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 Penelope Ward

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It felt amazing to be home. I had about a half hour to shower and change before heading over to Allison’s house and I really needed to look good for her tonight.
Unfortunately, the dry air on the plane did a number on my eyes; with my contacts acting up, I would be wearing my glasses. My hair was gelled to perfection and I wore dark blue Levis and a navy blue henley, spraying ample cologne and grabbing a few condoms, just in case.
I was pretty confident Allison wanted to have sex tonight, but I wasn’t going to assume anything; After all, I would be springing this visit on her, but I needed to be prepared.
I was ready to go, but running earlier than our scheduled Skype call. I decided to head over there anyway, impatient as hell to see her.
On the drive to her house, I couldn’t get the image of that that friggin’ sexy Wonder Woman costume out of my head. By the time I pulled into a parking spot around the corner form her house, I decided to text her to let her know I was ready to Skype early and to ask her to wear the costume for our “call.” Can’t blame a man for trying, right? I was amazed when she actually agreed and I got hard just imagining what she would look like opening that door.
I sat in the car for a few minutes before we were set to Skype and then got out walking around the corner to her house. Luckily, the front door was open and I only needed to make my way up the stairs before texting her one last time to let her know that I couldn’t Skype because I was actually texting from her hallway.
After I typed the words, ‘no wireless in your hallway’, there was a pause as I stood outside her door, my heart pounding violently.
I heard her shriek.
“What?!” Allison squealed from behind the door and this made me laugh out loud.
When she opened the door, my heart nearly stopped at the sight of her.
I rushed into her and buried my nose in her neck breathing her fruity scent in. She squeezed me so tightly; I could feel her soft br**sts against my chest bursting through the red tube top.
I stepped back taking her in and grabbed her face, pulling her lips into mine, kissing her passionately.
She pulled back, suddenly, panting from my kiss. “Cedric…oh my God…wha…what are you doing back tonight?” she asked, her face flushed and her hands shaking as she cupped my chin.
I gave no response, just stared at her, grabbing her trembling hands and kissing them softly.
Allison looked like there should be a halo of light surrounding her. I felt like a horny preteen whose favorite superhero just came to life out of a comic book. Her dark hair was shiny and flowing underneath a golden crown. Her beautiful br**sts spilled out of the shiny red strapless top and I could see her hard ni**les through the fabric…and the boots…the boots…red thigh high boots.
“God, you are so f**king beautiful,” I whispered, pulling her toward me again, kissing the bottom of her neck hard and working my way up to her lips, which she parted as I thrust my tongue into her mouth hungrily.
She moaned as I continued to plunge my tongue deeper and deeper into her mouth, never quite getting enough. With each moan, I got harder and harder imagining what she would sound like when I was inside of her.
I pulled back after a few minutes, still holding her face in my hands. “I couldn’t wait another night Allison. My meeting was cancelled today, so I got on the first flight I could. I hope this is a good surprise?”
Allison’s green eyes beamed with golden speckles. “Cedric…this is the best surprise.” She smiled as she ran her fingers through my hair, looking at me affectionately.
“Thank you for letting me see you in this,” I said, rubbing my hands up and down her arm, glancing down at her breasts, to her flat stomach down to her legs.
Laughing, she reached up cupping my face with her hand. “Oh my God…you were not kidding about the glasses, too. I love you in them. You look so studious and sexy…totally Clark Kent.”
I gave her a mischievous smile and kissed her again. “Glad you like them, sweetheart.”
“You must be starved. Can I get you something to eat?” Allison asked.
I stared deeply into her eyes and shook my head. I needed her to know how much I wanted her, how little self-control I had left. “The only thing I am hungry for is you.”
With that, Allison pulled me toward her face, taking my mouth into hers and walking backwards as we moved in synch and I pushed her into the bedroom.
I broke away from the kiss for a few seconds to just stare at her and take in the moment.
Looking down at her soft neck, I realized that I had given her a small hickey. I pulled her toward me again, sucking on her neck even harder wanting to mark her over and over again, making her mine.
Pushing her down onto the bed, I continued sucking at her neck and felt her soft hands run through my hair, pushing me down onto her br**sts which I started to kiss gently, licking them in circles through the fabric.
Her panting showed me that she wanted me to keep going.
Dying to suck on her br**sts bare, I pushed the fabric of her strapless top down, exposing them. Goddamit, she wasn’t even wearing a bra. I wasn’t expecting to see them right then and there when I did that. Like the rest of her, her br**sts were perfect…medium sized, firm, with soft pink buds. Squeezing them together, I buried my face in them, kissing and licking a line up and down her cl**vage as she held onto my hair. Taking turns sucking hard on each of her nipples, it was clearly a weakness for Allison as her legs rustled as I sucked harder and harder.
Pulling her red tube top all the way down her waist, I kissed down the length of her soft flat stomach, flicking my tongue over her beautiful belly button and kissing my way back up to her breasts, stopping to suck on them some more and then moving upwards back to her mouth.
She gripped my ass in both of her hands as I kissed her. My dick was fully hard, bursting through my jeans and I knew she could feel it pressing against her.
I stopped kissing her to look into her eyes.
She looked up at me with the sweetest smile and just nodded, a silent affirmation for me to keep going.
With that, I kissed her harder, stopping suddenly as my hands developed a mind of their own, reaching down, pulling off her boots one by one, followed by her skirt and then sliding the tube top down her legs.
I looked down at her na**d body, covered only by the front of a nude colored lace thong, taking the beautiful view in again as her long hair lay messily across the pillow.
So f**king hot.
She looked at me with an intense longing and pulled my face into hers.
I struggled to unzip my jeans fast enough, pulling them down, leaving on my boxer briefs, which could barely contain my hard-on.
I don’t remember feeling this intense kind of longing for a woman ever before. All fearful thoughts about the repercussions of this were buried deep in the back of my mind. All that mattered in this moment was that Allison seemed to want me just as badly as I wanted her.
As she pulled my shirt over my head, I couldn’t wait to feel her skin to skin. I pressed down onto her to feel her br**sts against my chest as we grinded fast against each other. I thought I might f**king lose it then and there, feeling totally out of control and knew there was no turning back…so I took off my glasses.
I had fantasized about this moment from the first time I laid eyes on him.
Feeling Cedric’s rock hard body rubbing against me in the flesh felt surreal.
Just a couple of months ago, this man was a mere dream, a pure fantasy for me.
Now, we were about to have sex.
His utterly perfect physique definitely made me self-conscious. I had truly never been with a man as gorgeous as Cedric, so chiseled and naturally tan, not a blemish on his skin. My body seemed to react uncontrollably to him and I wondered whether he could feel how wet I was becoming through my barely there underwear.
My heart pounded against his chest as he pressed against me. His heart was pounding too and it excited me to know that he was as turned on as I was.
Sliding my hands down his back, I gripped his firm ass through his boxer briefs and he reacted with a moan, kissing me harder.
Suddenly I felt the slick tip of his bare, hard penis rubbing against my stomach…it seemed to have burst out of his underwear. Jeez…there was definitely nothing lacking in that department.
Instinctively, I spread my legs apart. Cedric’s moan vibrated down my throat and he began kissing down my torso stopping at the top line of my underwear.
Then, he went lower and started to kiss my inner thighs softly and I could swear that alone was going to make me lose it. He continued this for some time, starting down at my knees and trailing his tongue up to my underwear line, stopping there at the top of my thighs and returning his kisses back down my leg again. One of the times, he pulled my underwear with his teeth, teasing me, as he licked me…everywhere but there. My legs quivered and shook with the anticipation of what he was going to do next.
Just when I thought I was going to lose my mind, he ripped my thong apart pushing it down my legs, which I then wrapped around his back.
He looked at me with a wicked grin, nodding no and pushed my legs back down off of him and spread me apart, lowering his mouth downward. I felt his hot tongue invade me down there suddenly and fiercely, as I gripped his thick hair.
I rocked my pelvis in synch with the thrusts of his tongue and screamed out for a pleasure that I had literally never felt before. Every time I would shriek, I could feel the vibration of Cedric’s moaning in response.
He continued to devour me for minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted him inside of me, so I pulled his head up to mine and kissed him hard, pushing his boxer briefs down and opening my legs around him.
Feeling his hot erection against my stomach, I panted in frustration as he took turns sucking hard on each of my breasts. This continued for minutes and I closed my eyes, gripping his hair, lost in the ecstasy of it.
Suddenly, the abrupt coldness of his absence hit me as he lifted off of me, reaching for his pants that were strewn on the floor. I heard the crinkle of a wrapper and lifted my neck to see him sheathing himself with a condom. Cedric looked down at me with glowing eyes and smiled, his chestnut hair, now a tousled mess. I couldn’t help but smile back at his beautiful face.
“Are you sure you are ready for this?” he whispered, looking down at me longingly and rubbing my stomach with his big hands in slow circles.
I breathed out in a combination of frustration and ecstasy. “Yes, Cedric. I trust you.”
I meant it. I trusted him and had no doubts about what I was about to do.
He closed his eyes and inhaled slowly for a moment at my words, as if he was processing what I said. Was he having doubts? I couldn’t tell what he was thinking at that moment, but he seemed to be deep in thought and breathing erratically.
When he opened his eyes and stared into mine, I smiled back at him. After a few seconds, he exhaled, reached for my face and cupped my cheek, caressing it with his thumb. He stayed like this for a minute staring at me and then, never taking his eyes off mine, very suddenly lowered himself and plunged into me deeply, claiming me, in one movement. The initial burn quickly turned into a euphoric feeling.
“Fuck…Allison,” Cedric whispered into my ear as we moved together slowly.
“Oh…God,” I said. Feeling this beautiful man inside me was truly the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. I didn’t know if it was because of the sheer size of him or because it had been a while for me, but he seemed to fill me completely, like it was my first time without the pain. It was just the most unbelievable feeling in the world.
I closed my eyes, never wanting this feeling to end and opened them to find Cedric staring into me intently. I don’t think his eyes ever left mine for even a moment. I held onto his back, pushing him deeper and deeper into me.
Cedric was whispering incoherently, but then I clearly heard what he said next.
“I love…this…being inside you. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world,” he said huskily as he continued to rock into me, his eyes still firmly planted on mine, as we developed a rhythm.
“Aaaaaagh.” I moaned, not being able to respond with anything more coherent.
“God, I wish I could stay inside you forever.” Cedric panted and suddenly began thrusting harder and deeper than before.
With those last words and his change in pace, I could feel myself losing control, cl**axing suddenly and unexpectedly. “Cedric, I am coming,” I said.
He seemed relieved to be able to let go. “Oh, God. Come, baby…I’m coming too…holy shit.” Cedric’s thrusts quickened as I felt his orgasm pulsating inside me while I cl**axed.
As we both recovered from that Earth shattering experience, his movements slowed. He stayed inside me and slowly kissed my neck.
I closed my eyes trying to relish every moment of being here with him like this. We stayed together silent for quite some time before Cedric spoke.
“That was amazing, Allison,” he whispered in my ear as he slowly pulled out of me. He turned over quickly and I heard him remove the condom and discard it.
I turned toward him with my head resting on my elbow. “Cedric, I am so glad you came home.”
“Me too,” he said as he pulled me closer to him and rested his forehead against mine. “You have no idea.”
I can’t believe I almost backed out of the most intense sex of my life. It was the moment I asked her if she was sure, when she told me she trusted me.
I trust you.
Hearing Allison say that really struck a cord and it was the only moment where I momentarily snapped out of the trance she put me in. I had closed my eyes beginning to doubt whether taking this step with her was a good idea and everything flashed before me…past, present and future.