Tempt Me Like This
Page 66

 Bella Andre

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“Come for me, Ash. Just like this.” He murmured the heated words against the upper swell of her breasts. “I love watching you come.” He licked the tip of one breast, and she felt every muscle in her body clench. “I love feeling you come.” He turned his focus to her other breast, drawing slow, wet circles around her nipple with his tongue. “I love hearing you come.”
Barely a beat later, when he rocked her into his denim-covered erection at the exact moment that his teeth scraped over her incredibly aroused skin, she came for him, just the way he wanted her to. She rolled her hips into him, riding the wave of pleasure as long as she possibly could while it went on and on and on.
Just when she thought she’d never survive it, her system finally began to calm. But clearly Drew had other plans for her as he slid his fingers through the slick wetness between her legs.
“You’re so hot right here, Ash.” He lifted his fingers to his mouth and licked them, as if she were the most decadent, delicious treat ever made. “And you taste so damned good.”
She didn’t think, didn’t second-guess, just followed her instincts and leaned forward to lick his fingers, too. She’d barely slid her tongue over the pad of his middle finger when his mouth stole in and captured hers.
He kissed her as though he’d never, ever get enough. And she couldn’t stop herself from kissing him back the exact same way.
No matter what happened after this tour, she’d always have the sweet memories of feeling like the center of his world. She’d remember—and be grateful for—these stolen moments with Drew every day for the rest of her life.
But a split second later, when he slid his hand back down between her legs and thrust his fingers inside of her, she wasn’t thinking about making memories anymore. She honestly couldn’t think at all. Could only focus on how good everything felt as Drew whispered such incredibly sweet words against her sweat-dampened skin.
“Again, Ash. Let yourself go and I’ll be here for you. Always.”
No one had ever promised to always be there for her. Not her friends at school. And certainly not any of the guys she’d gone on dates with. Not even her parents, who had spent so much of their time at odds with each other.
Only Drew.
She looked into his eyes, wanting to ask how he could make her such a big promise. But when she saw the same vow in his gaze—and she felt it in his touch, as if heightening her pleasure would only serve to heighten his, too—any questions she might have asked were lost in the wonder of being with such an amazing man.
One who never just took what he wanted, but who gave. And gave. And gave.
Between one heartbeat and the next, another climax crashed over her, so strong that if Drew hadn’t been holding her so tightly, she might have slid right off his lap onto the floor.
And then he was lifting her into his arms and carrying her into his bedroom. He sat with his back against the headboard and then brought her over him so that her legs were straddling his hips. Perhaps she should have been sated by now, but she was absolutely desperate to take him inside her body. Not just his fingers this time, not just his tongue. Every beautifully hard inch of him.
With shaky fingers, she reached down to undo the button and zipper on his jeans, but thankfully he was already working himself out of them and reaching for one of the condoms from the side table. He slid the protection into place, and then his hands were on her hips again, and he was lifting her up over him.
“I know we should be taking it slow, Ash. Last night was your first time, and I know you’re not used to—”
She cut off the rest of his words by sinking down fast and hard onto him, taking all of him in one long, hot, perfect slide. Her breath whooshed from her lungs as he filled every last part of her, but she didn’t wait to get it back before wrapping her arms around him and holding on tight as she rode him like the bad girl she’d never been until today.
“Can you hear it, Ash?” His words felt hot and damp against her earlobe as he groaned at the pleasure she was giving him. Giving them both. He bit down on the sensitive flesh, and she shuddered against him. “Can you hear the music playing?”
“Yes.” Every moment she was with him was a symphony of pleasure. An opera of emotion. The perfect pop song that cut right to the heart of everything she was feeling. “Always.”
The word always had barely fallen from her lips when Drew spun them around so that she was lying beneath him on the bed and his deliciously heavy weight was pressing her down into the mattress.
“Now, Ash.” He gritted out the words as sweat dripped down from his chest to hers. “I need you to come again for me now. I can’t hold back much longer.”