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 Penelope Ward

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By the time I opened my eyes again, the sheer power of her sweet face looking up at me crushed everything else and I buried it all again…by burying myself in her.
Maybe I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if the guilt caught up again later, but it was a risk I was willing to take. It was worth it to experience making love to her. Sex with her was different from all of the rest. I hadn’t ever experienced the feeling of wanting to completely possess someone and of wanting her to completely own me, to be so completely connected to the person, not just the act.
I had meant it when I said I wished I could stay inside her forever. All of my doubts seemed to disappear there. As long as we were connected, I knew I couldn’t lose her. This was the opposite of what I normally felt after sex, which was a feeling of wanting to run, where the connection ended with the orgasm.
It was now the middle of the night and Allison lay sleeping beside me rhythmically breathing so peacefully.
A moment ago, a terrifying dream had awakened me and relief replaced panic when I realized she was still lying next to me.
In the dream, Allison and I were walking in the park, when I suddenly started taunting her like a child in a sing-songy voice, repeating, ‘I know something you don’t know. I know something you don’t know’ over and over again. She had a terrified look on her face and then I woke up. The dream was brief, but just enough to make me sweat profusely and remind me how f**ked up this was.
But, thankfully, for now, in reality, she was right here sleeping next to me like a baby. God, I loved hearing the sound of her breathing. I wished she could always be peaceful and that there were no secrets threatening to destroy that. I would inevitably take away that peace, but she had a right to know everything.
Yeah…sleep was not happening for me tonight.
Tempted to kiss her awake, I rolled over away from her to squelch the urge and tried to get some sleep to no avail.
After a half-hour, I turned back around to watch her peaceful face again. There was no way I would ever want to hurt her. Unable to resist, I moved in slowly to softly kiss her on the forehead. She moved a little, still asleep and her breathing changed from the interruption.
At some point after 4:00, I dozed off.
When Allison’s alarm went off at 5:30, I jolted awake and noticed her yawning next to me. She would have to leave soon for the diner, but I wasn’t about to let her go that easily.
“Good morning, sleepyhead,” I said as I leaned over kissing her on the lips gently.
“Hi,” she whispered groggily and pulled me in tighter, kissing me again.
“I wish you didn’t have to go to work so darn early,” I said, rubbing her back as she got up and sat at the edge of her side of the bed. She was still completely na**d and crossing her arms over her breasts, her sudden modesty surprising me.
She continued to look around the room probably for some clothes.
“Do you mind turning around, so I can get up and get dressed?” she asked.
She was blushing and adorable.
I turned around immediately pained at not being able to look at her beautiful ass. “Let me know when it’s safe,” I said.
After a minute, I heard her say, “Safe.”
I slowly turned around to see Allison kneeling on the bed over me, wearing my navy blue shirt, her hard ni**les poking through the cotton fabric. There was something so hot about a girl wearing your shirt, particularly when she was as sexy as this one. She had also thrown on a pair of sexy red satin underwear.
“That looks way better on you than on me, sweetheart,” I said, tugging on the bottom to pull her down to me.
She kissed me and as I squeezed her ass, she giggled. “I figured if I wore your shirt, you’d have no choice then to let me ogle your chest over coffee.”
I squeezed her and rolled her over pinning her down under me in one fast motion. “Oh, is that what you had in mind? Well, I am happy to oblige on one condition.”
Allison pushed my face towards hers. “What’s that?” she asked.
“You let me make you coffee and breakfast,” I said.
Allison nuzzled my neck. “That sounds awesome. Do you have to work today?”
“I’ll probably go into the office at some point, but nothing major going on since I was supposed to be in Cali, so my schedule here is free and clear. How about I come down to the diner for lunch?”
She smiled at my suggestion. “I’d love that.”
“Good…because I love being with you,” I said as I pulled her toward me into another kiss.
Allison broke away from me and walked away toward the bedroom door not saying anything. She lifted my shirt off and threw it by the threshold.
As I shook my head in disbelief at how lucky I was to be here and to have seen that, I heard the sound of water running in the distance and wondered if she was taking a shower. That thought immediately made me hard and I decided I needed to personally investigate.
When I opened the door to the bathroom just off the hallway, I saw Allison’s beautiful na**d silhouette through the frosted glass shower door.
“Hey, uh…I just wanted to make sure you were ok in here,” I said through the door.
“Yup…okay…doing just fine, thanks,” Allison said teasingly as she rubbed her body with soap slowly.
I struggled to see through the glass shower door. “Okay…well, you, uh, let me know if you need me for anything in there…okay?”
“Nothing now, thanks.”
Okay, that plan backfired. Just as I made my way out of the bathroom, Allison stopped me.
“Actually, can you reach under the sink and grab me a new shampoo…this one is kind of empty.”
I moved my way back in and searched under the sink, grabbing a fluorescent green bottle.
She slid open the shower door a few inches, reaching out for the bottle, her face dripping with water and smiled. “Thanks.” Then, she slid the shower door closed again.
I walked back out of the room, standing just outside of it peeking in, not certain whether she knew I was still at the doorway.
I stood frozen in awe watching her lather her beautiful long hair through the frosted glass. God, how I wanted inside (in more ways than one). Not wanting to assume it was okay to just barge in na**d, I stood, dazed, staring…dying.
As a few minutes passed, and the lathering continued, Allison chuckled.
“You’re going to give up…just like that?” She laughed.
I opened the door immediately. “Have you been f**king teasing me this entire time?”
“Well…I was hoping you would give in, actually.” She opened the shower door completely exposing her wet na**d body. This time, she covered nothing.
I pushed down on my boxers and couldn’t jump in there fast enough. Pulling her slick waist into me, the hot water poured down over us and I slid the door shut.
We kissed slowly as the water gushed between our lips.
Kissing down the length of her body, I kneeled down and just held her stomach to my face, kissing it softly and licking the water that trickled down it.
I paused for a moment and closed my eyes, knowing I would remember this moment forever, no matter what happened with us.
Standing up, I grabbed the sponge, adding some of the green apple body wash she had (that’s where the green apple smell came from!) and began washing her, starting with her arms and rolling over her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs. Allison panted as I continued to move the sponge back and forth there before it dropped to the ground.
She completely floored me when she dropped to her knees and took me deeply into her mouth. Closing my eyes, I relished every moment at her unexpected surprise.
After a few minutes of pure ecstasy, I was about to lose it and pushed her away pulling her up, grabbing her face into my mouth, not being able to kiss her hard enough.
We continued to kiss as I lifted her up and wrapped her legs around my waist. Just as I was ready to carelessly plunge into her, someone burst through the bathroom door.
A familiar British accent broke Cedric’s and my passion in the shower.
“Holy shitballs!” I heard Sonia yell.
Cedric dropped me to the shower floor, shouting “What the fuck?”
“Sonia?! Oh my God…what are you doing back?” I asked, mortified at what she saw through the frosted glass.
My roommate wasn’t due back from London for another couple of days. I saw her flaming red hair and giant breasted silhouette through the glass.
“Ok, so apparently…I missed a lot while I was away…sorry!” Sonia’s voice shook in mortification as she walked out of the bathroom and said “Um…heading…to the kitchen…yeah.” The door slammed shut.
“Your roommate?” Cedric held me close, the water still pouring down on us.
My heart was pounding against his chest. “Yeah.” I sighed.
Cedric started to laugh and I quickly followed. All of a sudden, we both started cracking up hysterically under the water. It was awkward, but you had to admit, it was funny.
Cedric shut the water off and squeezed the excess moisture out of my hair, pulling me in for one last kiss before we exited the shower.
I looked up at Cedric embarrassed. “We’ll have to join her for coffee, I guess.”
“Does coffee cure blue balls?” he asked winking, as he wrapped me in a towel, drying me off.
He grabbed a towel for himself and I enjoyed the view as he wiped down his tight abs and sexy tattoo. He placed the towel around his waist and we exited the bathroom, hurrying to the bedroom to get dressed.
Cedric pulled me in for one last kiss before he held his hand out leading me in the kitchen, where I could smell that Sonia had started to make coffee.
Cedric came up from behind Sonia and I laughed when she jumped in surprise.
He held out his hand. “Sonia…I’m sorry about that. I’m Cedric. Nice to finally formally meet you.”
I kept waiting for Sonia to let go of his hand, but she continued shaking it in awe. “I figured it was you, Blue Eyes…I couldn’t make you out through the frosted glass…nice to meet you, too.”
“Blue…what…blue…balls?” Cedric joked, as he looked over at me and the three of us all started cracking up.
“Blue Eyes, actually. It’s a long story,” I said as I smiled over at Sonia, pouring a coffee and taking a seat at the table.
I was definitely going to be late to work, so I decided to call the diner and let them know something unexpected had come up and I would be in at 8:00.
Cedric insisted on cooking us a delicious breakfast of cinnamon French toast that was absolutely divine. The three of us inhaled it and Cedric and I filled Sonia in on everything that happened with Nate and how we bonded that night.
“Holy Shit, Allison…I can’t believe Nate came after you like that.” Sonia sat with her arms crossed in shock. “Where is he now?”
I sighed, “His father is a lawyer. Officer Derin told me that his parents came from out of town and cut some deal where he would enter a special six-month rehab program instead of jail time. I don’t know much more than that.”
Cedric interrupted. “Well, we have to keep tabs on his whereabouts when he gets out. I don’t want him ever touching you or anywhere near you, for that matter, again.”
I shivered at his possessive tone and relished the fact that I had this beautiful man wanting to protect me. Cedric glared at me fiercely with his beautiful eyes, a cross between fear and desire, prompting me to reach for his hand from across the table. He entwined his fingers into mine.
Sonia looked down at our connected hands and glanced up at me with a knowing smile. I knew she was flabbergasted at the bond Cedric and I seemed to have in such a short time and the real conversation with her about this situation would come later, one where she would demand to know every juicy detail.
Sonia stood up from the table to give us some privacy. “Cedric, it was an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for breakfast. I’m gonna hit the hay for a bit; jet lag is a bitch. We should all go out soon.”
Cedric smiled and got up from his seat to give her a hug. “Absolutely.”
I loved this man.
I ended up calling in sick altogether and Cedric and I spent the day together, followed by another night at my apartment where the sex was even more intense than the first night.
When we weren’t physically connected, we were up most of the night talking about anything and everything. I came to the realization that if this didn’t work out, it would be the biggest heartbreak of my life.
It took all of my strength to separate from him and head to work the following morning.
Thoughts of him invaded my head all day at the diner as I served customers in a haze.
He had driven me all the way here and we decided that rather than come in for lunch, he would pick me up at the end of my shift. He would spend the morning and early afternoon catching up on some work in the office instead.
As I poured coffee for the hundredth time, I kept replaying our amazing nights together, still feeling the soreness between my legs from the times he had been inside me. There, of course, would have been one additional time, if Sonia hadn’t shown up Thursday morning. It was just as well, since we were so caught up in that shower moment, there was no condom in sight. The idea of having unprotected sex with Cedric thrilled me, though, and I wondered if I should tell him I am already on the pill to regulate my periods. I’d need to make sure he was 100-percent clean first, since he admitted to a man-whore past, though he claimed he always used protection. We’ll see. There is plenty of time to discuss that.
My lunch break rolled around and I sat down as I normally did at Mr. Short’s table.