Tempt Me Like This
Page 4

 Bella Andre

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But backstage at Drew’s show wasn’t the place for memories of her mother. And, clearly, given the way the other women in the room were also now flirting with Drew, this wasn’t the place to be thinking of her professor father either.
Thank God she’d been able to convince him not to come. He’d freak if he saw all the skin and blatant sexuality of the women who were coming on to Drew with everything they had.
Fortunately, Ashley wasn’t attracted to the rock star she’d be touring with for the next few weeks.
More specifically, she only had a teeny, tiny little crush on Drew Morrison. But who wouldn’t when he was this gorgeous and talented? Okay, so she might have followed his music since he’d put on the Internet a couple of demos he’d recorded at home when he was sixteen. And, sure, she’d watched dozens of streaming clips of his shows—but those viewings were purely in the name of research and in preparation for going on tour with him.
Wild, sexy rockers could never be her type. Her father and mother’s terrible marriage was the perfect example of how steady, straight-edged people could never be a good fit for artistic, free-spirited people. Ashley didn’t need to do any further research to know that the highest probability of relationship success had her partnering with a business-minded, practical man.
Which meant she needed to shove her secret crush on Drew Morrison as far down as it could go. Nothing could be more mortifying than for Drew to think she was just another groupie who wanted him to write his name on her breasts.
“Ashley.” He was giving her that naturally super-sexy smile of his, and her foolish heart automatically kicked up in reaction. “It’s good to see you again.”
“It’s good to see you, too.” Oh God, why does my voice sound like that? A mix of husky and nervous all at the same time that she’d never heard come from her lips before. She cleared her throat. “I really appreciate you letting me join your tour.”
“She’s going on tour with you?” The woman who had put her boobs on display for everyone looked at Ashley as though she wanted to skin her alive. “Whatever she’s doing for you, Drew, I can do it a thousand times better.”
Drew put his hand on Ashley’s lower back and gently pushed her in the direction of the door, where, like magic, James appeared as though he could sense danger. Quickly, James was inside the room and they were out of it, heading down a long, dark hall.
“Sorry,” Ashley said immediately. “I didn’t think before speaking.”
“I’m the one who needs to apologize. My fans are great, but they can be a bit...” He frowned as he searched for the right word. “Overenthusiastic.” He shook his head as if to clear it, before saying, “I’m glad you’re here.”
She almost said, You are? Fortunately, she cut off the words before they could come spilling out. “Thank you. I am, too. I already met James, and he was really nice. I just want you to know that I don’t want to cause you or anyone else any trouble, so I’ll do my best to fade into the background.”
He turned his dark gaze to her, and she actually lost her breath. Whoosh. Gone.
“You could never fade into the background, Ashley.”
Even though the lack of oxygen to her brain was making it hard for her to think straight, she didn’t believe he was messing with her. He didn’t seem the cruel type to make fun of nerds, like so many kids at school had growing up. But the idea that he might be attracted to her was so preposterous she simply couldn’t process it.
Thankfully, before she had to figure out a way to respond, they were at the tour bus, where she could hopefully escape into whatever tiny little bunk she was assigned, far away from him until the next day, when she’d make sure that all the emotion-triggering chemicals currently affecting her brain from his amazing show were way more under control.
He punched in a code on the box at the side of the door, and it slid open. “Welcome to your new home for the summer. Living on a bus is a little weird, but most people get used to it pretty quickly.” He gestured for her to climb the stairs. “After you.”
“Wow.” The word slipped out before she could hold it back, but as she walked up the steps and into the bus, she truly was amazed by how sumptuous the interior was. Leather and glossy wood. A large TV and a really nice-looking kitchen, given the space constraints. She assumed one of the side interior doors led to a bathroom and shower, and the back door to a private bedroom. The living space was entirely blocked off from the driver by a floor-to-ceiling wall. It was beautiful and looked surprisingly comfortable to spend a few weeks in, but she was confused about one thing. “Where is everyone else?”