Gorgeous Chaos
Page 46

 T.K. Leigh

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“What would you like to do, Olivia? Name it.” He turned to face her once inside their living room.
She gazed into his brilliant green eyes. The eyes that once haunted her dreams. The eyes that had loved her since the day she was born. “Alexander, I want you to make love to me.”
He bowed his head. He wanted nothing more than to feel Olivia’s skin against his, but there were still unresolved issues.
Olivia noticed his hesitation and reached for his hand, clutching it in her own. “Alexander, please. I need to feel you. I need to feel the love you have for me. It’s what I need right now,” she pleaded with him before turning her lips into a smirk. “Don’t make me beg,” she said coyly, pulling his body into hers.
Alexander lost any willpower he had left. Leaning toward her, his lips brushed hers very gently. “But I like it when you beg,” he whispered.
Olivia could feel a smile creep across his mouth. “Please, Mr. Burnham. Make love to me.” Her voice was sweet as she softly kissed his lips, sliding her tongue between them. Her kiss was warm and passionate as she explored his mouth like it was the first time.
Bending down, he scooped her into his arms and carried her up the stairs into the bedroom. “Are you sure about this, Olivia?” he asked, placing her feet on the floor next to the bed.
“Do you not want to have sex with me, Alex?” she asked, her voice brimming with hurt.
“Olivia, I would love nothing more than to be inside of you every waking moment of every day, but I know we still have things you probably want to talk about.”
She lifted her finger up to his lips, hushing him. “Stop talking, Alexander. All I want is to feel your lips on every inch of my body. I need you inside of me. I feel like an addict that hasn’t gotten a fix so, please, make love to me.”
Alexander crushed his lips to hers, gently lowering her onto the bed. His hands roamed all over her body, never staying in one place for too long.
“Take off my shirt, Alex,” she said, her voice husky with desire.
He made short work of her blouse, unbuttoning it and throwing it on the floor as he stared down at her lacy black bra. She could feel him get hard as he knelt between her legs, admiring her.
“Kiss me, Alex.”
She was bossy. Alexander liked this side of her. He lowered his head to her neck. “Where?”
His breath was hot on her skin, sending shivers up and down her spine. She panted greedily, basking in the closeness of his body to hers once more.
“Tell me where, love,” he said quietly.
“My neck.” She tilted her head, giving him better access.
He planted gentle kisses from her earlobe, down one side of neck and up the other. “God, I missed the feel of your skin, Olivia. You have the softest skin known to man.”
She moaned, arching her back.
“Where else do you want me to kiss you?”
“My chest.”
He lowered his lips to her collarbone and proceeded to delicately nip at her skin, circling her chest with his tongue, leaving her squirming from the anticipation.
“My nipples, Alexander. I want them in your mouth.”
He looked down at her, an evil grin across his face. “Your wish is my command, princess.” He pulled back the material on her bra, exposing both of her nipples. Groaning, he lowered his mouth, tugging and licking on one before moving to the other one and giving it the same treatment. He glanced up, smiling when he saw her slowly becoming unhinged.
“Where else, love?”
“My stomach.”
“Is that all?”
Olivia slowly shook her head, pulling her bottom lip between her teeth.
“Then where else, Olivia? Tell me…”
“I want you to kiss me down there,” she said, raising her eyebrows.
“Where? Down here?” Alexander asked, mischievously grabbing her knee.
“No,” she replied, smirking.
“Then, tell me, Olivia. I want you to tell me exactly where you want my tongue,” he said, tracing circles around her stomach.
She moaned out, her breathing increasing. “I want you to kiss me on my clit.”
Glancing up, a wide smile spread across his face. “That’s my girl,” he said quietly, reaching down and sliding off her skirt, followed quickly by her panties. Their eyes met as he buried his tongue between her legs.
Throwing her head back, she closed her eyes, trying to control the amazing feeling from the contact of Alexander’s tongue on her most sensitive spot. It had been far too long since she had felt his mouth on her. Over the past few weeks, she had often thought of him while touching herself, but nothing compared to the sensation of his tongue swirling around and teasing her.
“God, I missed the taste of you, Olivia,” he said, sliding one finger inside of her. “You’re so tight. I need to stretch you out a bit.”
“A little cocky, aren’t we?” she asked with a hint of amusement in her voice as Alexander continued pleasuring her with his fingers and tongue at the same time.
He smiled. “Not exactly. That’s why I need to stretch you.”
She moaned when he returned his mouth to her, sucking gently. “Fuck, Alex,” she exhaled, starting to feel her entire body tremble around his rather talented tongue. She was surprised how quickly she was ready to fall apart from his delicate touch.
“That’s it, Olivia,” he said against her soft flesh. “Just remember how good I make you feel. How I’m the only one who can make you come within seconds of licking your clit.”
She closed her eyes, desperately trying to fight back her orgasm. She didn’t want to come yet. She wanted it to last, but she knew there was no controlling how he affected her.
“Don’t deny your body. I want you to come for me. I want to see that beautiful body shake because of what I do to you.” He returned his tongue to her clit and continued circling her, sending her over the edge.
She screamed out his name as she shook in his enormous bed, her entire world a haze as she slowly came down from her orgasm. When the aftershocks died down, Olivia grabbed his face and brought it to her own. “I’ve sure missed that, Mr. Burnham.” She pressed her lips to him, invading his mouth with her tongue, tasting herself.
“I’ve missed it, too,” he admitted as she ran her fingers up and down his back, bringing his shirt over his head. “Know what else I’ve missed?”
Olivia looked up at him sweetly, admiring his naked chest.
“Being inside of you.”