Shade's Lady
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 Joanna Wylde

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Tonight, though…tonight I’d had enough waiting.
I’d come to the Pit with every intention of claiming her and I’d be doing it, too. When I’d followed her out onto the back porch I’d planned to kiss her, maybe tease her a little. Get her off. Then I’d convince her to hop on my bike and I’d show her what a man like me had to offer.
The instant I tasted her, though, I forgot all about taking it slow. She had no fuckin’ clue how sexy she was or that she could have any man she wanted. Somehow that made it even hotter when I finally shoved my tongue into her mouth.
Watching her settle for that limp-dicked fuckwad, Rebel, had nearly killed me.
It’d been bad enough when they’d still been together, but once I’d had a taste, I knew I wouldn’t be able to walk away. Not until I’d had all of her. Repeatedly. With some women, once was enough. You got the itch, you scratched it and then you lost interest. Mandy was more. I had no fuckin’ idea why and I didn’t care, because that wasn’t how I lived my life. I took what I wanted, enjoyed the hell out of it and then moved on.
I wasn’t under any illusions about the situation.
I’d be leaving soon, swinging back through Portland for a few months in my role as club president, and she’d stay in Violetta. Girls wanted flowers and roses and forever. I wanted the road under my tires and something new on the horizon. Never understood why so many of my brothers were willing to settle down in one place.
I wasn’t that guy.
Never had been. Never would be.
But Mandy…I was starting to realize I wanted more than a quick roll in the sack with her, even if it meant delaying for a while. The itch was bad and it’d take time to scratch it right. Time I fully intended to spend buried deep inside that tight little pussy of hers.
Time I’d only get if I stuck to my strategy, a fact I completely forgot as I grabbed her ass, jerking her tight into my body. Her skirt was up around her waist and the only things separating us were a few thin scraps of fabric. My tongue filled her mouth, thrusting deep like I would with my cock.
Goddamn that was good.
Fuckin’ turn-on from hell, actually. So was the fact that I could do whatever I wanted with her out here. Nobody could stop me, not with my brothers watching my back. Might make me a bastard but that was the reality.
Reaching down, I slid my hand between us, finding her clit, rubbing and circling it as we kissed. My cock was so hard it hurt and my balls were drawn up, tight and ready to go. I still held one of her hands tight, but she pushed the other one between us, catching my fingers and shoving them into her panties.
Holy. Fucking. Hell.
I pulled away from her mouth, staring down as she worked her clit, using my fingers like she owned them. I let her other hand go. She reached around to fumble with the fly of my jeans, tugging at it, desperate for my cock. Catching the fabric, I ripped it loose, shoving down my pants as her fingers wrapped around the hard length of my dick.
I’d never been much of a believer, but in that moment I saw Heaven and it was glorious.
Mandy wasn’t gentle, squeezing hard as she worked me, jerking her fingers up and down so fast that she’d make me come unless I stopped her. Hooking one finger in her panties, I jerked the soft fabric to the side, clearing a path before plunging my cock into her cunt, hard and deep.
She bit my shoulder, moaning as I stilled for long seconds, savoring the sensation. Then I pulled back slowly and slammed into her again. I wanted to stay there—frozen in time—but my cock had other ideas. My hips started moving until I was pounding hard.
Jesus Christ but that was good.
Too good, I suddenly realized. How the hell was I gonna pull out at the last minute? I hadn’t rubbered up, but I sure as shit wasn’t ready to be a daddy. Her muscles were slick, squeezing me so tight it should’ve been painful, but instead it was perfect.
Better than perfect.
It felt like coming home.
Reaching down, I started working her clit again, sensing what she needed by the way her body bucked and jerked against mine. Then her back arched and she screamed, clamping around me like she wanted to rip my dick off—a sacrifice I’d probably be willing to make under the circumstances. Mandy’s orgasm rippled around me, her inner muscles squeezing again and again as she moaned my name. I thought my head might explode from the need raging through my body. At the last second I managed to pull out, shooting my spunk on her thighs instead of where it belonged, gasping like my world had just ended.
In a way it had.
I’d fucked a lot of girls, but never like this. Never dreamed it was even possible. Mandy might be stubborn and annoying and a pain in the ass about money, but holy fucking hell.
For the first time in my life, I couldn’t imagine riding out for the next city without taking a woman with me.
You fucked up, man. This is gonna get complicated.
Chapter Twelve
“Wow…” I said, slowly blinking my eyes.
Shade was still between my legs, his pants wide open and my skirt up around my waist. We’d just had the best sex of my life and my brain wasn’t quite ready to start working again. Still, it felt like there was something really important I’d forgotten.
Condom, Wonder Woman pointed out acidly.
Oh my God, I was so stupid. That was the curse of the McBrides—men made us so fucking stupid.
“‘Wow’ is good,” Shade murmured in my ear, giving me a soft kiss. “Holy fuckin’ shit works better. What the hell just happened?”
“I don’t know, but I kind of want to do it again,” I admitted, mind racing. “Next time with a condom. I have some in my purse. Does that make me sound slutty? Never mind, I don’t care. I totally want to do that again. A lot. But only if you don’t have a disease. I can’t believe we didn’t use a condom.”
Shade shook his head slowly. “Me either. I always suit up.”
“Thank fuck for that,” I said fervently, the filter between my brain and mouth completely overloaded. “That was really good sex. Like, the best sex. I remember that I’m supposed to be pissed at you but right now I can’t remember why. Oh, and I’m disease free too. For the record. And I’ve got an implant, so there’s that.”
No fucking way I wanted to end up like my sister.
Shade reached down, tracing the edge of my face and then trailing his fingers down between my breasts. My push-up bra and tank top served them up on a platter, but we hadn’t had time to go there yet.