned. “You stay there.”
I walked away and opened it, expecting to see Kevin so I could punch the shit out of him, but it was a different woman in a suit.
A young blonde.
“You’ve um…” Her cheeks reddened. “You’ve been…”
“Served!” Someone whispered loudly from around the corner. “Tell him he’s been served…”
“You’re an intern at The New York Times, aren’t you?” I rolled my eyes.
She nodded, but then she added. “My boss says you can go f**k yourself, and that even though we’ll never run your picture, we’ll make sure everyone knows that your firm is about to be run into the ground starting tomorrow.” She handed me the copy print for an article in tomorrow’s paper. “He says it’s your turn to feel some karma.”
I slammed the door in her face.
“I think you need to seriously weigh your options before you act out on your emotions.” Ava was right behind me, holding a sleeping Emma.
“Is this a threat?”