The Heat is On
Page 19

 Elle Kennedy

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She shrugged, and the loose wide-necked shirt she wore slid down, revealing her bare shoulder. “Might be fun to have some company tonight.”
A threesome. Christ, she was actually suggesting a goddamn threesome.
His first instinct was to shout “hell no”. Not that he was a prude or anything. He and Ryan had indulged in plenty of threesomes. So had he and Aidan Rhodes. Yet Savannah’s proposition absolutely floored him. Especially since he knew it was just another part of her plan to push him away. She probably expected him to balk at the idea, storm out in disgust.
Or…maybe she was actually serious.
He couldn’t deny that he’d met his match in the form of Savannah Harte. She loved sex just as much as he did, and she was always quick to initiate a fun way to spice things up. Like the other night, when they’d ordered that Chinese food and she proceeded to lick low mein noodles off his stomach. She definitely knew how to have a good time.
So did he. Usually. But right now…shit, was she serious or should he call her bluff?
He decided to test the waters first.
“You want some random guy to join us tonight?” There was a sharp edge to his voice.
Her gray eyes twinkled. “Why not? According to Annabelle, you’re no stranger to threesomes.”
“Annabelle told you about that night?”
“Yup. And she also said it wasn’t an isolated incident, for you, anyway.” Savannah leaned forward with a teasing expression, and the neckline of her shirt sagged lower, revealing her creamy-white cle**age.
Trying not to look at those mouthwatering tits, Matt kept his gaze on her face, studying her. “Threesomes can be entertaining,” he said neutrally.
“Exactly. So let’s do it.”
Before he could respond, a familiar voice sounded from behind, and then Aidan Rhodes strode up to their table. “O’Connor,” he said, raising his beer in greeting. “What’s going on, bro?” He noticed Savannah and grinned, the dimples in his cheeks popping out. “Who’s your beautiful friend?”
Interest flickered across Savannah’s face as she appraised Aidan. Matt wondered if she found Rhodes attractive. He wasn’t into guys, but even he had to admit that Rhodes had it going on. Six feet tall, strong jaw, perpetual stubble, and of course, those dimples. Annabelle had once told Matt that women loved dimples.
“This is Savannah. Savannah, this is Aidan,” Matt introduced, then gestured to the empty chair at their table. “Have a seat, man.”
Aidan sank down and took a long swallow of beer. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I? I came here with a few other guys from base, but two of them have already hooked up with total strangers and the third might be throwing up in the bathroom.”
“Your friends left you all alone?” Savannah mocked, laughing softly.
Aidan’s dark eyes swept over her, zeroing in on the cle**age Matt had been trying to avoid. “They sure did. Good thing I found some new friends.”
Matt sipped his own beer, watching the casual interplay between Savannah and Rhodes. Nearly an hour passed, and although Matt had been an active participant in the conversation, cracking jokes with Aidan, his mind was somewhere else the entire time. He watched Savannah and Aidan interact, wariness creeping up his spine. Neither one was outright flirting or anything, but he could tell they each found the other attractive. His chest squeezed at the thought, but at the same time, he liked and respected Aidan. He was a good guy, really truly decent, and if they were seriously going to have a three-way tonight, better with Aidan than some slimy stranger.
Matt almost choked mid-sip as he realized where his train of thought had taken him. Fuck, was he actually considering this ménage idea?
“I’ll be back in a few.” Aidan’s voice made Matt lift his head. His friend had stood up and was already heading toward the restrooms.
Matt noticed Savannah’s gaze focus on Rhodes’s behind as he strode off.
“I like him,” Savannah remarked. “How come he’s not a SEAL like you? He’s just as ripped, physique-wise.”
“You like his body?” he said darkly.
“Sure.” She reached out to rub the palm of his hand with her fingers. “It’s obviously not as super-duper sexy as yours, darlin’, but you’ve got to admit, he’s a hottie.” She suddenly cocked her head. “Have you ever had any threesomes with him?”
Matt gave a reluctant nod.
She raised one blonde eyebrow. “Really. How were they?”
“Pretty damn good,” he admitted.
“So what do you think…?” She tilted her head again and flashed him a sexy smile.
Matt clenched his teeth. “Do you really want to do this or are you trying to…”
“Trying to what?”
“I don’t know.” He felt frazzled. “Get me to break up with you or something.”
“Breaking up implies we’re in a relationship. And we’re not. I just want to have a good time, Superman. It’s all I’ve wanted from the start. And I like this Aidan character. He’s really cute.”
“Cute enough to f**k?”
A brief flash of indignation blazed through her eyes. “Yeah, actually he is. And considering you’ve seen him naked while the two of you screwed who knows how many random chicks, I don’t see how you can be upset with me for bringing it up.”
She did have a point. Matt hated hypocrisy, yet here he was, getting pissed that she’d suggested something he and Aidan had already done a few times before.