Tempt Me Like This
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 Bella Andre

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Two hearts playing in unison until they sounded like one.
“You’re so far beyond everything, everyone I’ve ever known,” he whispered into the silence, each word dancing seamlessly over the rhythm section of their hearts. “The most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. The most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.”
The stillness shattered then, as the bliss he’d built up with his mouth, and then his hands, began radiating out from somewhere deep inside, growing bigger and bigger. So big that her bones, her skin—her very soul—couldn’t possibly contain all the joy.
Couldn’t do anything but let him play over her body until she truly felt as if she actually was the most beautiful song he’d ever heard.
Chapter Twenty-One
Making love with Ashley was a revelation. She wasn’t trying to impress him with how loudly she could moan or the tricks she could do. She wasn’t here with him tonight because he was a rock star.
Every touch, every kiss, every breathless move she made beneath him as she came was so honest. So raw.
So damned good.
The hunger he felt for her was unlike anything he’d ever known as he put his hands on her hips, rolled onto his back, and pulled her up to straddle him.
She blinked down at him in adorable surprise at the new position. “Hi.”
He reached up to stroke the backs of his knuckles over her cheek. “I swear,” he said as he ran his thumb over her full lower lip, “I could just look at you all night.”
“I’d rather you touched me all night.”
He loved the way she was so easily telling him what she wanted now. “Where? Here?” He stroked her lip again, slower this time, groaning when she licked the pad of his thumb.
He moved his hand to caress her just beneath her earlobe. “Here?”
“Mmm...” She closed her eyes and leaned into his touch. “Yes.”
He couldn’t resist moving both hands to the undersides of her breasts. “Here?”
She gave him her answer by rocking her hips over the bulge in his jeans. Her nipples beaded up against his palms, and he pinched them lightly in time with her movements against him. Slowly, he ran his hands down from her breasts, over her waist, to her hips.
“Let me help take you all the way again, Ash. I can’t get enough of watching you come.”
When her eyes fluttered open again, they were foggy with renewed arousal, and he couldn’t stop himself from sliding his hand over her hip bone and her gorgeously wet sex. A low moan fell from her lips, and she rocked once, twice, three times against his fingers, taking more of him each time. But suddenly, she stopped.
“Not without you.” She was clearly determined as she reached for the zipper of his jeans and began pulling it down. “I don’t want to come again without you inside of me.”
The hot words falling from her lips were already enough to send him over—but combined with the light pressure of her fingertips as she worked his clothes down over his erection? Holy hell, he had no idea how he didn’t lose it right then.
“Drew.” She was staring at his shaft as though it held the answers to all the questions she’d never thought to ask. “You’re beautiful.” She reached out to touch, but then hesitated.
“Please,” he begged. “Touch me.”
The moment she wrapped her hand around him for the first time, and sighed with pleasure, was one he’d never forget.
“You don’t have to be gentle, Ash.”
She looked up at him, her hair falling over one eye, and gave him a small smile. “Show me.”
He’d known being with Ashley would be good. But the way she made him feel with nothing but a smile and a simple request was so far beyond good that his mind and his body had already erased everyone who had come before her.
She was the only one who mattered.
The one he’d been waiting for.
His hand was shaking as he wrapped it around hers. Together, they stroked up, then down. Up, then down again.
“Your skin is so soft,” she marveled, “but underneath...” Her eyes were wide with wonder as they met his. “You’re so hard.”
“A week, Ash.” She tried to move her hand on him again, but he wouldn’t let her. Not when he was this close to combusting. “I’ve been like this for a whole week. Before that, even.”
Her voice was husky as she asked him, “Did you want me to do this?”
“What else do you want me to do?”
“Love me.”
The answer was out before he could stop it. But he didn’t want to take it back. Didn’t want to do anything but thread his free hand into her hair to pull her closer for a kiss. Their mouths had barely touched when the vee between her legs naturally settled over his erection. Her heat seared him, her wetness beckoned him, her sweet sounds of bliss seduced him.