Tempt Me Like This
Page 71

 Bella Andre

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She licked him from base to tip once, then twice, then again, and her excitement grew with every stroke of her tongue. She’d never before known the pleasures of being naughty. Never before imagined all the ways there were to feel good and to make a man feel good.
Not until Drew grabbed her hand—and her heart—and took her into this amazing new world.
She was smiling as she looked up at him. “How many times do you think this has happened in here? A hundred? A thousand?” Maybe the thought shouldn’t have excited a good girl like her, but it did.
Probably because she wasn’t quite so good anymore...
“Never like this.” His words rasped from his throat. “Never with anyone as beautiful as you, Ash. Never with anyone as sweet.” She licked another line of heat up his hard flesh a beat after he’d called her sweet. “Never with anyone as sexy.” His hands threaded into her hair. “Never with anyone who makes me feel so good in every way.”
And it was true...all she wanted was to make him feel good. As good as he’d made her feel right before the show. As good as he was making her feel right now while he stared down at her with dark, hungry, awe-filled eyes.
She opened her mouth to take him deep, as deep as she possibly could, but the next thing she knew, he was lifting her up from the floor. “I need to have you. All of you.”
She felt the cold wooden door against her back a moment later, and then the deliciously hard weight of his body pressing into her as he kissed her as though it had been years since he’d last kissed her instead of mere minutes.
Even though they’d only first made love yesterday, wrapping her legs around his waist and moving her hips into his felt like the most natural, perfect thing in the world now. As natural as breathing. And when he tugged the skirt of her dress up around her waist with one hand, then positioned himself at her core—still bare without her panties—she lowered her mouth to scrape her teeth over the muscles flexing at his shoulder.
Oh God, it felt so good to have him slide his rock-hard length against her, and she was already mindless with pleasure even before he took her.
But then, he suddenly stopped with a rough curse. “I haven’t been with anyone in months, Ash. I swear. Not since...”
“Shhh.” She pressed her lips against his so he wouldn’t have to go back to that dark place. Not tonight. “I believe you.” And she really did. Because even though she knew he’d had plenty of sexual experience in his life, she could also feel just how special their connection was.
“Are you on birth control?”
“No. But I—”
Now he was the one saying, “Shhh,” and kissing her. “I’ll always protect you. Always.”
It was their word, she realized. Always. A word that thrilled her just as much as it frightened her. Because while there was nothing she wanted more...it was also the one thing she had the hardest time believing in.
Could there really be an always for her and Drew?
But almost more frightening was that when she was with him, she got so wrapped up in her desire—and in the emotion that swamped her every time he looked into her eyes and told her how much she meant to him—that she forgot to be safe. Forgot all about condoms and birth control. Forgot that he was a hugely famous star. Forgot everything but how much she wanted him. How much she needed him.
But after he put on protection, he didn’t just take her. Instead, he looked into her eyes and simply held both of them in place for several long moments in which her breath caught and her heart raced. Last night he’d asked her again and again if she was okay, if he was pushing her too fast or too hard, and it was obvious to her that he needed to know the same thing now. And while she couldn’t predict the future, there was no question at all that this one precious moment with Drew was better than anything she could ever have imagined.
And she would never forgive herself if she didn’t appreciate every single second of bliss.
Her mouth curved up at the exact moment that she shifted her hips and took him into her body in one glorious plunge. His eyes first widened, then closed as he moved his hands to her hips and dragged her even closer. Her head fell back against the door, and he pressed his lips to the open arch of her neck to run nipping kisses across her skin as they thrust into each other.
She could feel the beginnings of a climax so good, and so strong, that she wasn’t sure she’d be able to keep holding on without his help. “Please,” she begged as she rocked and rubbed against him, “I need—”
But it turned out he already knew. Because before she could even get the rest of her sentence out, he drove into her at just the perfect angle to send her rocketing into an explosive orgasm. He was barely a heartbeat behind her, holding her hips so tightly that there was no way she could possibly fall and groaning her name against her neck as he buried his face there and sucked on her sensitive skin, making her release feel as if it were going on forever.