Gorgeous Chaos
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 T.K. Leigh

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Olivia’s spine straightened, her eyes growing wide. She met Alexander’s gaze, the heat emanating from it palpable. She swallowed hard. “That’s pretty fucking hot.” She grabbed another spoonful of ice cream, brought it to her lips, opened her mouth slightly, and took a bite while Alexander watched her, his expression intense. She closed her eyes, moaning as she slowly slid the spoon out of her mouth.
“Do you want me to fuck you, Olivia?” he whispered in her ear.
She opened her eyes to see Alexander looking at her with a hooded stare. “Yes,” she exhaled.
He grabbed her hair, tilting her head back to expose her neck. “Yes, what?”
Olivia’s blood spiked. She loved playing his little game. “Yes, Mr. Burnham.”
“That’s better.” He stood up, grabbing her hand. “Let’s get home.” He pulled her down Main Street. The short walk back home seemed to take an eternity.
“Oh, you’re back,” Colleen said, spotting Alexander and Olivia as they practically ran through the front door.
“Yes. We’re back. Olivia wants to lie down. See you soon, Ma,” Alexander said quickly, rushing through the living room in the direction of the staircase.
“Okay. Go easy, kids. That bed isn’t nearly as sturdy as it used to be.”
Olivia stopped dead in her tracks on the stairs and turned to look at Alexander, her face bright red. A wicked grin spread across his face and he couldn’t help but laugh.
“I used to be your age once, too, ya’ know!” she explained.
Olivia gawked at Colleen, speechless.
“Come on, love,” Alexander said, still laughing. Picking her up, he slung her over his shoulder, making her squeal with excitement when he playfully smacked her ass.
He opened the door to his childhood bedroom, thankful his mother and Mrs. Carlson had taken down all the photos he had of him when he was a boy. Placing Olivia on her feet, he sat on the edge of the bed, glaring at her with a lustful expression. “Strip,” he ordered.
Fuck, this is hot, she thought to herself as her eyes roamed his beautiful body. She met Alexander’s stare and slowly unbuttoned her jeans, taking her time lowering them to the floor, her eyes never leaving his.
“Are you trying to be a tease, Olivia?” he asked sternly. “I am not a patient man. I said strip. Now.”
The tone of his voice made her heart race even faster. She lifted her shirt over her head before quickly removing her bra and panties.
“That’s better,” he said, crossing his arms in front of his chest.
Olivia gaped at the muscular biceps threatening to bust the seams of his t-shirt.
“Now, getting back to our conversation in the park,” he said, bringing her back from her thoughts about his gorgeous frame. “Do you want me to fuck you?” He surveyed Olivia’s naked body as she stood in front of him, her engagement ring the only item she wore. He felt a twitch in his pants.
“Yes, Mr. Burnham,” she replied quietly.
“Ask me, then,” he ordered, his voice full of hunger and yearning. Reaching out, he grabbed her hips, pulling her closer to him. He planted kisses across her stomach before lowering his head, licking between her legs.
“Fuck,” Olivia breathed out when Alexander stopped a few seconds later.
“I said ask me, Olivia.” He looked up at her, gently plunging a finger inside of her.
She squirmed in response. “Will you fuck me, Mr. Burnham?” she exhaled, the sensation of just one finger inside of her too much.
Standing up, Alexander rid himself of his clothes in a hurry. He walked up behind her, brushed her hair to one side, and kissed her exposed neck. “Hold on to the bedpost and lean over, love.” His voice was gentle and soft.
Olivia still marveled at the dichotomy of the man she had fallen in love with. Sex was always different, no matter how many times they did it. She walked over to the bedpost and placed her hands on it, bending over, using the frame to support her body.
“You should see the view I have right now,” he commented, curving toward her, his lips warm against her neck. Olivia looked over her shoulder as he softly caressed her ass, setting her body on fire from the anticipation. “It’s hot.” He gently eased himself into her, filling her completely.
She moaned out, the sensation of Alexander slowly pushing into her from behind overwhelming her once more.
“You like that, Olivia?” he asked, withdrawing before entering her again.
She closed her eyes, reveling in the electricity coursing through her veins from Alexander’s gentle motion.
“I asked you a question, Olivia.” He grabbed on to her hips and leaned down once more. “And I expect an answer,” he growled into her ear.
“Yes,” she exhaled as he continued his deliberate movements.
“I know that I always say this, but you feel so damn good,” he grunted. She met his rhythm thrust for thrust, her breathing becoming erratic as she fought against her orgasm.
“Do you like it slow like this, or do you want it fast?”
She moaned, not wanting to answer. She was ready to fall apart from the gentle pace Alexander was maintaining. She couldn’t even imagine what would happen if he picked up the tempo. She thought she would explode. “Slow, Alexander. Please,” she begged.
A grin spread across his face as he continued filling her. “And why’s that, Olivia? Are you ready to come already?” he asked, dragging his tongue across her shoulder blade. “Is my cock too much for you to handle?” he whispered against her skin.
She closed her eyes, convinced that Alexander could make her come from his words alone.
“Well, Olivia,” Alexander said, his voice demanding. “Is it?”
“No,” she responded.
“No, what?” he growled, pulling her hair back and slowly increasing the pace.
“No, Mr. Burnham,” she exhaled, her voice barely above a whisper. She knew her orgasm was imminent. She felt as if she was wound tighter than she could remember in all her years, and she didn’t know why or how that could even be possible.
“We’ll see about that. I have a feeling my cock is more than you can handle, Olivia. You always come so quickly when I start driving into you. Don’t you?” he commented.
She could hear the smile in the tone of his voice. Her heart began to race, not wanting to respond to him. She knew it was absolutely true. Alexander completed her in more ways than one.
“Well, if you’re not going to answer, we’ll just have to test my theory.” He immediately began plunging into her at a punishing pace.