A Beautiful Mess
Page 76

 T.K. Leigh

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His eyes flung open. A look of surprise crept across his face, turning into a mischievous smile. “Mmmmm… This is a nice way to wake up,” he said sleepily. Olivia could feel his erection grow. She leaned down and planted kisses down his jaw as she ground against his hips. “Don’t start anything you have no intention of finishing, dear,” Alexander groaned.
She looked at Alexander, his eyes hooded as he moved his hips beneath her, the voice in her head finally silent. “Oh, Mr. Burnham,” she batted her eyes. “I have every intention of finishing.” She lowered herself and pulled on his earlobe. “Again. And again. And again.”
Alexander growled and flipped Olivia onto her back. She looked at him, a smile on her face. “I’ve been quite enjoying myself as we’ve christened your boat this weekend, Mr. Burnham.”
“As have I, Miss Adler,” he replied, positioning himself between her legs. He leaned down, kissing her neck. “As have I,” he whispered as he slid into her. She gasped in surprise. “I’m glad to know I can still surprise you after all these weeks,” he grunted, filling her to the brim. Fire coursed through her body as he moved gently inside of her. His movements were slow and deliberate as he took his time, savoring every moment. Olivia didn’t want him gentle. She wanted him to be rough with her. The voice was back and became louder with each soft thrust.
He gently nipped at her neck, tracing a line down her jaw and tugging at her earlobe. “You are one incredible woman,” Alexander said. “God, I love being inside of you, Olivia.” She ran her fingers up and down his back, her touch sending shivers through his body. “Just one touch and I’m ready to lose my mind, Love.”
“Faster, Alex. Please,” she begged as she wrapped her legs around his waist, desperately bucking him with her hips.
“No, Love. I want you to feel me. Do you feel this?” he asked as he continued his slow movements, the closeness almost unbearable.
“Yes, Alexander. I feel it.” And she knew he wasn’t just talking about his erection inside her. He was talking about something else entirely.
The voice grew louder.
Alexander’s breathing became heavier as he picked up his pace, maintaining a quick but gentle rhythm. He leaned down and softly pulled on Olivia’s nipple with his mouth, sending her over the edge, her orgasm taking her by surprise. She moaned out Alexander’s name as she trembled around him. The feeling of Olivia pulsating around him in absolute ecstasy caught him off-guard and he soon found himself spiraling down from his own orgasm, collapsing on top of her. She held his head to her chest, stroking his hair and forehead beaded with sweat.
“That was a fantastic way to wake up,” Alexander stated once his breathing slowed down.
“I’m glad I could be of assistance,” Olivia smirked.
“Come on, Love. Up and at ‘em,” Alexander said, pulling Olivia up with him and leading her into the shower. “Big day today. Let’s go get all your race stuff.” He turned on the water, testing the temperature.
Olivia groaned, leaning against the bathroom wall. “Can’t I just spend one day in bed with you all day?” It's the only way I can try to dull this voice telling me to run, she wanted to say to him.
“That sounds like heaven, dear, but it will have to wait. At least until next week sometime,” he replied, winking. “Here, Love.” He held out his hand and helped her step into the shower, the entire time, Olivia thinking she may not make it to next week.
“Nervous, Love?” Alexander asked as they left the race expo, Olivia clutching her race packet.
“A little bit, I guess."
“Come, let’s take a drive. It’s a beautiful day, and you still haven’t really done much exploring around this town.” He opened the door to his car for Olivia, helping her in.
“Well, that’s because someone’s kidnapped me and used me as his sex-slave the past few days,” she giggled. “Kinky bastard.”
Alexander laughed, turning the ignition on his convertible.
“That I am.”
A few moments passed as Alexander drove the streets of Newport heading to the other side of the town. “I like it when you take control in bed,” Olivia said out of nowhere, hoping he would take the hint and stop with the slow, emotional sex. She needed it rough. It was the only way.
Alexander looked at her, wondering what had brought that up.
“I used to never let anyone be like that toward me,” she continued. “I always needed to maintain total control in bed. That way it was easier to kick out whoever it was. I guess I always wanted to remain a cold-hearted, detached bitch. It’s less painful.”
Alexander was floored by Olivia’s admission. He knew she had attachment issues, for obvious reasons. She had her family ripped from her when she was so young and had very few memories to fall back on.
“That’s what I go to therapy for. You’ve been so good about not asking questions and I am thankful for that. I’ve been trying to get over my issues and my dreadfully overpriced therapist has been helping me get close to people again.”
“I’m going to have to thank him or her, then,” Alexander replied, grabbing Olivia’s hand and kissing it. Several minutes passed as they drove around Newport in silence.
“You’re my first boyfriend, you know. I would never date people before you.” She stared out the window as the landscape changed from small houses to larger estates, wishing that talking about things would silence the increasingly loud voice in her head.
“Well, I’m glad you changed your outlook on the whole boyfriend thing,” Alexander remarked. “I’m glad you gave me the opportunity to get to know you.” He pulled the car into a parking lot. “We’re here.”
“Where are we?”
“Are you up for a little walk?” he asked, opening the door for her.
“Of course. It’ll be a nice little warm up for tomorrow.”
Alexander led her out of the parking lot and down a few blocks onto a rocky path. “This is the cliff walk. It follows the beach and all the old mansions are on it.”
Olivia had never seen anything like it before. As they walked, the ocean rolled in far below them. High on the cliffs they were walking on, gorgeous, sprawling mansions sat overlooking the coast. Olivia relaxed as she basked in the warm sunshine and ocean breeze, inhaling the salty sea air.