Heat of Passion
Page 14

 Elle Kennedy

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His warm hands gripped her ass and then he was lifting her up onto the counter.
“Ever done it on this counter?” he teased, stepping closer and toying with the side zipper of her black skirt.
“Can’t say I have.”
Her thighs shook when she saw him lick his lips. Oh God. He looked about ready to devour her. “Can I be honest?” he asked.
“Are you ever anything but?”
“No, not really.” He smiled wolfishly. “And right now I honestly need to tell you that I’ve been dying to lick your pu**y since the moment I met you.”
A jolt of arousal thudded between her legs. God, if he kept talking like that, she’d probably end up coming before he even touched her.
With a grin, he unzipped her skirt and slowly peeled the material down her legs, leaving her in a pair of white bikini panties. His grin widened when he saw the damp spot on her underwear, indisputable evidence that she was extremely turned on.
He dragged his index finger along the crotch of her panties, brushing over her swollen sex, and she experienced a burst of pleasure. “S-stop,” she managed to squeeze out, and his finger froze.
“You okay?” he murmured.
She squeezed her eyes shut. “No. I’m seriously seconds away from coming, Carson.”
Carson burst out laughing. “And that’s a bad thing?” Without waiting for her to respond, he stuck his fingers under the waistband of her panties, lifted her ass and shoved the underwear down.
“I want it to last,” she protested.
Another chuckle slid out of his throat. “Don’t worry, I’ll go slow. Now be a good girl and spread your legs for me, Holly.”
She swallowed. Then spread.
The heat of his gaze slammed into her and pulsed through her body. He stared at her exposed sex with those piercing blue eyes, his gaze roaming over every hot, damp inch. A rush of vulnerability welled up inside her. She almost closed her legs, wanting to stop the moisture that seeped between them, wanting to put an end to the crazy shockwaves of arousal that made her clit throb. But she didn’t close her legs. No. Because Carson had stepped toward her again, and he was licking his lips again, and his eyes glittered with raw, unadulterated lust, and…oh God he was touching her.
He moved his finger along her folds, up and down, the gentle, teasing caress nearly causing her to topple off the counter. “Tell me what you like,” he said roughly.
“I like everything you’re doing so far.”
Sliding over her clit, he rubbed the swollen nub for a few moments before moving lower and toying with her wet opening with the tip of his finger. “And this?” he prompted.
“Also good,” she choked out.
Before she could blink, that talented finger pushed into her, deep inside, drawing a moan from her throat.
Carson grinned and then she blinked again and he wasn’t looming over her anymore. He’d sunk to his knees, his finger still buried in her wet pu**y, his gorgeous mouth now inches from her thighs.
“So,” he said thoughtfully. He moved his finger, in and out, a slow torturous rhythm that had her squirming on the counter. “How close are you?”
“Um, really close.”
“Yeah? So if I put my tongue here…” she gasped as he lightly flicked his tongue over her clit, “…you’ll explode?”
“Any f**king second,” she said hoarsely.
He laughed again, and she felt a flicker of annoyance at his amusement over his situation. Didn’t he realize she wasn’t kidding? Little flutters of orgasm were already floating through her body, waiting to crash to the surface, her clit ached so badly it hurt, and he was laughing at her.
She opened her mouth. “It’s really not fun—”
He withdrew his finger and replaced it with his tongue.
She closed her mouth.
Pleasure swarmed her body like a herd of excited butterflies. Carson’s beard stubble scraped against her hyper-sensitized thighs, his mouth hot and eager as he pressed it to her aching pu**y. And his tongue…oh lord. His tongue lapped her up, long sensual strokes that stoked the fire building in her belly and made her toes curl and—yup, she was going to come.
She bit her lip, closed her eyes, and desperately tried to tamp down the rising orgasm. But his mouth felt so good and…oh yes! The orgasm ripped through her like a tornado, stealing the breath right out of her lungs while shards of vivid colors and bright light distorted her vision. She gave a desperate moan, pressed her hands to Carson’s head and brought him closer, milking all the pleasure she could, drowning in it, consumed by it.
When the agonizing ecstasy finally abated, she opened her eyes to find Carson grinning at her again. He wiped his chin and gave a small chuckle. “Um, okay, so you weren’t bluffing,” he said ruefully.
“I told you.” She cleared her throat when she realized how husky her voice sounded. “I couldn’t help it…it was…too good.”
“Don’t apologize for coming, sweetheart.”
She started to shift off the counter, but he quickly reached up with two large hands and kept her in place. “And don’t even think about getting up. That orgasm was just to take the edge off. Now I can really get started.”
Huh? Before she could ask what his definition of getting started was he’d already pressed his lips back to her clit.
“Carson, you already—” Her voice died in her throat as he swirled his tongue over her.