A Beautiful Mess
Page 67

 T.K. Leigh

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He slowly made his way down her stomach, lifting her butt so he could slip off her shorts. He lowered himself between her legs, Olivia’s breathing heavy with anticipation. She moaned when he gave her clit a quick lick.
“You like that, Olivia?”
She nodded her head, not able to make a sound.
“I said, do you like that, Olivia?” he asked sternly.
“Yes,” she replied, having trouble breathing through all the overwhelming sensations coursing through her body.
“Well, what should I do about that, Olivia? What do you want?”
“I want you. Now.”
Alexander was being coy. He wanted to hear Olivia beg for him. He needed to hear it.
“I want your tongue on me. On my clit,” she directed him.
He started gliding his tongue slowly over her swollen nub, sucking and licking gently.
“Is that all, Olivia?” His breath on her made her moan.
“I want your fingers inside me.”
“Your wish is my command.” He gently pressed a finger inside of her, making circular motions as he licked. Olivia’s body was on fire from the electricity flowing through her core. “God, you taste sweet, Love,” he said, taking a break before diving back in. “One of these days I’m going to make you fuck my face.” His words were her undoing and she screamed out his name as waves of pleasure overtook her body.
He crawled back up to her and stared at the beautiful woman laying panting on her bed. Olivia was utterly spent. He propped himself on his elbow, kissing her. She deepened the kiss, invading his mouth with her tongue as she threw him on his back and straddled him, grinding against him, her breathing still uneven from her last mind-blowing orgasm.
“Oh, Love. Say it.”
Olivia knew what he wanted her to say. “No,” she whispered into his ear. “You say it.”
“So, it’s a game then, is it?” She could feel his arousal getting harder. “Well, I must tell you, angel. I am very competitive. I’ll do almost anything to win, including playing dirty.”
She liked the sound of that. “Oh, really?” she asked with her eyebrow raised. “How dirty?”
“Oh, wouldn’t you like to find out?” He flipped her onto her back and, stripping off his clothes, knelt between her legs, teasing her with his erection. “What do you want Olivia? I know what I want, but I just want to make sure we’re on the same page, Love.”
“Oh, we’re on the same page, Alexander,” she smirked.
“Well, I wouldn’t want to be presumptuous,” Alexander replied, continuing to tease Olivia. She was still a bundle of sensation. Just the feeling of his arousal against her sex was turning her on.
“Fuck, Alexander,” she exhaled, her breathing rapid as she stared at him, a devilish smile on his face. “OKAY!” Olivia screamed. “You win! I want you to fuck me!”
He slammed into her, groaning out. “I love when you say that, Olivia” he said, pumping into her, a fast rhythm.
Olivia wrapped her legs around his waist, deepening the sensation, and moved with the pace Alexander set.
“God, Olivia. There is nothing like being inside of you,” he said, leaning down, softly licking and sucking on her neck.
She moaned out, the sensation of him being inside of her and licking her making her nerves stand on end. She still hadn’t come down from her previous orgasm and felt like she was going to explode.
“Do you like me inside of you?” he asked, thrusting harder.
“Yes, Alexander. Yes,” she breathed out, climbing higher and higher toward the peak she had just come down from.
“Say I’m the only one that’s filled you like this,” he commanded, his breathing becoming more and more erratic as he leaned back and stared deep into her eyes, his pace increasing.
Olivia could tell he was close. So she gave him what he wanted to hear. She wasn’t lying. “You’re the only one, Alex,” she replied, moving with his rhythm, a familiar clenching sensation building through her core.
He felt it and nuzzled back into her neck, inhaling her delicious scent. “Come with me, Olivia,” Alexander grunted. He emptied inside of her, the warm feeling putting Olivia over the edge. She shuddered around him, screaming out his name in ecstasy.
His eyes met hers as they came down from their orgasms, their breathing slowly returning to normal. “I will never tire of being naked with you, Love,” he said sweetly before feathering his lips against hers. She pulled his head toward hers, running her hands through his sexy morning hair, and deepened the kiss.
He slowly withdrew from her and picked her up, tossing her off the bed. “Shower, now,” he growled, slapping her ass.
She jumped. “God. You can be so bossy.”
“Oh, Miss Adler. You haven’t seen bossy yet.”
She laughed as she jumped in the shower, knowing she would probably be late for her first class that morning. When she came out, Alexander was sitting in her bed with his laptop, typing an e-mail and drinking coffee. He left a coffee for her on her nightstand. It all seemed so domesticated. And it didn’t scare Olivia at all.
“LIBBY!” Kiera shouted when Olivia walked into the empty pilates studio a few minutes before six that morning.
“Hey, Kiera. What’s going on?”
“Not much. We need to catch up. I feel like I haven’t seen you much lately, except for Friday nights. Do I have to start booking my time through Alexander? He’s hogging you!”
“I know. I’m sorry. I’m free around nine if you want to grab coffee.”
“I can do that,” Kiera said.
“Great! It’s a date.” Olivia turned to boot up the audio system for the class.
The first three classes flew by and, before she knew it, Olivia was heading out to meet Kiera.
“Hey, Libby,” Jerry said when he saw Olivia run from the elevator into the building’s lobby. “Heading out?”
“Yeah. Meeting Kiera for coffee. I’ll be back soon.”
“Okay. Just tell Mr. Burnham, please. He’ll have my ass on a platter if I don’t tell him.”
Olivia rolled her eyes as she continued past the security desk. “Okay, Jerry. I’ll send him a text right now.”
She grabbed her cell phone out of her purse and shot off a quick text to Alexander.
Olivia: Mr. Burnham. Heading out for coffee with Kiera. Back soon. XOXO, Miss Adler
She felt her phone buzz as she turned the block, making her way through a crowd of people strolling the busy Boston streets on that sunny fall day. She read the text as she reached the neighborhood Starbucks.