The VIP Doubles Down
Page 42

 Nancy Herkness

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He chuckled in a low, sexy rumble. “Maybe my writer’s imagination ran away with me there.”
“Why are you doing this?”
“You’ve never had phone sex before?”
“Not like this.” Troy had occasionally whispered a few dirty words into the phone when he was headed home from an audition, but he hadn’t painted a deliciously pornographic picture like Gavin’s.
“Ah, we have arrived at your doorstep.”
“Jaros drove me.”
He hung up, and Allie tottered to the window to see Gavin cross the sidewalk with the stride of a stalking panther as the long silver Bentley pulled away from the curb. Then her intercom was pinging, and she headed for her door to buzz Gavin in.
She pulled down the hem of her dress, hoping there were no dark patches on the back from the dampness between her thighs. Her hair flowed loose over her shoulders since Gavin had interrupted her attempts at something more sophisticated. She had already turned off most of the lights and lit a few candles to give the apartment a soft glow.
Footsteps sounded outside her door before Gavin gave it a sharp, demanding knock. She took a deep breath and turned the doorknob.
He stood in the ugly hospital-green hallway with his hands thrust into the pockets of his black jeans, a leather jacket open to expose a V-necked black T-shirt. The waves of his deep brown hair glistened in the fluorescent lighting. The moment he saw her, his face lit with pure lust, and his lips curled into a feral smile. A shiver of half excitement, half nerves ran through her.
He didn’t move, just let his gaze travel up and down her body before raising it to her face. “You look ravishing. And ready to be ravished.”
She stepped back so he could come in. “You look—”
He closed the door and snaked his arm around her waist, slamming her body against his before his mouth came down on hers. His tongue swept into her mouth while he stroked the length of her back with his hands. His erection was steel hard against her stomach.
All the pent-up arousal he’d built with the phone call exploded inside her. She pushed her hands under his jacket and ripped up the hem of his T-shirt so she could run her fingers over his bare skin, tracing the muscles she knew so well and making him moan so deeply it vibrated through both of them. He splayed his fingers over her lower back to grind her hips into his, sending the electric heat of pure desire searing through her. She gasped and wrapped one arm around his neck to crush her breasts against him, throwing her head back for leverage.
He skimmed his hand along her thigh and under her dress until his fingers encountered the bare curve of her bottom. He went still for a split second before he hissed in a breath. “Only very bad girls don’t wear panties. And I love very bad girls.” He slid his hand higher, bunching the material of her skirt on his wrist as he kneaded her buttock.
He lowered his head to speak beside her ear, his breath blowing hot against her skin. “You know what I want to do to you right now?”
She swallowed and shook her head in a tiny motion.
“I want to bend you over the arm of your sofa, shove this dress up to your waist, and come into you from behind, hard and fast.” As he spoke he slipped his fingers between her thighs, sliding easily inside her. “And you’re so wet that I think you want the same thing.”
“Oh God, yes,” she gasped.
Before she could turn, he had scooped her up in his arms and carried her the few yards into her living room, setting her on her high heels facing the rolled arm of the sofa. He stood close behind her to cup her breasts, his thumbs tweaking her tight nipples so lightning seemed to streak from there to the knot of longing between her legs.
“Gavin, I want you inside me.” She leaned into his hands, bracing her arms on the couch as she angled forward.
He pulled his hands away as she bent farther over. She heard the whine of a zipper and the rip of foil. Then he made good on his desire to yank her dress to her waist, so she could feel the denim of his jeans against her thighs and the brush of cool air against her bare bottom. She felt the tip of his cock as he positioned himself, his hands gripping her hips, and then he thrust into her with one powerful, exquisite stroke, both sating and magnifying the wanting within her.
“Again!” She spread her thighs farther apart to let him come in deeper.
He withdrew nearly to the tip before driving in again. She tightened her inner muscles around him, ratcheting her own pleasure higher as he growled, “You will be punished for that.”
He gave her bottom a light smack that made her squeal in surprise. And then he withdrew and slammed into her fast, hitting some perfect angle that made her insides begin to clench. She pressed back into him so her clit found more friction. He tilted his hips to help her as he increased the rhythm of his strokes, sending her over the edge into a mad convulsion of an orgasm. She buried her face in the cushion to muffle her scream of release.
Almost immediately, he seated himself fully in her, and she felt the pulse of his climax while he roared his own pleasure. He stayed inside her, his hands spanning her hips, as she panted and shuddered through the delicious aftermath of satisfaction. She let out a long, low hum of pleasure when he slowly slid out of her. She felt the touch of his palms skimming over the curves of her bottom, and then he eased the dress down to cover her.
She didn’t expect that gesture. The courtesy of it made tears prick behind her eyelids. She started to straighten, pushing up with her elbows, and Gavin was there, helping her out of the now-awkward position.
He turned her into him and wrapped his arms around her. “That was far better than anything my imagination could conjure up,” he said, his heart thundering against her ear.
All she could do was nod against his chest. Her brain hadn’t yet regained full functionality after their wild, mind-blowing encounter.
He moved her to the couch and settled them both so she was on his lap. The soft denim that stretched over the hard muscles of his thighs rubbed against the sensitive spot between her legs, and she sucked in a breath as sparks shimmered through her.
He started to shift her, but she shook her head. “This is perfect.”
“That’s the word I was looking for.”
Allie’s eyes closed as the rhythm of his breathing slowed and steadied. And then she felt soft little paws on her bare thighs and started to giggle.
“What?” Gavin asked, his voice heavy with satiation.