Author: Christopher Golden

The Graves of Saints
The Graves of Saints Shadow Saga #6 2013
The Sea Wolves
The Sea Wolves The Secret Journeys Of Jack London #2 2012
The Shadow Men
The Shadow Men Hidden Cities #4 2011
The Wild
The Wild The Secret Journeys Of Jack London #1 2010
Hellboy: Oddest Jobs
Hellboy: Oddest Jobs Hellboy: Odd Jobs #3 2008
Mind the Gap
Mind the Gap Hidden Cities #1 2008
The Lost Ones
The Lost Ones The Veil #3 2008
The Borderkind
The Borderkind The Veil #2 2007
Stones Unturned
Stones Unturned The Menagerie #3 2006
The Myth Hunters
The Myth Hunters The Veil #1 2006