Until Cobi
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 Aurora Rose Reynolds

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“I’m sorry.” Tears leak down my cheeks, and with the blue light in my room, I see his face soften then watch in fascination as it comes closer to mine.
His warm, soft lips touch my forehead and my eyes slide closed. “You have nothing to apologize for.”
“You need to talk to someone, Hadley. You need to talk to someone so you can work this out of you.”
“I know.” I drop my forehead, but he doesn’t move back, so it ends up resting against his chin. “I already agreed to talk to someone. Brie is going to make me an appointment with someone she knows.”
His movements still for a moment, before he whispers, “Good.” His hand skims down my back and his chin slides to the side so that his cheek is resting against the crown of my head. “It will get easier once you talk about it.”
I nod, and my hands ball into fists. When I realize his shirt is bunched between my fingertips, I quickly let my hands drop to my sides. “I’m… I’m so sorry about that.”
“Don’t be. I’m just glad I was here.” He leans away, and I tip my head back to look up at him. “You need some water?”
“Yeah. Please.” I also need a moment away from him, away from the way he makes me feel. I should not be clinging to a man I do not know. I should not be thinking about how thankful I am that he’s here right now. How safe I feel in his presence.
“Be right back.”
My breath catches in my throat when he leans in, pressing a soft kiss to my forehead, and my eyes slide closed and don’t open again until I hear him leave my bedroom. I don’t lie down; I scoot to the middle of my bed and rest with my back to my headboard, bringing my blankets up to my chest. When Cobi comes back in, I notice his hair is rumpled and his eyes are tired. I also see his boots are off and his shirt is untucked with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. I glance at the clock on my bedside table; it’s after four in the morning.
“Were you asleep?”
“I….” I shake my head. “Did you sleep on my couch?” I ask, as he comes toward me, holding one of my glasses filled with water.
“Yeah, passed out not too long after you went to bed.”
Crap, I suck. Here I am sleeping in my nice, warm comfortable bed, and I didn’t even offer him a pillow or a blanket.
I take the glass of water from him, have a sip, and then close my eyes and sigh. “I’m a jerk.”
“Excuse me?” The bed dips as he takes a seat on it next to my outstretched legs.
“You’ve been nice, and I didn’t even offer to get you a pillow.”
His hand rests on the top of my foot, and just that simple contact makes butterflies take flight in my stomach once more. “I’ve slept in worse places with a whole lot less. Trust me, I’m good.”
I want to ask what he means, where he’s slept that’s been worse, but I don’t. When I notice he’s fighting a grin, I frown and ask, “What?”
“You’re worried about my well-being.”
Rolling my eyes, I fight back a smile. “Maybe you’re not annoying. Maybe you’re just cocky.”
I watch him throw back his head and laugh, and the sound washes over me, making me feel triumphant. When he stops laughing and his eyes meet mine, my breath catches in my throat. I don’t know what it is I see in his dark gaze, but I do know it makes me feel like I should either run away as fast as I can, or hold on as tightly as possible. “Hadley.” His eyes search mine as he leans in closer to me. “You okay to go back to sleep?”
At the thought of lying in the dark alone, fear starts to weave its way through my system like the intricate details of a spider’s web, but instead of saying no, I nod while whispering, “Yeah.”
“Liar.” His thumb slides across my cheek. “You’re a pretty liar, but you’re still a liar.”
“I’m not a liar,” I state, as he takes the water cup from my hand and sets it on my bedside table.
“You are, but I figure with time that will change, but even if it doesn’t, I’ll learn to read you.”
He stands, and my heart races, thinking he’s going to leave. But then blood starts to rush through my veins when he takes off his badge and drops it next to my water, and then he pulls out his cell phone and wallet, doing the same with both of them. I open my mouth to ask what he’s doing, but shut it when he gets in bed next to me, resting his back against my headboard and shoving his arm behind my shoulders, pulling me closer to him. Every part of me freezes solid when he cups the back of my head and forces my cheek to his hard chest. “Relax, and try to get some sleep.”
I almost laugh. Does he honestly expect me to relax while he’s not only in my bed but holding me against his muscular body? Relax when his smell is making me dizzy?
“Relax, Hadley. I got you,” he says softly, while his fingers slide through my hair. Squeezing my eyes closed, I debate telling him there is no way in hell I’m going to be able to relax with him around, but my muscles start to slowly loosen with his fingers working their magic, the steady beat of his heart against my ear, and his even breathing. “That’s it, baby. Sleep,” he whispers right before I fall asleep, and once again, I sleep like a baby with Cobi watching over me.
“So you’re here again.” At that statement from Brie, my eyes slowly blink open. They widen when my vision clears and I see the time on the clock next to my bed.
“Yep,” Cobi states, and my heart begins to pound.
“So did you spend the night again?” At Brie’s question, I toss back the blanket and roll off the bed, ungracefully. I look like a fish out of water then almost fall on my face.
“Don’t answer her!” I shout, pulling open my door and rushing out of my room. I skid to a halt in front of the kitchen island where Brie and Cobi are standing on opposite sides. “Do not answer her. It’s a trap.”
“A trap?” Brie narrows her eyes on me.
“Yes, a trap.” I look at Cobi. “Do not answer her.”
“So don’t tell her we slept together again?” His lips twitch as his eyes fill with humor.
“Again.” Brie raises a brow at me.
“We did not sleep together,” I snap.
“We didn’t?” Cobi questions, and I turn to glare at him.
“We didn’t sleep together.”
“We did,” he states with a casual shrug while picking up his coffee then taking a sip.
“You slept with him twice?” Brie asks.
“No. Okay, yes, we did sleep together, but we didn’t actually sleep together. I mean, we did actually sleep together.” I look at Cobi when he starts to laugh. “This is not funny.”
“So you did or you didn’t sleep together?” Brie frowns, looking confused.
“Fine!” I toss up my arms. “We didn’t have sex; we just slept together.”
“That’s what I said. We slept together,” Cobi says, and Brie starts to laugh.
“If you’re both done annoying me, I need to go get ready.”
“I also gotta head out,” Cobi states, looking at the clock on the microwave. “You mind if I steal your girl for a minute?” he asks Brie.
“Not at all. A minute, a month, forever maybe.” She winks at him, and he laughs.
“Come on.” I take Cobi’s hand and drag him into my room then shut the door. “Can you please stop charming my friend?”
“So now I’m charming?” A growl sounds in my throat and my hands ball into fists as I stare into his humor-filled eyes. “Should I start making a list?”
“Sure,” I snap, “and why don’t you add ass to it?”
“Not sure I like that one.” He grins. “Unless you’re referring to the quality of my ass.”
“Don’t you need to leave?” I wave my hand at the door he’s standing next to.
“You’re the one who hauled me into your bedroom, baby.”
“Well then, you can go.”
“Can I get a kiss goodbye?” His eyes drop to my mouth, and mine drop to his.