Ugly Love
Page 19

 Colleen Hoover

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Miles looked at me and tried to hide his smile. Ian looked at me with suspicion, and Corbin rolled his eyes. You go next door, Corbin said. Were watching the game. He looked at Miles. She can use your place, right?
Miles stood up immediately and said, Sure. Ill let her in.
I grabbed my things, followed him out of my apartment, and now here we are.
Miles opens his apartment door for me, even though it isnt locked. Corbin doesnt know that, though. He walks inside, and I slip in behind him. He shuts the door, and we turn and face each other.
I really do have homework, I say. I dont know what hes expecting to happen right this second, but I feel like I need to let him know that just because he shows up after a few days away, that doesnt mean hes my number one priority.
Even though he pretty much is.
I really do have a game to watch, he says, pointing over his shoulder at my apartment but walking toward me at the same time. He takes my books out of my hands and walks with them to the table, where he sets them down. He starts walking back toward me and doesnt stop until his lips are pressed to mine and we cant walk any farther because my back is against the apartment door.
His hands are gripping my waist, and mine are gripping his shoulders. His tongue slides between my lips and into my mouth, and I take it, very willingly. He groans and presses himself against me as my hands slide up his neck and through his hair. He pulls away just as fast and steps back several feet.
Hes looking at me like its somehow my fault that he has to leave. He runs two frustrated palms down his face and releases a deep breath. You didnt get to eat earlier, he says. Ill bring you some pizza. He walks back toward me, and I step aside without responding. He opens the door and disappears.
Hes so weird.
I walk to the table and begin to lay everything out that I need in order to study. Im pulling out my chair to sit when his apartment door flies open again. I turn around, and hes walking toward the kitchen with a plate in his hands. He puts the pizza in his microwave, presses a few buttons and starts it, and then heads straight toward me. Hes doing that intimidating thing again that makes me naturally back away from him, but his table is behind me, and I cant go anywhere.
He reaches me and quickly presses his lips to mine. I have to go back over there, he says. You good?
I nod.
You need anything?
I shake my head.
Theres juice and bottled water in the fridge.
He kisses me briefly again before he releases me and walks out the door.
I fall into my chair.
Hes so nice.
I could get used to this.
I pull my notebook in front of me and begin studying. About half an hour passes, and then I get a text from him.
Miles: Hows the homework going?
Im reading the text on my phone, smiling like an idiot. He goes nine days without seeing or texting me, and now hes texting me from twenty feet away.
Me: Good. Hows the game going?
Miles: Halftime. Were losing.
Me: Bummer.
Miles: You knew I didnt have cable.
Me: ???
Miles: Earlier, when you yelled at us. You told us to go to my place to watch the game, but you already knew I didnt have cable. I think Ians suspicious now.
Me: Oh, no. I didnt think about that.
Miles: Its cool. Hes just giving me looks, like he knows something is up. Honestly, I dont care if he knows. He knows everything else about me.
Me: Im surprised you didnt tell him already. Dont all guys kiss and tell?
Miles: Not me, Tate.
Me: I guess youre the exception. Now leave me alone, I have to study.
Miles: Dont come back until I come tell you the game is over.
I lay my phone down on the table, unable to wipe the grin from my face.
An hour later, the door to his apartment opens. I look up, and he walks in, shuts the door, and casually falls against it. Games over, he says.
I drop my pen. Perfect timing. I just finished my homework.
His eyes fall to my books, spread out across the table. Corbins probably expecting you.
I dont know if thats his way of telling me I should leave or if hes just making conversation. I stand up anyway and begin to gather my books, attempting to hide the disappointment on my face.
He walks straight to me and takes the books out of my hands, setting them back down. He gives them a shove, sliding them a foot away, and then he grabs my waist and pushes me onto the table.
That doesnt mean I want you to leave, he says firmly, looking me hard in the eyes.
I dont smile this time, because he just made me nervous again. Every time he looks at me with this much intensity, I get nervous.
He slides me to the very edge of the table and stands between my legs. His hands are still on my waist, but his lips are now on my jaw. I was thinking, he says softly, his breath caressing my neck, covering me in chills. About tonight and how youve been in class all day. He slides his hands beneath me, lifting me off the table. And how you work all weekend, every weekend. My legs are wrapped around him now. Hes carrying me to his bedroom.
Now hes laying me on his bed.
Now hes on top of me, brushing my hair back, looking me in the eyes. And I realized that you never have a day off. His mouth is back to my jaw again, kissing it softly between each sentence. You havent had a day off since Thanksgiving, have you?
I shake my head, not understanding why hes talking so much but loving it just the same. His hand slides up under my shirt, and his palm meets my stomach, continuing upward until hes cupping my breast. You must be really tired, Tate.
I shake my head. Not really.
Im lying.
Im exhausted.
His lips leave my neck, and he looks me in the eyes. Youre lying, he says, brushing his thumb over the thin layer of bra covering my nipple. I can tell youre tired. He lowers his mouth until its pressed against mine so softly I barely even feel it. I just want to kiss you for a few minutes, okay? Then youre going to leave and go get some rest. I dont want you to think I expect something just because were both home.
His mouth touches mine again, but his lips cant compare to what his words do to me. I never knew thoughtfulness could be such a turn-on.
But oh, my God. Its so hot.
His hand slides beneath my bra, and his mouth invades me. Every time his tongue caresses mine, it makes my head spin. I wonder if that will ever get old.
I know he said he just wanted to kiss me for a few minutes, but his definition of kiss and my definition of kiss are written in two different languages. His mouth is everywhere.
So are his hands.
He pushes my shirt up above my bra, pulling one side of it down until my breast is exposed. He teases me with his tongue, looking up at me while he does it. His mouth is warm, and his tongue is even warmer, causing soft whimpers to escape from me.
He runs his hand down my stomach and lifts slightly off of me, holding his weight up on his elbow. His hand trails over my jeans until he reaches the insides of my thighs. He runs his fingers against the material between my legs, and I let my head fall back and my eyes close.
Good Lord, I love his version of kissing.
He begins to rub his hand over me, pressing firmly against my jeans until my entire body is silently begging for him. His mouth is no longer on my breast. Its on my neck now, and hes kissing, nibbling, sucking, all in one spot, as if hes trying to brand me.
Im trying to be quiet, but its impossible when hes creating this amazing friction between us. But thats fine, because hes not being quiet, either. Every time I moan, he groans or sighs or whispers my name. Which is why Im being so loud, because I love his sounds.
Love them.
His hand quickly moves to the button on my jeans, and he unbuttons them, but he doesnt switch positions or move away from my neck. He pulls my zipper down and slides his hands on top of my panties. He resumes the same movements, only this time theyre a million times more intense, and I can instantly tell he isnt going to have to do it for much longer.
My back arches off the bed, and it takes all I have not to pull away from his hand. Its as if he knows exactly the right places to touch that will make me react.
Christ, Tate. Youre so wet. Two of his fingers pull my panties aside. I want to feel you.
And thats it.
Im a goner.
His finger slips inside me, but his thumb remains outside, coaxing moans and oh, my Gods and dont stops out of me like Im a broken record. He kisses me, swallowing all my sounds while my body begins to tremble beneath his hand.
The sensation lasts so long and is so intense Im afraid to let go of him when its over. I dont want his hand to leave me. I want to fall asleep like this.
Im completely still, but were both breathing so heavily were unable to move. His mouth is still on mine, and our eyes are closed, but hes not kissing me. After a few moments, he finally pulls his hand out of my pants, then zips and buttons them back up. When I open my eyes, hes slowly sliding his fingers out of his mouth with a grin.
Holy shit.
Im so glad Im not standing up right now, or seeing him do that would have made me fall straight to the floor.
Wow, I say as I exhale. Youre pretty damn good at this.
He smiles even wider. Why, thank you, he says. He leans forward and kisses my forehead. Now, go home and get some sleep, girl.
He begins to lift off the bed, and I grab his arms and pull him back down. Wait, I tell him. I push him onto his back and slide on top of him. Thats not really fair to you.
Im not keeping score, he says, rolling me onto my back. Corbins probably wondering why youre still over here. He stands up and grabs my wrists to pull me up with him. He pulls me against him close enough for me to tell he isnt at all ready for me to leave yet.
If Corbin says anything, Ill just tell him I didnt want to leave until I was finished with my homework.
Miles shakes his head. You need to go back, Tate, he says. He thanked me for protecting you from Dillon earlier. How do you think hed feel if he knew I only did that because I was being selfish and wanted you all to myself?
I shake my head. I dont care how hed feel. Its not his business.
Miles brings his hands to my cheeks. I care. Hes my friend. I dont want him to find out what a hypocrite I am. He kisses my forehead and pulls me out of the bedroom before I can respond. He gathers my books and hands them to me when I reach the front door, but before I walk out, he grabs my elbow and stops me. Hes staring down at me, but theres something else in his expression this time.
Something in his eyes that isnt desire or want or disappointment or intimidation. Its something unspoken. Something he wants to say to me that hes too afraid to say.
His hands cup my cheeks, and he presses his mouth to mine so hard I hit the frame of the door behind me.
He kisses me so possessively and desperately it would make me sad if only I didnt love it so much. He inhales deeply and pulls away, exhaling slowly, staring me hard in the eyes. He drops his hand and steps back, waiting for me to step into the hallway before he closes his door.
I have no idea what that was, but I need more of it.
I somehow make my legs move, and I walk into Corbins apartment. Corbin isnt in the living room, so I set my books down on the counter.
I hear Corbins shower running.
Corbins in the shower.
I immediately walk out the door and back across the hall and knock. His door swings open so quickly its as if Miles was still standing in the same spot. He glances over my shoulder at my apartment door.
Corbins in the shower, I say.
Miles looks back at me, and before I think he even has time to process my words, hes pulling me inside his apartment. He slams the door shut and shoves me against it, and once again, his mouth is everywhere.
I waste no time, unbuttoning his jeans and pulling them down several inches. His hands take over and pull my pants down completely, along with my underwear. As soon as he slides my feet out of them, hes urging me toward his kitchen table. He spins me around, positioning me until Im leaning across the table on my stomach.
He reaches between my legs, spreading them farther apart while freeing himself from his jeans. Both of his hands move to my waist and grip tightly. He steadies himself against me and then carefully eases himself inside me. Oh, God, he groans.
I press my palms flat out on the table. Theres nothing to grab hold of, and I desperately need to grab something.
He leans forward, pressing his chest against my back. His breaths are heavy and hot and crashing against my skin. I have to get a condom.
Okay, I breathe out.
He hasnt backed away yet, though, and my body naturally wants to take him in the rest of the way. I press myself against him, pushing him further inside me, causing him to dig his fingers into my h*ps so hard I wince.
Dont, Tate.
His voice is a warning.
Or a dare.
I do it again, and he groans, quickly pulling out of me completely. His hands are still digging into my hips, and hes still pressed against mehes just no longer inside me.
Im on the pill, I whisper.
He doesnt move.
I close my eyes, needing him to do something. Anything. Im dying here.
Tate, he whispers. He doesnt follow it up with anything. We stand quietly still, with him in the same position, poised right outside me.
Dammit. He releases my waist and finds my hands palms-down on the table. He slides his fingers through mine and squeezes, then buries his face against my neck from behind me. Brace yourself.
He slams into me so unexpectedly I scream. One of his hands leaves mine, and he brings it to my mouth and covers it. Shh, he warns. He holds still, giving me a moment to adjust to him inside me.
He pulls out with a moan and slams into me again, causing me to yell out once more. His hand muffles my noises this time.