Gorgeous Chaos
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 T.K. Leigh

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“Of course it is,” Lucas growled. “That’s a million fucking dollars going into each of our bank accounts, Dylan. It is so worth it. Oh, and just to sell it, I’m gay. Chicks never find a gay guy suspicious.”
Dylan rolled his eyes. His younger brother was right. That money could go a long way, and they’d never gotten caught on a job for Donovan before. “So what’s the plan then?”
“I have their itinerary. They’ll be in the V.I.P. area at a club tonight. They’re bound to do some dancing, and when they do, we’ll pour on the charm, buddying up to her two little friends…the ones Donovan pointed out to us. I have all the background information we need on both of them. I’ll take the blonde. She looks like an easy mark.” He winked. “Just remember, this has to work. We need them to feel comfortable with us so that we can continue seeing them in Boston. That’s the important part, so don’t fuck it up.”
Dylan was nervous about everything, but what was there to be concerned about? All he had to do was play nice with the girls and make them feel comfortable. What’s the worst that could happen?
“WAKE UP, LIBBY!” KIERA shouted later that evening, jumping on Olivia’s massive bed and waking her up from a far too short nap. The girls had spent the majority of the afternoon by the luxurious hotel pool, sipping too many cocktails to count as they basked in the warm desert sun.
“Go away,” Olivia groaned.
“Nope. It’s your bachelorette weekend, and we are not going to spend it sleeping. Get up, take a shower, and then we’re going out!”
Olivia raised her head, squinting at her friend. “What time is it?”
“It’s seven-thirty. Dinner is at nine at a five-star sushi restaurant here in the hotel so get moving.”
“Fine, but do me a favor.”
“What is it?”
“Call down and have a bottle of champagne brought up.”
“That was so thirty minutes ago.” Kiera handed Olivia a glass of champagne off the nightstand.
“I love you, Care Bear.”
Kiera smiled as they clinked glasses.
Later that evening, after a relaxing sushi dinner, the girls filed out of the casino they were staying at and made their way toward Toby as he waited for them with the limo out front.
“I totally think he works for Alexander,” Olivia whispered.
“Ah, who cares?” Melanie smiled. “I, for one, am happy that we have our own driver and don’t have to stand in that cab line.” She nodded her head at a line that snaked around the building.
“Good point.” Olivia laughed as she stepped into the limo.
“I love all the stares we’re getting, like we’re celebrities or something,” Bridget said as the limo pulled out of the valet area.
“We are,” Kiera stated. “We’re with Olivia, and she’s about to marry one of the country’s most eligible bachelors.” Her face brimmed with excitement.
“You love those gossip mags, don’t you?” Olivia asked, smiling at the fact that she was less than two months away from becoming Alexander’s wife. She didn’t care that he was one of the country’s richest and most successful single men. She’d want to marry him even if he didn’t have a penny to his name.
“Yes,” Kiera admitted. “And be glad that you have someone keeping an eye on what they say about you. Some girls would kill to be in your shoes. Literally. I mean those heels are pretty bitching…”
Olivia laughed, the rest of the girls joining in.
After a short ride down the Vegas Strip, Toby pulled up in front of a rather impressive looking hotel and the girls made their way through another crowded casino toward a night club. As soon as the bouncers saw their entourage approach, they immediately pulled back the rope, allowing their party to enter ahead of the line. A hostess greeted them immediately.
“Miss Adler, it's wonderful to see you this evening,” she said, leading them toward the back of a dark club that was decorated black and red throughout. The dance floor was already packed and people were lined up at the bar, anxious to grab a drink as loud music blared. Olivia couldn't wait to get onto that dance floor and let loose. “Your fiancé has arranged for anything you and your friends need this evening so I do hope you enjoy yourselves.”
The hostess led them to a small V.I.P. area adjacent to the dance floor that was roped off from the general public, two bouncers standing guard. The noise level was slightly lower and Olivia secretly loved that Alexander made all the arrangements, ensuring that they had a private place to relax between shaking their booties.
After the hostess left, Melanie turned to Olivia. “I wonder how she knew it was you.”
Olivia shrugged.
“It's because her face has been plastered all over the internet for months now,” Kiera interjected, winking at the hot server that had just come to take their drink order. “Two bottles of Cristal, please.”
The server nodded and returned in record time with their champagne.
“To Olivia!” Kiera shouted, raising her champagne flute. All the girls followed suit, clinking glasses. Olivia smiled at how different her life seemed from just a few short months ago. She still couldn’t get over the fact that she was getting married.
“We’ve been sitting down all night,” she said after pouring herself a second glass. “Let’s dance!” She jumped up from their table and made her way to the dance floor, the rest of her party close behind. Olivia closed her eyes, getting lost in the rhythm of the music, mindful to not spill her champagne as she moved to the beat.
She felt someone nudge her and immediately opened her eyes, smiling when she saw Kiera grinding up next to her. “Look over there!” she shouted, nodding her head a few feet away. Olivia followed Kiera's gaze and saw Bridget dancing rather intimately with an attractive man, Melanie talking to another guy just a few feet beyond that. “Only been here for five minutes and she’s already attracting the hotties! That girl’s on a mission!” Kiera commented, referring to Bridget.
Olivia laughed. “That's fine! She can have them! We've got our own hotties back home!”
Kiera clinked her glass with Olivia. “Damn straight!”
They danced for a few minutes, enjoying their time together, knowing that it was probably one of their last outings before Olivia got married. Kiera couldn't be happier for her friend.
“Hey, guys!” Melanie shouted over the music. A rather imposing man stood next to her, making her tall, lean body look tiny. He had dark hair and olive-toned skin with a strong jaw and a dazzling smile. “This is Lucas! He lives in Boston, too!” she said, placing her hand on his thick bicep. “Isn't that funny? He goes to Northeastern with me! He’s even a psych major, although we’ve never met each other. We have a class together this fall!”