Gorgeous Chaos
Page 83

 T.K. Leigh

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“Hi, Daddy,” Olivia said. “I know you’re not buried here, but the memories of the man I knew and loved are. I just wanted to say that I forgive you. I need to forgive you so I can move on. You will never be able to ruin my life again. For the longest time after I got out of the hospital this past August, that’s what I thought. I was so angry at you for ripping me away from my friends and family. But that anger won’t change anything. For me to move on, I need to bury that anger. And the only way I know how is to forgive you for what you did to me…this past August and that August all those years ago. You don’t deserve my forgiveness, but I need to be the bigger person. So I forgive you. After today, I’ll never have to think about you again…at least not the man you turned into.” She slowly stood up. “Good-bye, Daddy.” She gently caressed the headstone. “Your Livvy will always love you, but Olivia will not.” She turned away, tears streaming down her face.
“Olivia, angel. We can come back later…” Alexander pulled her body into his, hating to see how upset she was.
“No. I need to see it. I’m stronger than this.”
“I know you are, but it’s okay if you want to go.”
Olivia shook her head. “No. I only need one more minute. I just want to see it.” She turned away and walked to a smaller headstone, yellow sunflowers lying in front. She glanced over her shoulder, grinning. “Been here recently, Mr. Burnham?”
He shrugged. “It’s a standing order. You always loved sunflowers. You called them…”
“Giant daffodils,” she recalled. “You were right. They look nothing like daffodils.”
“Yeah.” A tear fell down Alexander’s face, weeping for the loss of his best friend all those years ago. He took a step toward Olivia, brushing a wayward curl away from her eye. “I wish I could have known you all those years. I think that’s what hurts the most.”
“But if one thing was different, we wouldn’t be where we are now…about to get married.” She stood on her toes, brushing her lips against his, savoring the feeling of his mouth on her cold skin. “Now please. Take me home and make love to me before Kiera gets here and banishes you to your house until tomorrow afternoon.”
His eyes grew wide, forgetting that he wouldn’t be able to see Olivia that night. “Yes, ma’am!” He scooped her up in his arms and gingerly placed her in the front seat of the car. He drove rather carelessly through the streets of downtown Mystic before pulling up in front of Olivia’s childhood home.
“This place brings back some great memories,” he commented after Olivia opened the front door, granting them both entry.
“You can reminisce later, Alexander.” She took off her coat and walked up to him. Unbuttoning his jacket, she stood mere breaths away. “Right now, I need you inside of me.” She looked into his vibrant green eyes and felt shivers run through her body.
He crushed his lips to hers and pushed her against the wall of the kitchen. “God, Olivia. Just a simple kiss and I’m ready to ravage you.”
She leaned her head back, giving him access to her neck. He nipped her earlobe, planting rough kisses on her skin. She moaned out in response.
“You like that?” he asked coyly.
“Yes,” she exhaled. “I need to feel your lips on me. Don’t stop.”
“We’ll make love tomorrow night,” he growled. “I plan on fucking you right now, right here against this wall. Now take off your clothes,” he demanded.
Olivia’s heart started to race. She loved the two very different sides of Alexander. It was one of the many things she loved about him. She stood staring into his green eyes, overwhelmed with love.
“What did I say, Olivia?” Alexander asked, snapping her back from her thoughts.
“Sorry, what?” he said, grabbing her nipple through her shirt and pinching.
Olivia moaned. “Sorry, Mr. Burnham.”
“That’s better. Clothes. Off. Now.”
“Yes.” She quickly rid herself of her sweater and bra, followed by her jeans and panties while Alexander stood watching.
“Turn around,” he said quietly.
Olivia obeyed, spinning around, and looked straight ahead at the kitchen wall in front of her, listening to the sound of Alexander’s clothes hitting the floor. She could feel him approach behind her. The anticipation was killing her.
“Put your hands up on the wall. Brace yourself, love.” His voice was demanding but, at the same time, soft and sensual.
She did as she was told, tremors coursing through her entire body. Out of nowhere, she felt his tongue between her legs as she stood bracing herself against the wall. “Fuck!” she exclaimed.
“You like that, Olivia?” Alexander breathed.
“God, yes,” she replied, his tongue continuing its torturous journey around her clit.
“You are delicious, Olivia. I just needed a little taste before I have to wait an entire day.”
She felt him raise himself and, within seconds, he gradually pushed into her, both of them moaning in pleasure. He moved slowly at first, filling her.
She held her arms against the wall as he picked up the tempo, flexing in a steady rhythm.
“I love this view. You have the cutest butt,” he said, bringing his hand back and smacking her cheek.
She yelped out in surprise before he grabbed on to her hips, his movements still gentle and deliberate.
“Faster, Alex,” she exhaled. She was so close. She needed her release.
“Already, Olivia?”
“Yes,” she exhaled.
“Damn.” He picked up his pace, driving into her, reaching around and tugging on her nipple.
Olivia squealed, the feeling of him moving inside of her and pulling her nipple sending her over the edge. She screamed out his name and came undone, the aftershocks of her orgasm lasting several minutes as Alexander found his own release, coming inside of her.
He reached around, resting his hand on Olivia’s stomach, helping to support her as he gently nipped on her shoulder. “I know I say this all the time, but I just love being inside of you.”
Olivia smiled. “And I love it when you’re inside of me. Now move it so I can clean your come off me.”
“Nah. Keep it there.”
He laughed, withdrawing from her and gently picking her up in his arms.
“I love you, Olibia.”