Heat of Passion
Page 15

 Elle Kennedy

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Okay, so this man was obviously more than just a skilled soldier. As his mouth worked its magic on her again, Holly decided Carson Scott was her new hero. She also decided she would be a complete moron if she argued with him about this.
So she simply leaned back on her elbows, closed her eyes and lost herself in his sexual ministrations.
“You taste like heaven, sweetheart,” he murmured. He slid his tongue over her pu**y and groaned. “I could stay here for the rest of my life and never get bored with this sweet cunt of yours.”
She added extremely good dirty talker to the growing list of Things Carson Excels At.
Another moan slipped out of her mouth as he suckled her clit between his warm lips. Her entire body throbbed with restless arousal, as if the violent orgasm he’d just given it wasn’t enough. And no, it wasn’t enough. She wanted more.
Her ni**les pebbled against her bra, demanding some attention of their own. She reached up to touch her br**sts, then lowered her hands, feeling embarrassed.
Carson lifted his head and rolled his eyes. “I saw that. Now bring those hands right back to those gorgeous tits of yours and make yourself feel good.”
“Do it for me,” she replied with a tiny smile.
“I’m busy.” And then his head dipped between her thighs again and his mouth resumed feasting.
Shockwaves of pleasure rocketed through her. His tongue flicked over her clit, with just enough pressure that she could feel the faint quivers of another orgasm. Her hands trembled as she reached for her br**sts again, but this time there was no hesitation. So what if she fondled her own br**sts? Carson obviously enjoyed it.
She pulled her shirt over her head and unclasped her bra, tossing both garments aside. Her ni**les were painfully hard when she touched them. She’d always had sensitive br**sts, but Steve never seemed to give them the attention they craved. God, she wanted Carson’s tongue on them, wanted him to suck each rigid bud deep in his mouth, to lick her and bite her and make her scream with pleasure. But like he said, he was busy, and she was definitely enjoying his other task.
He sucked on her clit again then shoved two long fingers inside her. She was so wet she could feel her own juices trickling down her thighs. How was that possible? She and Steve had always needed a tube of lubrication when they’d had sex.
Don’t think about Steve.
Right. She seriously needed to quit comparing her ex to the man between her legs.
Not that there was even a comparison to be made.
“Are you going to come for me again?” Carson muttered, adding a third finger into the mix.
She whimpered and managed a strained, “yes.” Then she pinched her ni**les and the whimper became a moan. God, she was close. Pleasure built up inside her like water against a dam. All it would take was one more stroke of his tongue, one more thrust of his fingers…a little more…so close...Carson pressed his fingers hard against her G-spot, sucked even harder on her clit, and she exploded.
The climax was just as intense as the first, just as fierce and all-consuming, and this one didn’t end. It just roared on, tearing through her body like a wildfire while bursts of bliss sparked her nerve endings.
“Carson,” she moaned, fighting for breath. “It’s too much…it’s…I can’t take it…oh God.”
Rather than release her, he continued to tongue her, his fingers sliding in and out with long, deep thrusts until she was coming again. Or maybe she’d never stopped coming the first time. Who knew. Who cared. Holly’s pulse shrieked in her ears, her br**sts throbbed beneath her trembling fingers. And the pleasure…it never ended. The dam had broken and a rush of pure rapture poured through her in uncontrollable waves.
“Oh yeah,” Carson groaned, lifting his head after planting one last soft kiss to her clit.
She gasped for air, her body so sated and numb she couldn’t move a single limb or muscle.
He rose to his feet and pushed her hands off her br**sts, quickly replacing them with his own. His warm palms cupped each mound, his fingers stroking. Bending his head, he tasted her, covering one nipple with his mouth and sucking gently. He groaned again, then moved away from her breast and captured her lips in a hot kiss.
She kissed him back eagerly, enjoying the warmth of his mouth, the taste of herself on his tongue. Lifting her arms, she twined them around his strong, corded neck and pulled him closer, needing to feel that rock-hard body pressed against her. He stepped closer and she widened her legs, allowing him to push his jean-clad lower body into the junction of her thighs.
“You’re so hard,” she whispered into his mouth, rubbing herself against the long erection bulging at his crotch. The denim scraped over her naked sex, but the slight abrasion only turned her on even more.
“Hold on a second,” he choked out. “All that rubbing is too damn distracting.”
She quit moving and waited for him to grab a condom from his pocket. Shoving his jeans down, he sheathed his thick c**k and offered a faint smile. “Okay, do your worst. Or best, actually.”
Holly laughed, then circled his heavy erection with her fingers and guided him to her opening. They released simultaneous moans as he slid his entire length into her wetness. The feel of him inside her was so good she almost fell off the counter, but Carson grabbed her hips and steadied her, thrusting a couple of times before letting out another groan.
“Damn. I won’t last long,” he admitted in a raspy voice.
“Then come. You know, to take the edge off,” she said, mimicking his earlier words. “But next time, I expect at least a full hour of serious thrusting and pumping to make up for this debacle.”