The Heat is On
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 Elle Kennedy

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Still, the jealousy coursing through his blood at the appearance of Hank only grew stronger as he imagined Savannah in bed with the guy. Damn it.
“Let’s get out of here,” he said gruffly, reaching into his back pocket for his wallet.
Savannah must have seen the look in his eyes, because her eyes widened slightly, and then a slow smile curved her mouth. Matt dropped a few bills on the table, reached for her hand, and practically dragged her back to the flower shop. At the sight of her scrawny assistant behind the counter, he hooked a thumb at the door and barked, “Take a break, Chad.”
The kid gulped, nodded and took off.
“I’m thinking I might like jealous Matt,” Savannah laughed as he flipped the sign on the door from “open” to “closed”, locked up and moved toward her with predatory strides.
He took her hand again and pulled her behind the curtain into the back room. Before she could say another word, he covered her mouth with his and kissed the hell out of her.
Savannah gasped against his lips, her hands reaching up to twine around his neck. Matt had no idea what had come over him. Something hot and primal spiraled down his body and grabbed hold of his cock, hardening it to a level he hadn’t thought possible. It was almost painful, the throbbing erection straining against his zipper.
Coming up for air, Savannah bent close to his ear and murmured, “He really didn’t mean anything to me. You don’t need to go all caveman, Superman.”
“Let’s not talk about Hank,” he ordered, his hand seeking the hem of her skirt and bunching it between his fingers.
He shoved the material up to her hips, tore off her bikini panties, and placed his palm on her pu**y, rubbing it slowly.
Savannah let out a little sigh. “God, that’s good.”
He kept stroking, running his finger up and down her damp slit, then dipping into her opening and plunging deep. She sagged against his chest, moaning, moving her hips to meet each lazy thrust of his finger. Matt’s entire body went taut with lust. Fuck, he wanted this woman. He could probably come just from the feel of her slick wetness coating his finger.
As a red haze of desire fogged his vision, he hurriedly undid his jeans, covered his dick with the condom he’d tucked in his pocket, and angled himself between Savannah’s firm thighs.
“You sure it doesn’t make you jealous?” he found himself taunting. “The thought of me doing this to someone else.” He teased her clit with the tip of his cock.
Her gray eyes went glazed. “Nope,” she murmured. “Doesn’t make me jealous at all.”
“You sure about that?” He slid one hand underneath her shirt, shoved it under the left cup of her lacy bra and squeezed her breast.
She gasped.
“It really doesn’t drive you crazy, knowing I’ve done this to countless other women?” He found her nipple and pinched it between his fingers.
Savannah let out a soft moan. “How many is countless?”
“Countless,” he emphasized in a cocky tone.
He could have sworn he saw a flash of something in her eyes—actual jealousy?—but it disappeared quickly.
“No, doesn’t bother me,” she muttered.
She tried to reach down to encircle his shaft, but he sidestepped, letting his hand drop from her breast. Taking a step back, he fought a grin at the sight of Savannah’s flushed cheeks, parted lips and lust-filled eyes. Oh yeah. No matter how unaffected she tried to act, she was totally into him. She f**king craved him.
“Okay,” he said with a shrug. “Then I guess I’ve got nothing to prove.”
Her face flooded with shocked disappointment as he removed the condom and tucked his c**k back into his boxers. “What the hell are you doing?” she complained.
“Not being childish.” He smothered a laugh. “You’re right, seeing one of your exes got me a little crazy. I figured if I brought you back here and had my way with you, I’d prove to myself I don’t give a damn about that loser you slept with because he could never f**k you the way I do. But you’ve shown me the light.”
This time he had to laugh. Poor woman looked so dismayed he almost kissed her again. “You obviously don’t care about my past, so I shouldn’t care about yours. Which means there’s no need to play macho games with you.”
Savannah bit her bottom lip. “So you’re just going to…go?”
“But…” she sputtered.
“You said you had work to do,” he said innocently.
“I do…but…”
He hid a grin as he zipped up his pants. Heading to the wastebasket by the door, he dropped the almost-used condom into it and glanced at Savannah over his shoulder. “Call me when you have time,” he said cheerfully.
He waltzed through the curtain and headed to the door, though walking was an impressive feat considering the enormous boner poking into his jeans. His c**k throbbed so badly he almost turned around, marched back to Savannah and screwed her brains out. But he forced himself to keep walking.
Operation Wholesome was in full gear, and if he gave in now, everything he’d accomplished today would have been a waste. She’d agreed to a lunch date. She’d displayed a real, non-casual reaction to his taunt about his past girlfriends. And he’d left her wanting more. Wanting him.
All in all, a successful afternoon.
Chapter Four
Matt’s arms burned as he hauled himself up the cargo net portion of the base’s obstacle course, one of the toughest in the country. He was nearly forty feet off the ground, clinging to a net that consisted of vertical and horizontal ropes strung along a frame, and he still had to get to the other side. No big deal, though. He and the others had trained hours upon hours on this thing back when they were trainees. He could do this course in his sleep.