The Heat is On
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 Elle Kennedy

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Savannah’s face relaxed. “Oh. Right.” She stuck out her hand, which Annabelle shook firmly. “It’s nice to meet you.”
Matt finally found his voice, feeling the weird urge to clarify why he was there. “I don’t work for Annabelle.”
Both women shot him a strange glance.
“And we’re not dating either,” he found himself adding. “I’m here as a friend. We’re friends. Me and Annabelle… We’re…”
“Friends,” Savannah finished. She furrowed her brows. “Uh, yeah, so should we talk about what Harte to Harte flowers can do for you?”
The question was directed at Annabelle, who was now staring at Matt as if he’d grown a bushy mustache. “Matt, why don’t you…browse or something?”
In other words, go away. As much as he didn’t like being banished, he desperately needed to regroup here. Drifting over to a display case filled with intricate wreaths, he took a calming breath and tried not to kick himself in the shin. Okay, this was getting ridiculous. Somehow he ended up turning into a blubbering imbecile when Savannah was around. But he was just so surprised to see her here.
Annabelle’s comment about fate blazed through his mind. Was she right? Had fate actually placed Savannah in his path again? And if so, how could he make sure she didn’t go sprinting in the other direction? As far as first impressions went, he’d blown it. His second impression wasn’t much better, either. What he needed to do now was channel his innate hotness, will up some confidence, which he usually possessed in spades, and get Savannah to agree to go out with him.
After he convinced her he wasn’t a total loser.
Savannah shook hands with Annabelle Holmes again, pleased with the agreement they’d reached. Apparently Annabelle and her partner were in search of a florist they could use on a regular basis, and Annabelle had agreed to hire Savannah for an upcoming wedding. Savannah was determined to impress Annabelle. This was a test of sorts, which, if she passed, would lead to a possible stream of income she could totally benefit from. She’d been thinking about opening a second location for almost a year now, and working with an up-and-coming event company would be good for business.
“So the bride and I will come over on Wednesday to discuss what she’s looking for,” Annabelle finished. “You can come up with some ideas and designs, and we’ll go from there.”
“Sounds good,” Savannah said. “Thanks for thinking of my shop.”
Annabelle smiled. “I had a good feeling about it when I browsed your website. I really think—”
A loud clatter interrupted her sentence. Savannah turned to see Matt bending down to retrieve an empty plastic bucket he’d knocked off a stool near the rose display. The sight of his taut behind sent a rush of warmth to her body. Lord, the man filled out a pair of jeans really, really nicely. She’d been trying to ignore him during the entire discussion with Annabelle, but her gaze had floated in his direction every few moments, admiring the view.
He was just as sexy as she remembered. And still equally adorable.
She got the feeling he was usually pretty smooth when it came to chatting up girls, yet he blushed and stammered when she was around. Kind of a turn-on, watching this big, gorgeous man get all tongue-tied around her. Definitely a nice ego boost.
And now that Jake was out of the picture…
“He’s really not usually so pathetic,” Annabelle said in a low voice, snapping Savannah from her thoughts.
She glanced at Matt again, who now stood near the door with his arms crossed across his muscular chest, as if he was afraid to touch anything else.
“I think you make him nervous.” Annabelle’s laugh held a note of admiration. “To be honest, I’ve never seen him all blushy and weird around a woman.”
Savannah shrugged. “I tend to have that effect on men,” she joked.
That got her another laugh. “Well, put him out of his misery, will you?” Before Savannah could object, Annabelle called Matt over. “Savannah wants to talk to you, stud. I’ll wait in the car.”
Just like that, Annabelle’s curvy body hurried off, her brown hair bouncing over her shoulders as she left the store. The bell over the door chimed, then tinned away into silence.
Matt slowly walked over to her, a rueful grin on his face. “Annabelle’s not very subtle,” he remarked.
“Not really.”
He rested an elbow on her counter, an action that drew her gaze to the impressive bicep of his forearm. He instantly noticed where her eyes had landed, and his grin widened. “You think I’m attractive,” he said, sounding delighted.
Savannah rolled her eyes. “Sounds like you think you’re attractive.”
A pained look flitted across his face. “Show some mercy already. For some reason I act like a total moron when I’m around you. The least you can do is admit this attraction isn’t one-sided.”
A smile lifted the corner of her mouth. He had a point. Maybe he did deserve some leniency. Besides, she really had no reason not to see him again, now that she’d ended things with Jake. Alas, her sexy surfer ended up being kind of boring and a bit of a jerk.
Matt, however, didn’t look boring at all.
“Fine,” she said. “I find you attractive.”
“Thank Jesus. Now will you agree to go out with me or what?”
The words were gruff, completely unpolished, but he seemed pleased with himself that he’d finally said something right.