The Heat is On
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 Elle Kennedy

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Uneasiness swirled in the pit of her stomach. “I don’t know.”
“Of course you know.” He tilted his head. “What is it about them that troubles you so badly?”
She grew silent.
“Come on, tell me. I’ll even make you a deal. If you tell me, I’ll tell why I’m bothered by my family.”
His offer sparked her interest. Despite her reluctance, she found herself trying to put her feelings into words. “I guess it’s… They’re just…still so in love,” she burst out. “After twenty years, they still act like newlyweds. Their relationship is so solid I can’t make sense of it.”
Matt’s forehead creased. “Why not?”
“Because every relationship I’ve ever had has died a fiery death. I just don’t get how they’re still together. How they made it work.” She was momentarily puzzled, despite the fact that she’d wondered about this for years. “Seeing them just makes me glaringly aware that I’m different.”
“Why did your previous relationships fail?” he asked curiously.
She shook her head in confusion. “I honestly don’t know. One minute everything was great, and the next they just ended. First with my high school boyfriend Rick, then in college with this guy Kevin, then Greg. Either I get bored, or they get bored, or both of us do—no matter what, it always ends.”
“So you’ve decided to prematurely end things instead?”
She shrugged. “Why not? Obviously I’m not cut out for relationships. Which I’m totally fine with.” She changed the subject before he could question her again. “Okay, your turn. Tell me why your family bugs you.”
“They express their emotions so easily,” he said without hesitation. “I don’t get it.”
Savannah had to laugh. “Uh, you express your feelings pretty easily too. You’ve made it more than clear you’re interested in me.”
Now he seemed to falter. “That’s different. I’m talking about…love, I guess. They’re so quick to gush about how much they love each other. For me, it’s always been more difficult, telling people how I feel about them.”
A short silence stretched between them. Discomfort roiled inside her. This was the most honest, disturbing conversation she’d ever had with a man, and the need to flee rose in her chest, tingled in her legs. Abruptly, she jumped to her feet and said, “I’m going to take a quick dip.”
Without waiting for a reply, she nearly sprinted across the flour-soft sand. The water that swirled around her ankles was warm, soothing. Taking a breath, she dove in, submerging herself in the ocean and swimming out a dozen yards. When she finally came up for air, she glanced at the beach and saw Matt still lying on the towel, propped up on his elbows. She couldn’t see his expression but she imagined he looked as confused as she felt. What on earth was she thinking, telling him about her parents’ marriage, her past relationships?
She was treading in dangerous territory here. Having honest heart-to-hearts with a guy? She hadn’t done that in years, not since she’d decided to focus on the thrill of firsts and avoid the pain and heartache that came from messy break-ups. Evidently she needed to regain her footing here, remind herself that her time with Matt was temporary, the way it always was in her life.
Collecting her composure, she took another deep breath then smoothed her wet hair off her forehead. She kicked off in a leisurely stroke, and by the time she emerged on shore, she felt calm and centered and determined to lead this affair with Matt back in the direction it belonged.
To the bedroom.
Chapter Five
Matt groaned softly as Savannah’s head bobbed up and down his hard length, her tongue gliding across the sensitive underside of his shaft. Savannah’s blowjobs continued to amaze him. She gave them a hundred and ten percent, focusing all her delicious attention on the task at hand. She used her hands and tongue and mouth and even teeth, until he could barely remember his own name when subjected to her ministrations.
She sucked his tip gently before taking him almost to the back of her throat. Groaning again, Matt cupped her head and gave an upwards thrust. She moaned, the sound vibrating through his cock. She’d had his clothes off the second they stepped into her apartment, and as irritated as he’d been then, he felt none of that irritation now. Instead, he leaned his head against the headboard of her bed and closed his eyes, losing himself in the remarkable sensations she produced in his body.
His eyelids popped open when her mouth left him, but she didn’t leave him in the lurch. She just shimmied up his naked body, rolled a condom on his stiff shaft and lowered herself onto him. The moment her wet heat clamped over him, he wrapped his arms around her slender form and pulled her toward him.
“I need to taste you,” he muttered hoarsely.
Savannah cupped her br**sts and brought them to his mouth. He devoured one, then the other, licking and sucking her pearly-pink ni**les while she rode him in a slow, lazy rhythm. Her skin tasted like saltwater, and the still-damp hair streaming down her shoulders had a slight curl to it. She was the most beautiful f**king woman he’d ever seen, and a fresh dose of arousal flooded his groin.
“See how much better this is,” she murmured, bending down to kiss him. “Who needs dating?”
If he weren’t on the verge of losing control, he would’ve been annoyed with the throaty remark, but as it was, he couldn’t concentrate on anything but the feel of that tight pu**y squeezing the hell out of his dick.