The Heat is On
Page 9

 Elle Kennedy

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Savannah’s entire mouth went dry as a desert. Clothed, this man was gorgeous. Naked? Out of this freaking world. His skin was a golden brown, hard and sleek, and his erection was enormous, jutting upwards and nearly reaching his naval.
Her previously arid mouth filled with moisture. Her gaze zeroed in on that impressive erection, her head dipping forward as if drawn in by a magnet. Her lips hovered over his tip.
“Are you just going to kneel there and do nothing?” he ground out.
“What do you want me to do?” she teased.
“What the hell do you think?”
Her tongue darted out for a quick taste, a fleeting swipe across his engorged head. “That?” she asked, pasting on an innocent look.
His features looked tortured. “Among other things.”
“Oooh, intriguing. What kind of other things?” Before he could respond, she took him deep in her mouth and sucked hard. Then she moved her mouth away and offered a tiny smile. “Something like that?”
He groaned in reply.
“Or maybe this?” she said helpfully, wrapping her fingers around the hard length of him and pumping slowly.
His hand lowered to cup her head, long fingers threading through her hair and guiding her back to his groin. “All of it,” he choked out. “Do it all and quit teasing me.”
A laugh bubbled in the back of her throat, only to be cut off when he thrust his c**k between her parted lips, stealing the breath from her lungs. Deciding she’d teased him enough, she went to work on him, sucking softly, then dragging her tongue up and down his shaft. His hand fisted her hair, as his ragged moan echoed in the room. She relaxed her jaw and took him in deeper, alternating between long sucks and the sharp pump of her hand. When she felt his tip throb against her tongue, she lifted her head and grinned up at him. “You’re not allowed to come yet.”
His voice came out rough, but she heard the teasing note to it. “Says who?”
“Me.” Standing up, she quickly removed her pants, T-shirt and underwear, pleased when she noticed his eyes smoldering at the sight of her naked body.
“You’re incredible,” he hissed out. “I want to eat you up, Savannah.”
“Yeah? Get started then.”
It was meant to be a joking remark, but he immediately slid off the couch, sank to his knees and brought her mound to his waiting mouth. Sparks of pleasure ignited inside her, heating her skin and making her sag against his lips. He took advantage of the loosening of her legs, spreading them wider as his mouth honed in on his intended destination. She moaned at the first brush of his tongue over her clit, the raspy feel of his stubble against her inner thighs, the warmth of his breath against her core.
He licked her again, once, twice, and then her legs were yanked out from under her and she found her butt colliding with the couch. Matt dove back in, proceeding to bestow her with the most mind-blowing o**l s*x she’d ever experienced. He captured her clit between his lips and suckled, then licked the swollen bud over and over again, until pleasure gathered in her belly and sizzled in her bloodstream like a drug. At the feel of his finger prodding her opening, she lost complete and total control.
Orgasm ripped through her like a wildfire. She lifted her mound to Matt’s mouth, taking everything he had to offer. When the climax finally ebbed, she felt exhausted. Winded. Jeez. She couldn’t recall ever coming that hard.
Her heart still thudding erratically, Savannah slid off the couch and fumbled with the purse she’d left nearby. She came back with a condom that she swiftly rolled onto his massive erection, and then she lay on her back and pulled his big body on top of her, placing his c**k between her legs.
“Fast or slow?” he said roughly. “What’ll make you come again?”
“Fast,” she ordered, her pu**y throbbing in anticipation. God, she wanted him in there.
He swiftly obliged, driving his c**k into her soaking-wet channel and sending her body into another tailspin. His hips pistoned as he moved inside her, the muscles of his gorgeous chest tight with arousal. Savannah clung to him, her fingernails sinking into his back, and raised her hips to meet each frenzied thrust.
They exploded at the same time, letting out matching groans. Tingles spread through her body as she felt Matt shudder inside of her, as he buried his face in the crook of her neck and licked her fevered skin then sank his teeth into it. Finally they both grew still, just lying there for several long moments, as Savannah tried to catch her breath and waited for her heartbeat to steady.
When she met Matt’s green eyes, she saw them glimmering with residual heat. Even though he’d just pulled out and removed the condom, she could see his c**k beginning to harden. Wow. Apparently he wasn’t just Superman, he was the Energizer Bunny too. But it wasn’t the new dose of lust in his gaze that worried her; it was the flicker of amazement she saw there.
Fine, so the sex had been much better than average, but she could already see his handsome brain working, classifying this wild sweaty encounter as something unbelievably special.
Normally she ended things when the men in her life got that look on their face, but she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Matt just yet. After the sex they’d just had, how could she?
Still, she needed to make sure they were on the same page here.
“Just a fling, right?” she said warily.
Matt slid closer and nibbled on her bare shoulder. “Nothing more,” he assured her. “I just want to see you again after tonight.”