Gorgeous Chaos
Page 20

 T.K. Leigh

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“Mmmmm…” he moaned as she began a slow circling motion, teasing his already hard erection. “God, I’ve missed you…”
Olivia leaned down, not wanting to look into those same green eyes she always saw in her dream, and kissed Alexander deep on the mouth, their tongues entwining softly at first. Her kiss became more needy, her hips beginning a more torturous rhythm. She needed to forget it all, and Alexander was the only one who could help her.
“Damn, baby,” he breathed, flipping her onto her back. “What’s gotten into you this morning?” He admired the beautiful woman panting below him. “Do you want me inside of you?” he asked, his eyes narrowed.
She nodded her head, bringing her hips up, pleading with her body for Alexander’s touch.
“Oh no, Olivia,” he said coyly, shaking his head. “I need to hear you say it.” He gently trailed kisses down her neckline, taking his time so he could savor each intoxicating minute. “I love the taste of your skin,” he whispered in her ear.
His voice sent electric currents through her veins, igniting her body with passion. Olivia wondered if she would always have that reaction to him. She hoped so.
Pulling back, he returned his intense green eyes to hers. An evil grin spread across his face as he teased her, pressing his pelvis rhythmically between her legs.
“Alex, please. I need to feel you.” She reached up and forced his mouth against hers, kissing him full on the lips, telling him with her tongue how desperately she wanted him.
He groaned and Olivia felt him harden even more against her, surprised that was possible. He positioned himself between her legs and traced circles with his tongue on her nipple. “Say it, love.” He teased her clit with his erection, nibbling on her ear. “Tell me you want me inside you, Olivia,” he whispered, his voice husky. “That you want to feel me slowly moving inside you over and over again, pushing you higher and higher with each motion until you can’t think from the amazing sensations you feel from my love.”
“Alexander,” Olivia exhaled, her breathing ragged from his words alone. “I want you inside me,” she panted, running her fingers through his dark hair. “I want you to make love to me.”
Alexander crushed his lips to hers, his hands traveling up and down her naked body before he pulled back and gazed into her eyes. “Do you have any idea how much I love you?” he asked sweetly.
She nodded, biting her bottom lip as she stared at his chiseled body moving slowly on top of her. He wasn’t even inside her yet, but she was ready to explode from the love she felt for him at that moment. Grabbing his head, she brought his mouth just a mere breath from hers. “I love you, Alexander Burnham. Forever. You’re the only man for me,” she whispered sweetly against his lips as he slowly entered her, her eyes growing wide from the total euphoria enveloping her body. It was the same feeling she felt every time she was with him, and she never wanted it to stop.
“God, love. There is nothing like being inside you. I never want this moment to end.” He looked down at her in admiration, still in shock that he had found his Olivia after all these years. His life was finally complete. She made him complete. “I don’t think I’ll ever get my fill of you, Olivia.”
“Alex…” she moaned out, wondering how one man could cause a thousand different emotions to run through her body from one simple act.
“Do I make you feel good, Olivia?” He buried his face in her neck, nibbling gently on her soft skin.
Not wanting any more space between them, she wrapped her legs around his waist and moved with the gentle pace he set. “Yes, Alex.” Her breathing became erratic as she fought against her impending orgasm. “You do.” No one she had ever met in her life made her feel as good and complete as that man. She had fallen head over heels in love with him, never expecting to fall for anyone. He was perfect for her. He anticipated all her wants and desires.
Alexander picked up the pace to a quick but gentle rhythm. “I love that I can bring you so much pleasure so quickly, angel. I love that I alone can do this for you.”
Olivia closed her eyes, getting lost in the moment.
“Look at me, love,” Alexander said softly. “Please. I want to see those gorgeous brown eyes of yours.”
She opened her eyes and stared at him as he continued moving inside her, ready to explode and fall over the edge.
“I’ve looked for you my entire life, Olivia. I love you so much,” he said, the love he felt at that moment causing him to release inside her. He pressed his lips to hers, delicately caressing her tongue with his. He pushed into her once more before her body began convulsing around him, her own orgasm taking hold. He continued his slow gentle movement until the aftershocks finally subsided.
“Promise me something, Olivia.” He looked down at her, his heart overwhelmed with the love he had for her.
“What’s that?” she whispered as she ran her hands up and down his back, trying to regulate her breathing.
“That you’ll never run again, no matter what. That we’ll be together always.”
Olivia inhaled quickly, her dream rushing back to her memory. She tensed up, her heart thumping in her chest as her chin quivered from what it could all mean.
“What?” Alexander pulled back and stared at her in confusion. “What’s wrong?”
She searched his eyes…those same green eyes she saw in her dreams. But what was she going to tell him? That she was starting to think that he was the green-eyed boy that pulled her from the car accident? That was absurd. They grew up in two entirely different places. Realizing how ridiculous it all sounded, she softened her expression. It was all just a coincidence.
“Nothing’s wrong,” she said sweetly. “Just another déjà vu moment.”
A smile replaced the concerned look on Alexander’s face and he leaned down, kissing her softly on the nose. “Come on. Shower with me.” He pulled her to her feet.
She cringed as she felt the aftereffects of their lovemaking trickle down her leg. “Gross,” she said, laughing.
Alexander glanced down and smiled when he saw his semen dripping from her. “That’s hot. You’re a marked woman now, Miss Adler.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into the bathroom, turning on the shower.
AFTER OLIVIA FINISHED GETTING ready for the day, she made her way downstairs, smiling at the sight that greeted her. Alexander was hard at work in front of the stove making her breakfast. It warmed her heart that he had no problem cooking for her.