Ruin Me
Page 22

 Jessica Sorensen

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I narrow my eyes. “I’d go with the first one, since I was really contemplating your murder.”
“Yeah, right. I can tell you weren’t.”
His gaze drops to my chest. “Because your nipples are perky as hell.”
I glance down at my chest. Sure enough, without a bra on, the thin fabric of my tank top gives a clear view of how turned on I am.
He props up on his elbow with a cocky grin on his face. “We can pretend it’s Friday if you need to.”
I fight back a smile. “No thank you, Mr. Cocky.”
His arrogance only increases. “If you don’t like my cockiness, then you should probably lay off with the staring. Seriously Clara, you’re stroking the crap out of my ego.”
I roll my tongue in my mouth to keep from smiling and start to turn over onto my side. “We’re not having sex tonight or on this trip, period.”
His fingers enfold around my arms and he lures me toward him. “Who said anything about having sex. We do other things on Friday nights besides have sex.”
I glance over at him. “Like what? Get ice cream?”
His eyes blaze with lust. “Don’t you remember the first time we hooked up? How you got on your knees and took me in your mouth? That was kind of what started the whole thing to begin with.”
“I was drunk when we did that,” I lie as my cheeks flame. “I’m not usually like that.”
“You were buzzed,” he calls out my bullshit.
“You encouraged me,” I retort, even though I was the one who instigated this whole thing between us. Who gave in to the attraction, who couldn’t keep her hands to herself. Who was way too curious about what her friend would be like in bed. “You kept playing with my hair and saying all that stuff about my ass looking hot as hell.”
“It does look hot as hell.” He ravels a strand of my hair around his finger. “But you’re lying. You know you started it. But that’s okay. I wanted you just as much.”
My entire body quivers from the sound of his raspy voice. “So you want me to give you head right now? You think that’ll help me sleep better?” Sarcasm drips from my voice.
His eyes darken. “Nope. That’s not what I’m suggesting at all.”
“Good, because it seems like that’d only help you sleep.”
A smile forms on his lips as he unravels my hair from his finger, shifts his weight toward me, and slides his body over mine. Then he nudges my legs apart, positions himself between them, and props an arm on each side of my head.
“Are you mad at me for doing this?” he asks, gazing down at me.
“That all depends on what this is.” I sound breathless. My heart is thrashing in my chest and my mind is racing.
This is too intimate.
This isn’t what you want.
He wouldn’t even be doing this if he knew the whole truth about your life.
Think about the last time you were this close with someone. How Mack left and broke your heart.
“I’m not sure yet… I’m trying to figure out how much you trust me.” He intently assesses my expression and my pulse accelerates.
You need to stop him.
Stop this before he kisses you, and you can’t stop.
“I trust you a lot. Always have, but I don’t think we should…” I trail off as he softly tastes my lips.
My body instantly curls into his warmth as my lips part and he slips his tongue into my mouth. My fingers delve into his flexed arms as I hold onto him, slowly biting his bottom lip, trying to give myself enough time to find the will to stop this. But then he groans and all my inhibitions melt.
I glide my hands down his arms, and then my fingers find their way to his taut stomach. His muscles flex as I feel his flesh, just like I thought about doing moments before. My hand travels downward to the top of his boxers and slips a hand under the waistband, but he reaches down and seizes my wrist, stopping me.
“No way,” he breathes against my mouth.
“You’re seriously stopping me?” I ask, astounded.
He nods his head up and down, breathing heavily. “I… have a plan.” He pushes back, putting space between our mouths.
I jut out my lip, even though him ending the moment is probably a good thing. Doesn’t help my horny body though.
“Relax,” he says with reservation, like he’s unsure of himself.
I open my mouth to ask him what he’s doing, when his head suddenly moves downward. I may be inexperienced, but I’m not an idiot.
“Jax, we can’t do that…” I trail off as he slides the bottom of my shirt up and places a delicate kiss on my tummy. His tongue quickly follows and he licks a path down to the waistband of my shorts. “Oh… my… God…” My muscles unwind as my hips arch upward and my eyes roll back in my head. “That feels… amazing…”
He lets out a soft, somewhat arrogant chuckle. Usually, I’d snap at him for being a cocky asshole, but he kisses me right below my belly button, and I can’t form a single coherent thought. Even when he draws my shorts and panties down, I barely mutter an incoherent protest. He’s never seen me this naked before. And I have a reason for being mostly dressed every time we fool around. But right now, I don’t give a shit.
“You want me to stop?” Jax breathes raggedly as he spreads my legs open.
Unable to speak, I shake my head from side to side.