Tempt Me Like This
Page 11

 Bella Andre

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“I couldn’t sleep.” His deep voice made shivers run up her spine. Or maybe it was the fact that she was still slightly damp...and naked in the middle of his tour bus. Drew’s fingers tensed ever so slightly on her shoulders as he added, “Your towel fell. I should let you put it back on.” It sounded like he was having trouble catching his breath, even though she was the one who’d been rushing. “I should probably let you put your clothes on, too, shouldn’t I?”
She finally chanced a look up at his face and swallowed hard at what she saw in his eyes. Something that looked like desire. Which, she quickly told herself, would have likely been any guy’s reaction to being barreled into by a naked woman first thing in the morning, wouldn’t it?
“That—” Her throat felt hot and scratchy, and she stopped to clear it. The one small movement made her naked curves brush against his muscles...and so much heat exploded inside her body that she nearly forgot what she had been about to say. “That would be great.” God, it was so hard to breathe right now. Almost as hard as Drew’s chest, where her hands were still splayed. “If you could just close your eyes for a few seconds...”
“Good idea. I’ll close my eyes so that you can cover up.” But for a few moments he simply continued to stare down into her eyes. Finally, on what sounded like a groan of pain, he closed his eyes and stepped back. “I won’t look again until you tell me it’s okay.”
“Thanks.” She picked up the towel first, and after she’d wrapped it much more firmly around herself, she hurried over to her bag and pulled out the first bra and panty set she could find. To get back to the bathroom, however, she needed to scoot past Drew. Only, he was still standing right in the middle of the bus, and there was no way she’d be able to get by without rubbing herself against him. And even though she knew exactly how good that would feel...
“Could you move just a few inches to your right, please?”
She sounded both hesitant and uptight. Which was funny, considering she’d just been standing butt naked in a rock star’s arms a few seconds ago. At least, it would have been funny if she wasn’t presently the most mortified she’d ever been.
A muscle jumped in Drew’s jaw as he nodded and shifted slightly to the right. She held her breath as she moved past him. Once she was safely locked in the little bathroom, she called out, “It’s safe to open your eyes now.”
Unfortunately, it wasn’t at all easy to get dressed inside the teeny tiny little bathroom stall. She banged her elbows and head and knees on pretty much every hard surface possible before she was done, probably sounding like she was playing Ping-Pong inside the bathroom. She’d never known humiliation could run so hot or so deep. Not until this morning.
When she finally came out, she knew her cheeks had to be blazing red from the hot and steamy bathroom. And her T-shirt, she realized a few seconds too late, seemed to be sticking to her skin.
She had no idea what to say to Drew at this point. Nothing beyond, “Can we both just forget that ever happened?”
The tension still riding his expression seemed to ease a bit. “Do we have to? ’Cause I’m pretty sure that was straight out of an eighties rock-band video. Poison, maybe?”
His unexpected response had laughter bubbling out of her before she knew it was coming. “Actually, I think it might have been Whitesnake.”
He laughed, too, and suddenly her morning didn’t feel quite so horrible anymore. Not when his laughter was one of the nicest sounds she’d ever heard. Someday soon, hopefully, she’d be able to forget how embarrassing crashing naked into him had been.
Although she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to forget how good it had felt to be that close, or to have his hands on her bare skin. Every part of her still felt hot and sensitive in the nicest possible way.
“Come and have some breakfast,” he said. “I’ve got coffee brewing, and there’s cereal and frozen waffles. Eggs in the fridge, too, but I’m pretty sure that involves pans and stoves.”
She laughed again, appreciating that he was clearly going out of his way to make her feel comfortable. “I actually know how to use a pan and a stove, so I can make us both eggs, if you’d like.”
He looked at her in awe. Truly, there was no other word for it. “I don’t want to embarrass you by getting down on my knees and begging, but one more bowl of Cheerios just might push me over the edge.”
Maybe she wouldn’t be totally in the way if she could at least make herself useful. Eggs for breakfast was a good start. “Fried? Over easy? Scrambled?”