Tempt Me Like This
Page 52

 Bella Andre

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Thoughts of anyone else touching her, kissing her, hearing her gasps of pleasure skewered him one after the other until he realized he couldn’t actually hear anyone else.
Only Ashley and the sweet little sounds she was making from her bunk.
Sounds that were so damned good, he had to move closer, had to find out if one of his biggest fantasies could actually be coming true.
Night after night, as he’d gone back into his bedroom alone to try to take the edge off his need for her, he’d wondered if she was doing the same thing. But to be lucky enough to stumble onto the bus just as she was touching herself?
Just then, she gave another little moan, and Drew couldn’t stop himself not only from moving closer…but also from putting his hand over his rock-hard erection.
He could hear her breathing now, the way it was speeding up as she came closer and closer to her climax. Somewhere in the back of his mind, Drew knew he should stay in the shadows, that he should let her finish getting off without realizing she had an audience. But he couldn’t think straight anymore. Couldn’t think beyond the desperate need to see Ashley when she took herself over the edge.
When he finally got close enough to see into her bunk, he couldn’t believe his eyes. Not when the most erotic vision in the world lay only feet away.
She was lying on top of the sheets. Her skirt was up around her waist, and her hand was inside her panties. Her other hand had found its way up her blouse where he was almost positive she was playing with her breasts. Her hair had come part of the way out of the clip she wore to hold it back, and her skin was flushed with heat and arousal. Her mouth was wet, as if she’d been licking it while she lifted her hips up into her hand in what had to be the sexiest rhythm he’d ever heard.
He didn’t realize he’d said her name aloud until it was too late. Her eyes flew open, and her hand immediately came out from between her legs. Of course, that only made him hotter, hungrier, when he saw how wet her fingers were.
“Don’t stop,” he found himself saying. “I swear I didn’t know you were here. I didn’t plan this. But, please, don’t stop.”
He watched as embarrassment shifted to indecision on her face. But beneath both was the arousal she hadn’t been able to bank. Not when she was obviously so close, hovering on the edge of what he suspected was going to be one hell of an orgasm.
Thank God, it didn’t take long for desire to win. “I won’t stop,” she whispered, “but only if...only if you touch yourself, too.”
He couldn’t get his pants undone and his hand around himself fast enough. “I’m already nearly there, Ashley.” He throbbed hard into his hand as she let him watch hers disappear again beneath the thin white fabric. “God, you’re sexy.”
Her lids came halfway down as she began to touch herself again. But she didn’t take her eyes from him as she said, “So are you.”
It took every ounce of control he possessed not to leap into the bunk with her and replace her hand with his own. Or better yet, his mouth.
He wasn’t going to last. Wasn’t going to even make it until she came. But then, a beat before he lost it, he watched as her hips lifted up off the bed, her eyes closed, and she whispered his name in a broken voice.
Not wanting to miss one second, Drew stilled his hand over himself and watched with wonder as she gave herself over to what looked to be one seriously hot and powerful orgasm. And when she finally opened her eyes and looked straight into his, her hands now unmoving inside her clothes on bare, damp skin, even though he was standing fully clothed in the middle of his tour bus on a Wednesday afternoon, Drew came harder than he could ever remember coming before in his life.
* * *
It took way too long for Ashley’s heart to stop racing and for the fog in her head to clear.
Oh God.
What had she done?
Of course, given that her body was still tingling in the most delicious way, she knew darn well what she’d just done. She’d not only locked herself in the tour bus to touch herself and then kept going even once she realized Drew was there watching her...but then had actually been bold enough to ask him to touch himself, too!
She felt so out of her element. Beyond mortified. She couldn’t stop her hands from shaking as she shifted on the bunk to pull her skirt down. Of course, that was when she also finally realized that somewhere in the madness that had taken over she’d pulled her top open, too.
At this point, there wasn’t anything left to say to him but, “I’m really embarrassed right now.”
“Don’t be,” he said, his clothes already put back together. He grinned at her. “It could have happened to anyone.”