Ruin Me
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 Jessica Sorensen

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She holds up her thumb and finger an inch apart. “Just a little.”
“Fine by me.” I wiggle my jeans and boxers down as far as I can get them with her sitting on me. Then my cock springs free, and she gasps from the contact.
I reach around her to unhook her bra, but she grasps my fingers before I can unfasten the clasp.
“I have to keep some boundaries,” she says, struggling for air. “And I’ve already crossed a line with the dress.”
I groan in frustration, but remember I agreed to this.
“Fine.” I tuck my hands under my head and rest back. “Have your way with me then.”
She angles her head to the side and her expression fills with uncertainty. “Do you… have something?”
“You know I do.” My gaze remains fixed on her. “It’s in my pocket.”
“In the front pocket or the back?”
“The back.” A lazy smile sprawls across my face.
She shakes her head. “You’re so enjoying this, aren’t you?”
“Enjoying what?” I ask innocently.
She playfully scowls at me. “The thought that I’m going to have to reach back there and feel your ass to get it.”
“Now, why would I enjoy that?”
“I don’t know. Maybe you like your ass getting fondled.”
I glare at her and she grins wickedly. Then her hand dives underneath me, and she feels around until she finds the condom in my back pocket that I solely tucked in there because I knew this was going to happen tonight—it’s becoming a Friday night routine.
She pinches my ass as she withdraws her fingers, making me flinch. “Don’t pretend you didn’t enjoy that.” She smirks then tears open the wrapper with her teeth.
I don’t deny it. I enjoy everything when it comes to being with Clara. I don’t tell her that, though; otherwise she’ll be out the door before I could even get my pants up.
She rolls the condom on my cock then moves her panties to the side and starts to lower herself onto me. Meeting her halfway, I raise my hips and thrust deep inside her. She gasps with her head tipped back and her chest arched out.
It’s the goddamn sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.
Our hips grind together as we move rhythmically. Our skin dampens, and our breathing turns ragged. My body pleads for more.
“Jax,” she cries out, her fingernails piercing my chest. “Harder.”
She’s usually a little more reserved during sex. Having been with only one other guy before I met her, she told me she was clueless in bed. It must be the role playing bringing it out of her.
Giving her what she wants, I grab her waist, grip her tightly, and pound her hard until she comes apart in my arms. My eyes close as my body gives one last jerk, and I push deep inside her.
I momentarily drift away from reality, wishing I could stay there forever.
When I open my eyes again, she’s lying on top of me with her head tucked underneath my chin. My heart is pounding in my chest and I know she can feel it.
Knowing she’ll only remain this way for a few seconds longer, I seize the opportunity to kiss the top of her forehead. “That was good,” I whisper, drawing patterns on her back as I stare at the ceiling.
Moments later, Clara shifts off me to stand up. She bends over to scoop up her dress and slips back into it while I discard the condom and pull my jeans back up.
“So, now what do we do?” She bites on her thumbnail as she watches me pull my shirt over my head.
“We could do it again,” I suggest as I stretch out my arms and legs.
She laughs like I’m joking, but I’m not. “No seriously.” She checks the time on her watch. “I still have an hour before I have to go home. We could go get some ice cream or something. That is, as long as you’re sober enough to drive.”
At twenty-one years old, I find it odd that Clara has a curfew. Sometimes she tells me she has to go home early because of work, while other times she doesn’t give a reason. Up until a month ago, I had to leave early too, because my sister Avery had been working night shifts and needed me to watch Mason. It makes me really curious what awaits Clara when she returns home.
While she rarely speaks of her home life, I know that she lives with her mother, and that her father passed away a couple of years ago. I’ve also heard funny stories about her quirky neighbors but that’s about it.
“I had half a beer.” I hop off the desk and ruffle my hair into place. “Sex and ice cream, huh? Sounds like a pretty good night.”
“See, that’s why I like you.” She grins as she combs her fingers through her hair. “Anyone else wouldn’t have wanted to leave the party to go get ice cream, but you totally get it.”
“Get what exactly?”
“My ice cream fetish.”
“Of course I do.” I desperately want to hold her hand as we head for the door. The urge is so intense I have to ball up my hands to stop myself from touching her. “Just like I now get your bossy fetish.”
“Yeah, thanks for helping me discover that one.” She flashes me another heart-stopping grin as she reaches for the doorknob.
“I can’t wait to explore more of your fetishes,” I say a little too loudly while she’s opening the door.
She shushes me, pointing a finger at me. “That’s secret information right there, so be careful who you tell.”
I drag my fingers across my lips. “You know my lips are sealed.”