A Beautiful Mess
Page 19

 T.K. Leigh

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“Wait. Mark!” Flinnigan shouted as he ran to catch up with Donovan. “How do you know all this about the girl?”
“I never reveal my sources, but let’s just say Dad’s client, the one who hired him to deal with the DeLucas all those years ago, has been in constant touch over the years. He’s the one who actually found her a few months ago. Lucky for us she was in Boston.”
When Donovan was safe in his car, he picked up his cell phone.
“Cheryl. It’s Mark… Yes, it has been a while. I’m hoping you can help me out here. Target is Sarah Olivia Adler. I’ll also be looking into her, but see what you can do to get close to her.”
AFTER another round of beer, Olivia and Alexander made their way to Fenway Park to watch the game. During their walk down Yawkey Way and underneath the grandstand, Olivia held onto Alexander’s hand and the spark between them intensified. The smile on her face grew.
Alexander’s seats were fantastic! They were three rows behind home plate and the view was amazing as they sat watching batting practice before the game began. Olivia had always wanted to see the Sox and couldn’t believe she had such amazing seats for her first game. It was getting late in the baseball season and Sox fans were starting to get nervous, hoping to either place first in their division or win a wild card. It didn’t look like either was going to happen that year, but you wouldn’t know that looking at the excitement of all the fans inside Fenway.
The first three innings passed quickly and Olivia’s nerves began to settle. The Sox were beating the Orioles by two runs. Olivia had a huge grin on her face and enjoyed every little thing about being there, from the vendors walking up and down the aisles to hearing the crowd cheer for Big Papi every time David Ortiz stepped up to bat. Alexander couldn’t help but smile as he watched Olivia get into the game, cheering for the Sox and booing the opposing team.
Around the fourth inning, the temperature started to drop, making it slightly more comfortable to be sitting outside watching the game.
“Do you want a beer or anything?” Alexander asked between innings.
“A beer would be great,” Olivia smiled as he stood up from his seat.
“How about a hot dog? You need the full baseball experience and part of that is having your very first Fenway Frank.”
Olivia glanced down at her hands. “Umm… Thanks, but I don’t eat meat.”
“What?” he gasped at her.
“I’m not vegan or anything, don’t worry. I just don’t eat meat. I’ll eat seafood, but that’s it.”
“Well, that I can deal with. If you said you didn’t want to go out for oysters with me, say, Tuesday night, I’d be heartbroken.” Alexander turned quickly before Olivia could even answer him. She was reeling from the thought of seeing him again.
Alexander felt giddy as he strolled up the aisle heading underneath the grandstands to find some decent beer. It was such a strange feeling for him. What self-respecting almost thirty-year-old professional got butterflies in his stomach? He did. And Olivia Adler put them there.
After Alexander left to get a few beers, Olivia felt her cell phone buzzing in the purse on her lap. She grabbed it to see who was texting her.
Kiera: Oh my god! I’m at a bar watching the Sox game and you’re on TV! PS – who’s the hottie you’re with? Dish, baby, dish!
Olivia hastily texted a response to get her friend off her back.
Olivia: He’s the guy from the other night. We’ll talk later, I promise!
Only a few seconds went by before she received another response.
Kiera: K. I didn’t get a good look at him. All the bartenders keep saying that there’s a hottie there (him) and I look up and you’re there. WTF?!
A few seconds later, Olivia received yet another text.
Kiera: Holy crap!!! That’s Alex Burnham! He’s like Boston’s most eligible bachelor. They totally did an instant replay of him smiling at you, asking who the mystery woman is. Dude, you’re gonna be famous! I can’t believe you didn’t tell me Alexander freaking Burnham saved you, you damsel in distress, you! Ask him if he has any friends for me!!!! LOL. Text me later. Love you!
Olivia: Will do! PS – he asked me to go out with him again on Tuesday! EEK!
Within seconds, Kiera responded once again.
Kiera: I bet he has a big cock… You’ll have to tell me all about it tomorrow!
Olivia smiled as she dropped her phone into her bag. Alexander returned with their beers and they continued to watch the game. At the seventh inning stretch, the Sox were up by five runs. Olivia would be thrilled if they won. Her first time at Fenway and a home team win – What could be better than that?
The game ended with the Red Sox wining by five runs. The crowd went wild, knowing that the team was that much closer to the top spot in the division. Alexander and Olivia left their seats as Tessie blared, all the fans singing along with one of the Red Sox’s anthems, and headed out of the ballpark.
“Do you want to grab some dinner or something?” Alexander asked. “It’s not even eight and, well, I’m not ready for this day to end just yet.” He looked into Olivia’s eyes, willing her to agree to accompany him to dinner. He desperately needed that woman’s company, even for just a little while longer. He was also avoiding returning home because the only thing waiting for him there was that unopened envelope.
“Okay. I’d like that,” she replied. Nearly every thought she had since she met Alexander Friday night had been about the man standing in front of her.
He beamed at her, grabbing her hand, and led her down Yawkey Way. They walked around the corner and Martin pulled up almost immediately. Alexander opened the back passenger side door and Olivia got in before he ran around to the other side to get in beside her.
He clutched her hand and told Martin to drive to the North End, intending to take Olivia to one of his favorite Italian restaurants in the city. She looked like she was part Italian, another interesting coincidence, so he assumed she would enjoy his choice for the evening. Traffic was a little chaotic getting out of the Fenway area, but neither one was in any rush for the night to end.
“Thank you so much for taking me to the game today,” Olivia said, glancing at him. “I really enjoyed it.” She smiled.
“I enjoyed it as well, particularly the company.” He grinned at Olivia, making her heart melt with his dazzling smile.
“You’re a big baseball fan, aren’t you?” Olivia inquired, needing to focus on something other than her growing desire for him.