A Beautiful Mess
Page 73

 T.K. Leigh

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“Fuck,” Olivia screamed out as he thrust into her, setting a punishing rhythm.
“I’m not going to last long this morning, Olivia,” Alexander said, reaching around to touch her clit.
“If you keep doing that, either will I,” she breathed out.
“Good, Love. Good.” Alexander’s breathing became heavy and labored. Olivia was happy that the sweet, caring side of Alexander was nowhere to be found that morning. She needed him like this, not affectionate. The affectionate side scared her. She needed the dominant side of Alexander. The one that told her what to do. The one who stayed in control. Because she felt as though she was losing control of the very thing she said she would guard with her life. Her heart.
“Come with me, Olivia,” Alexander said when he felt her begin to tense around him. She closed her eyes and immediately spiraled down, her orgasm coursing through her entire being. He thrust a few more times and then emptied into her.
He stood, holding Olivia’s hips as their breathing regulated. Once they both caught their breath, Alexander withdrew from her, leaving her exposed on the writing desk.
“Told you I could get you out of that bed, Love.” Alexander winked.
“You jerk,” Olivia joked, running to attack Alexander. They playfully fought until Alexander caught Olivia around the waist and drew her to him.
“I love waking up next to you,” he said, kissing her full on the mouth.
Her heart raced at his words. “You’re not so bad yourself,” she replied.
“Okay. Shower now.” Alexander slapped Olivia’s ass one last time, making her jump.
After they showered, Olivia quickly got ready and headed downstairs where Alexander sat at the kitchen island, reading the newspaper. Runner sat by his side, anxiously waiting for table scraps, even though there was no food being eaten.
“Runner, nobody likes a beggar. Just because we’re sitting at the breakfast bar doesn’t mean that we’re eating.” The dog twisted his head at Alexander.
“Oh, come here, boy,” Olivia said, walking over to the kitchen counter. She opened a cookie jar and took out a treat. “Here you go.” Runner sat, wagging his tail, waiting for Olivia to hand him the treat. He gently took it in his mouth and ran off to enjoy his doggie biscuit.
“What would you like for breakfast?” Olivia asked as she made herself a cup of coffee.
“Please, allow me,” Alexander replied, standing up and ushering Olivia out of the kitchen. “You go relax and I’ll take care of breakfast.” He placed a kiss on her cheek and walked her into the living room. “Stay off those feet. You’ve got quite a few miles to run this weekend.” He winked before turning and heading back to the kitchen.
Olivia just stared at Alexander as he made his way through the kitchen, pulling a few pans out. Over the past few months, Alexander had become accustomed to Olivia’s tastes in food. She ate relatively healthy, liking to splurge on something decadent once in a while. It was a big weekend for Olivia, so he made her one of her favorite breakfasts: egg white omelette with tofu, broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese.
“This is fantastic,” Olivia complimented a few minutes later as she sat at the breakfast bar next to Alexander, savoring the taste of her meal.
“I’m glad you like it,” Alexander replied. “Are you looking forward to getting out of town for the weekend?”
Olivia took another bite of her omelette. “Actually, I am. I’ve never been to Newport before.”
Alexander stared at her, wide-eyed. She really had no idea about her past. “Oh really?” he asked after a long pause, trying to gather his thoughts.
“Yeah. Weird, I know. I’ve lived in Boston off and on for almost the last decade and I’ve never been to Newport. So it will be nice to have the extra time there to walk around a bit. You’ve been before, I’m assuming?”
“Um, yeah, I have.” Alexander remembered when Olivia mentioned she would be going to Newport that coming weekend. He didn’t know what to think about that. Olivia still had some family in Newport, mainly on her mother’s side. What if someone recognized her? He knew it was nearly impossible that someone would recognize this beautiful twenty-seven-year-old woman as that same six-year-old little girl who died in a car crash, but that still didn’t settle his nerves.
Regardless, Alexander was worried being back in Newport could trigger some more memories and he wanted to be there to do damage control if it did. He felt guilty for keeping the truth from her, but maybe that was what had been keeping her alive.
“Holy crap. This is a great car,” Olivia exclaimed, getting into the passenger side of Alexander’s Maserati Gran Tourismo convertible after packing their things and making their way to the basement garage of his building.
“Well, it’s supposed to be a great weekend, so I figure we might as well take the convertible.”
“I think the valet guys are going to cream themselves when you pull up with this bad boy,” Olivia joked.
“I love how you sometimes speak like a trucker. Glad all that private school education and those etiquette classes paid off,” Alexander laughed.
“Yeah, sure. I hated all that shit in high school. It was ridiculous. Imagine if my head mistress could see me now. Slumming it on Comm Ave in Boston. Oh, the horror,” Olivia joked, knowing she lived in one of the most upscale areas of Boston.
Alexander pulled onto I-93 heading south and they rode most of the way to Newport in relative silence, the wind making it difficult to hold a conversation without shouting. He drove through the harbor town and gradually made his way down America’s Cup Boulevard before pulling into a marina.
“Where are we?” Olivia asked.
“We’re at the marina, Love,” Alexander replied, smirking.
“Well, I figured that much, smartass. But what are we doing here?”
“You’ll see.” Alexander had a huge grin on his face as he pulled up to an awning attached to a building that read “Newport Yacht Club.” He threw the keys to the valet and instructed him to hold the car there for someone to come for the bags.
“What are you up to, Alex?” Olivia asked.
Alexander grabbed her hand and pulled her into his body. “Patience, Love,” he whispered.
He led her down a dock as she gazed over the beautiful crystal water and all the boats. Stunning yachts were all lined against the docks. Olivia was mesmerized by the size of each one. She couldn’t even fathom how much one of them would cost to buy and then maintain. That was some serious money.