Tempt Me Like This
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 Bella Andre

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Olivia nodded, but Ashley still had the sense she wasn’t completely convinced that things between Drew and Ashley were quite so cut-and-dried. Of course, knowing Olivia was right made Ashley feel more than a little guilty for not just ’fessing up to the complete truth about her relationship with Drew.
But what was the truth? Of course Ashley was head over heels for Drew. Who wouldn’t be? But was it just a crush? Was it just inescapable and incredible heat between friends?
Or was it more?
So much more that even thinking about one particular four-letter word made her lose her breath.
“The two of you look like you’ve gotten pretty close.”
A part of Ashley wished Olivia would just come right out and ask if they were a couple. That way she wouldn’t have to keep fighting her own internal battles over whether to keep them a secret or not.
“Drew and I, we’ve become friends. Really good friends. And...” Ashley felt completely out of her depth in this conversation, but she still needed Olivia to know one thing. “His happiness means everything to me. That’s why tonight has been so amazing. Because he loves all of you so much, and he misses you terribly when he’s on tour. I know he’ll be on a high from seeing you for a long time.”
“He already looked happy when we got here.” Finally, Olivia smiled. “I’m glad you’re with him, Ashley. We all are.”
Just then, the house lights went dark and the drummer started playing a riff that made the crowd go crazy again in the hopes that Drew was coming back out for the first of, hopefully, many encores. When he did, he headed for their side of the stage and began singing straight to her.
She’d been worried about people guessing about whether she and Drew were an item. But every time she got lost in his eyes, in his songs, in the sweet emotions on his face...she forgot everything except for how happy he made her feel.
So happy that for a little while, she even forgot to be scared of a certain four-letter word. A word that perfectly described everything she was feeling for the rock star singing his heart out to her in front of tens of thousands of his fans, and his family, too.
Chapter Twenty-Eight
It was later than usual by the time Drew and Ashley got back on the bus and headed out of town. “It was so amazing that your family came out for your birthday,” Ashley said. “They’re all so great.”
“They loved you, too, Ash.” He pulled her close, never wanting to let her go. “I knew they would. Best birthday ever.”
“Actually...” She bit her lip. “I know it’s past midnight, but I have one more little birthday gift I’d like to give you. We should probably go back into the bedroom for it, though.”
He already knew that look, the one where she clearly wanted to say or do something sexy, but was still a little shy about her newfound sensuality. “Great, let’s go.” He grabbed her hand and practically dragged her into his bedroom. “Where do you want me?”
“Everywhere.” Her eyes went big. “I just said that out loud, didn’t I?”
He grinned, as happy tonight as he’d ever been. Ashley Emmit was simply perfect. Beyond perfect—he’d never thought he’d be able to find a woman this beautiful and this brilliant.
She quickly amended her answer to, “On the bed would probably be best.”
“Clothes on or off?”
Her cheeks grew even rosier as she said, “How about shirt off, pants on?”
He whipped his T-shirt off and threw it across the room. “Ready whenever you are.” But she didn’t move, didn’t say anything, just stood there looking a little uncertain. “Ash, you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”
“I know. I want to do this.” She licked her lips again, and then the next thing he knew, she was reaching for the buttons on the front of the shirt she was wearing and opening them one at a time.
By the time the first button was undone, Drew was already on the verge of dragging her onto his lap to devour her. The only thing that stopped him was the fact that he didn’t want to mess up Ashley’s final birthday gift for him.
The first hint of what her gift might be was revealed by the opening of the third button—very sheer black lace bra cups that just barely covered her nipples.
“You were wearing black lace all night?”
She nodded, looking shy again as she undid the final two buttons and let her shirt fall to the floor. “I felt different in it. Sexier.”
“You’re always sexy,” he said, “no matter what you’re wearing. But if I’d known—”