Tempt Me Like This
Page 54

 Bella Andre

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“You’re a trouper, Ashley.” James took the seat next to her. “Hanging out all day while Drew makes pretty faces for the camera.”
“I hate having my picture taken. He makes it look so easy, though.”
“Some things come easy to him, other things come easy to you, like whatever you’re doing on your computer all the time. I think that’s why you and Drew fit so good together—you round each other out just right.”
She was so stunned by his comment that she couldn’t stop herself from echoing back to him, “You think we’re good together?”
“Sure do,” he said with a nod. “I’ve worked for plenty of guys like Drew who make it big real young. It’s natural for them to want to sow some wild oats. But as soon as you came into the picture—” He grinned at her. “Let’s just say I’ve got a feeling about the two of you.”
Ashley was floored by everything James was saying, that he had a feeling about her and Drew. He couldn’t possibly know about what had happened on the bus that afternoon, but her face still flamed with heat as she asked, “Has he sown a lot of wild oats?”
Obviously sensing that he was about to enter a minefield—one that he’d accidentally just set up—James held up his hands. “No more than any other guy in his position. And I’m sure he’s done with all that now.”
She shouldn’t be bothered by finding out about all the women Drew had been with, but hearing the words aloud still made her feel as if she’d been punched in the gut. It didn’t help that a group of the most beautiful women she’d ever seen walked into the room just then.
“Who are they?” she asked James.
“The label decided to bring in some models for a few of the shots.”
Models who quickly began to drape themselves all over Drew, even before the photographer encouraged them to do just that. Ashley couldn’t stand to watch—but she couldn’t look away either.
Mine, she thought, even if all they’d shared so far was a week in a bus together and a few stolen moments of pleasure. He’s mine, not yours.
“The label is throwing a party tonight,” James told her. “Might be a little fancy. You still have that pink dress from Valentina and Smith’s party?”
She knew what James was telling her, that maybe she should think about trying a little harder than her usual black and white outfits for once. “Valentina emailed and said Tatiana wants me to keep it. I think it’s a fancy designer dress and probably costs a fortune, but she wouldn’t let me give it back.” Ashley had never thought she’d be getting fashion advice from a bodyguard, but given that pretty much everyone understood fashion better than she did, maybe it wasn’t all that surprising. “Do you think I should wear it tonight to the party?”
Just as the photographer encouraged the most stunning model of the group to pucker up and pretend she was kissing Drew, James said, “Yes. You should definitely wear that pink dress tonight.”
* * *
Ashley was even more nervous tonight than she’d been the night she’d joined the tour. Back then she hadn’t even dreamed of kissing Drew, of him holding her in his arms, of him whispering words like God, you’re sexy to her as desire took them both over. She hadn’t given much thought to her clothes, her hair, or the fact that she wore mascara and lipstick only on special occasions.
She was wearing makeup tonight, along with her new pink dress. She didn’t have any heels, which was just as well, considering that even in her flats she felt more than a little wobbly from sheer nerves. The last thing she needed was to fall on her face in front of the photographer and the people from the record label and the models.
It was funny, she thought as she headed into the hotel to join the party, the only person she wasn’t worried about falling on her face in front of was Drew. Partly because she’d already done plenty of embarrassing things in front of him. But mostly because she knew that whatever happened, he’d just give her one of his gorgeous, teasing smiles and make her laugh about it.
No question, he’d been raised well. In two days, she’d get to meet his father and siblings when they came to New Orleans for his birthday. She’d find out if all the Morrisons were as great as Drew. She had a feeling they would be. She really hoped that the gift she’d been working on since he’d mentioned his birthday in the Valley of Fire would be ready in time.
The valet at the front door took a long look at her cleavage as he held the door open for her. She wasn’t used to that kind of attention—wasn’t quite comfortable with it either, to be honest—but told herself it was a good sign that she might not be totally overshadowed by all the models.